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It’s after 1am and I can’t sleep. The beers I had with Surly and the boys after the game went down like water. We could have put the mixing room where Nick and Daryl do the post game on our head. The other fans inside that place were not loud enough for our taste. But who ever is? I get the distinct impression The L.A. Kings ice crew may have feared us. I’ll enjoy this victory’s aftertaste the rest of this morning and the hours that lead to the game against the Bruins, but the novelty of beating 1-0 one of the most soundly structured teams we have played this season has steadily worn off.

So why can’t I sleep? Is it this?


I don’t look at that and believe we have 1st place in the Pacific locked up. I look at that and then view the calendar. I see March 23rd. March fucking 23rd and we’re 1st in the pacific. Last night, we took our fate into our own hands. Last night, we became relevant in the NHL landscape. Last night, we won 6 in a row when anything less may have found us outside the top 8. Last night, we beat the number 1 team in the NHL.

I have calmed down. I only see Boston ahead, nothing before or beyond. But for the first time this season I wear a smile on my face not because we won but because I believe we can beat anyone & opposing teams should fear us. I think the boys on the ice know it too. I may fall asleep tonight. I may not. But I love how this feels & I want to carry this forward and be contagious.

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  1. oh hells yes! Right there with you–I f’ing love this team!!! Booya!

    Kick Ass Kings!

  2. Fact: Darrly Sutters facial expressions look stupid
    Fact: Kings are on the longest winning streak all season.
    Fact: Jay Flats is a fucking legit douche bag.
    Fact: DL thinks he’s a badass like Don Draper.
    Fact: Carter and Richards are getting fucked up across the street from Staples.

  3. I haven’t really put any stock into being 1st in our division, or 3rd in the Western conference yet. Being 1st, and having 3 teams behind you (Detroit, Nashville, and Chicago) with more points hasn’t tickled my funnybone at all.

    When we own that spot, I’ll get excited, but for now, we’re only renters.

    • Boo the wet blanket…you miss the point. Only fantastic recent play landed us here, and that play including wins over some pretty tough teams.

      You mentioned three teams behind us with more points? Like Detroit (who we just beat), Nashville (who we just beat) and Chicago (who we just beat), all in our last ten games. To take it a step further, Chicago is 8-1-1 in their last ten; Their only loss was to us. Also, the Kings’ tie-breaker situation has greatly improved, to the point that last night was almost like getting three points in the standings.

      Forget the “renters” thinking, man, I prefer to think of us as po’ folk that got in on a scholarship and are now first in the class and screwing the rich kids’ girlfriends.

      • *Chicago is 8-1-1 in their last ten; Their only loss was to us. Should read: Their overtime loss was to us.

      • I do dislike the ‘automatic top 3’ though. I’ll take it, but I don’t like it.

        • This year, I love it.

          Gotta keep the regular season meaningful, which is also why re-alignment is so tough, because local rivalries are the lifeblood of attendance through the regular season.

          • I understand the point, but overachieving, or true value is what I’m looking for. Overachieving means we’re headed for a heartbreak once reality sets in, and we weren’t headed for the playoffs before this win streak. If it’s true value, it will work itself out with a little more time.

            The only way to own that spot is to continue this torrid pace, and when the Kings can do it for more than a 10 game incriment, I just want to stay rooted in what is their current capabilities, and actual long term projection.

            The win streak is awesome, and I am enjoying it, but I’m not ready to look past the struggles we’ve had all season long, or put say they’re behind us (not that, that was the point either).

        • Every year, there is a division that doesn’t do well in the Western conference. This year, as it has been for a while, it’s the Northwest division. 3 of the bottom 5 and currently only a single team in the playoffs. Vancouver gets the benefit of playing those 4 other teams a cumulative 8 more times than the rest of the conference. That’s got to be at least several extra points in their favor. Win your division, get home ice advantage is payback for the slightly easier road that Vancouver gets to travel.

  4. Mmmmmmmmm. Ice girls.

  5. oh … oh … oh yes

    several years ago I posted (i think on hammonds old site) that I won’t be impressed with the Kings until they put together a string of wins against top tier opponents

    it’s been done … they’re there …

    8 games left to glory …

    GITEM BOYSS!!!!!!

  6. This is unfamiliar territory. It’s like being stuck in the Twilight Zone. Something doesn’t feel quite right.

    Vying for first place in March? IN MARCH? Even though we’re not even guaranteed a playoff spot, it’s nice to know we’re still in the thick of the battle. Like Dominick said, we’re only renters of the #3 spot, so I’m not counting my chickens just yet. After all, Kings fans know better than to do that.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Kings can keep up this winning pace and not disappoint us. 45 years. We could use a second divisional title.

    Go Kings go!

  7. All I can say is that there a whole lot of good teams in the NHL now days. But for a handful, there are no door mats in the NHL and each team, even elite ones, have to play hard and sound to pull out wins.

    The new generation of young players that arrived in the last 3-4 years are changing the landscape, as they are quick, have a lot of skills, and understand how to execute team tactics, position, coverage, and puck control. Moreover, there are some super goalies.

