There’s a light around the corner.

It’s getting brighter and brighter.

But my eyes have been closed.

In my dark curmudgeonry hole of work I have dwelled, seeing nary a goal of the Kings’ 5 game winning streak. I made it for the last two periods of last week’s bitch slapping of Detroit, but otherwise my routine has been to forget to record the game, to frantically call the woman at 11:00am (the one time I’m glad she works later in the day), to get home at 11:00pm, then to fast forward through the game and watch the goals before passing out in glum anticipation of the next long, hockeyless surly day.

And so today I bounce in my seat. I wait excited. Wait to finally see some of this kick ass Kings team I’ve heard so much about. Wait to outwork, outmuscle and outscore the St. Louis Blues.

Give me that gorgeous Kopitar wrist shot I’ve seen on highlight reels.

Show me a Penner who apparently remembered how to skate.

I demand this offense that hustles and this defense that refuses to lapse.

Grace me with one of those fabled 60-minute efforts.

1st round playoff foreshadowing? It would be if we weren’t taking the division title.

Bring it on.