    So, as the Kings have tried to build and upgrade the team, the competition has done the same and are hanging around in this seed race, such as Calgary, Colorado, Dallas.

    Now, it boils down to desire and character, and with the Kings winning against good teams, we know that they can pull it off and get that Pacific title. So, it all is desire and character now to win.

  8. When that final shot missed, I yelled out “we won….we’re first. WE’RE FIRST AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS ABOUT IT”. Then I pushed my beck on the bed and flung my feet STRAIGHT up in the air. My feet touched the ceiling. That’s what this team does to me.

  9. No McDonald
    No Crombeen
    No Steen
    No D’Agostini
    2nd game in 2 nights

    Don’t mean to pee in your corn flakes but if this were a playoff game, they would have beaten us, especially in that 1st period.

    • This is like saying the Kings were missing Parse, Gagne, Loktionov and Muzzin. In case you didn’t notice, the Blues threw everything they had at us in the first period. Fatigue hadn’t set in yet. There’s no doubt that they weren’t as sharp the next two periods. That doesn’t mean that Quick ends up letting something in if they were.

      I’m going to blame the Kings first period on falling back into a slower style that they faced against San Jose. My kids were both saying that the Kings had no chance after the first period. I told them that the Kings would adapt. They did.

    • “If” means nothing, the scoreboard shows what happened in reality. Our depth (2 rookies in the lineup) was better than their depth, end of story. And shake after you pee, the stain is showing.
      (the stupid login thing got me, double posted below by mistake )

    • “Don’t mean to pee in your corn flakes but if this were a playoff game, they would have beaten us, especially in that 1st period.”

      Thank gawd there was a 2nd and a 3rd period to counter your 1st period. Those two periods would have doubled up the number in favor of the Kings to what you had for the Blues in the first period and the outcome the same. And, since it wasn’t a playoff game the Kings took the first period off and played down to the Blues since they didn’t have their “best” players in the line-up and playing back to back…because no other team in the NHL have injuries and play back-to-back games, ever…only the Blues. Come to think of it; if there were no “if” I’d be the King right about now and order the NHL to give the LA Kings a free pass to the Stanley Cup and send the Blues down to your acting studio so you can scout additional whiners to pee on some other’s parade.

    • That is just a silly statement. Remind me to give you shit about this next time I see you. It’s my turn to buy the beer

  10. Take those dirty Bruins and give them a swift kick or two in the ass and send them on their way down the road as the Schmucks look and think “Shit the Kings really fucked em up…”

  11. I don’t know about you guys, but my dogs partied last night until they dropped. What a mess I had to clean up this morning….

    But, I figure there will be a lot more parties as the Kings rack up more wins…


  12. … Hate to be a buzzkill, here. But a tie with the Blues (who were playing the back end of a back-to-back) and likely a very temporary hold on first place in the division (because Dallas has two more regulation wins than the Kings do) just doesn’t scream “celebrate!!1!1!” to me.

    Yes, the team is on a run. Great. It’s their first run of the season. I don’t see how that makes them worthy of anything, just yet. There’s still a game to be played against the World Champs. There’s still a Canadian road trip. There’s still two more against the Sharks.

    God dammit, people, check yourselves. Those of you who are regulars here – you’ve been fans of this team for years; decades, for some of you. You’ve seen season after season and you know how the season works. Act like you’ve been there before. It wasn’t over when the Kings lost the heartbreaker in Detroit, and that was just six games ago. There’s eight left to play; it sure as hell isn’t over now. This thing is going down to the wire, and we’re just getting warmed up. These games were just the preliminaries.

    “Relevant in the NHL landscape”? What does that even mean??? I don’t give a frog’s fat ass about relevancy. There are no cheap wins in the NHL. There are no patsies. Every team should be feared and respected, and if they’re not, they’ll rise up and punk you. Vancouver was shut out by Minnesota the other day. Before that, Columbus went on a run. St. Louis is the number one team and they got beat by the Ducks.

    If the Kings make the playoffs, if the Kings win a first-round series for the first time since World War 2, then I’ll be more than happy to celebrate all night. I’ll drink you knuckleheads under the table. But, come on now. Let’s ease off the bipolar train. Two weeks ago, we were ready for Lombardi’s head on a pike. Now, we’re crowing about being in first for one day in March? Fuck March. March doesn’t mean shit. Might as well be in first place in October, or in first place in the preseason.

    Reel it in, people.

    • why should I feel according to what you say? reel yourself in, stop projecting.

    • “I’ll be more than happy to celebrate all night. I’ll drink you knuckleheads under the table.”
      Are you issuing a challenge? There’s many of us that would take you up on this :)

      How about after the game the Kings win that puts us in the 2nd round?


      • How about after the game the Kings win that puts us in the 2nd round? Deal?

        … As long as I’m still alive when that day comes, sure. I wouldn’t have written it if I didn’t mean it.

    • Wow, you can’t let anyone enjoy a tight win and revel in the moment for even a minute, can you?

      You need something to go wrong so you can “I told you so!” right?

      • … Hey, Player X’s new persona. I figured you’d get back on this again. I was wondering where all those other personas were when we were getting along better. Actually, I wasn’t wondering, but hey. In fact, I had a little pool going to guess your new handle. This one’s a little long, but hey, it IS creative.

        • You are fucked up. Seriously, multiple handles? So, you aren’t abrasive to most people and actually knowingly invite blowback?

        • Do you roll around on the beach with wet underwear? Because you seem like the kind of person who would like a sandy ass crack… Well you know, if we’re making character assumptions and such.

          You didn’t answer my question.

          • … Now, this one isn’t creative. Back to the drawing board, I guess?

          • Still haven’t answered the fucking question.

            Forgot to put the ChrisFarleysBloatedCorpse thing in last go around.

            Either way, you seem like a wet blanket.

            If you were a Smurf, I’d be willing to bet you’d be Grouchy Smurf (he even hated Smurfing on some Smurfberries).

            Seriously though, how can you be so critical of everyone else having a bit of a celebration and being excited for the Kings? What kind of fan are you?

          • Forgot to put the ChrisFarleysBloatedCorpse thing in last go around.

            … Try putting in “Player-X” and you won’t have to forget all of the other aliases. Works for me.

          • JT, you keep making this claim but you have no evidence to back it up. In fact, I have told you that I checked the IP addresses (because I can see them) and they don’t match up. They’re not even close to each other. So do you have anything other than speculation to back this up? That is all it seems to me. I think you are way off on this one. Perhaps you and he can email each other, discuss it and hash it out.

          • JT, you keep making this claim but you have no evidence to back it up.

            … Ask me if I care. Go ahead, I promise I’ll give you an honest answer!

          • The fact you make a claim for which you have no evidence against a reader and contributor here and fellow Kings fan is a shitty thing to do. You can “not care” about that all you want I suppose. Call him an asshole. Tell him his opinions suck and why. Engage in discussion or, hell, don’t. We don’t moderate dialogue. Goodness knows, you and he have had it out a few times and some of them have been good and spirited discussions that I have enjoyed reading. But, as someone who looks at your opinions with respect and reads them carefully & further enjoys your contributions here, I think your handling of this issue leaves a lot to be desired and also hurts your credibility. But I digress. Carry on the not caring.

          • Carry on the not caring.

            … Will do!

          • Listen, fuckbone, it is an insult to besmirch my reputation this way. As I have said before, I do that plenty well myself, and can tolerate no extra degradation.

            But to be serious, and I FUCKING MEAN IT: This is especially insulting to me. I make a living based on my reputation, and I am held in high regard in my field, as my word has often been a deciding factor in open Court invloving cases worth millions, tens of millions, and in one instance over one hundred million dollars.

            If I stand (either literally or by written declaration) in Court and say something happened, I am granted “rebuttable presumption” by the law. This means that I don’t have to prove I did something, neccessarilly, beyond having signed my name stating it is so. The other side must present proof that I did not do what I said I had done, to which I would then respond. I could expect that here, too, rebuttable presumption, but apparently not from you, J.T.

            So I make this statement in all sincerity, but I warn you that if you do not accept it, while also not providing proof of your accusations (which there can be none), there is no going back from it. You will relegate yourself to a less than serious person with more emotion than thought, more ego than honor.

            I give you my absolute word that I have never used a second, or any other number of multiple handles here to insult you.

            I know you will see this, eventually: if you accuse me again, I will link to this once and only once.

            If you have any real integrity, you will at least simply acknowledge that you have seen it.

          • You care enough to make the claim… But not enough to support it?

            That is at once both completely unlike you, and yet very like you.

            Also, is it ironic that my iPhone often autocorrects the word ‘not’ to ‘JT’? No, not ironic, just apropos.

          • A smurferrific Kings fan! lol.

  13. Poop out of Canada today on how the Pacific is shaping up:


    ♦ There was a great Pacific surge on Thursday night as three of the four contenders in the division earned two point in the standings and brought the Western Conference cutoff line up to 94 points. Dallas, which had been leading the division, opened the door with its 2-1 loss at home to Vancouver. Then, in a series of late-finishing dominoes, Phoenix hung on to defeat Colorado, San Jose outlasted Boston and Los Angeles beat St. Louis in a shootout.

    The net result was that the Kings took over the lead in the Pacific and now all four contenders have held the top spot within the last 30 days. The Kings have won six in a row and are 8-2 in March.

    ♦ It was no surprise that the Kings and Blues played to a scoreless duel through 65 minutes on Thursday. The teams are first and second in the NHL in goals allowed per game. The goalies in the contest, the Kings’ Jonathan Quick and the Blues’ Brian Elliott, are in the top three in shutouts this season. It was perhaps more shocking that they were even beaten in the shootout. (Note to Blues opponents: go five-hole on Elliott; both Jeff Carter and Mike Richards scored there in the shootout. Quick, meanwhile, was spectacular.)

    Even though L.A. is now the third seed, it is within the realm of possibility the Kings could finish eighth, setting up a first-round series rematch with St. Louis. What would be the over/under on goals in the series? Would seven 1-0 overtime games be awesome or boring? (Awesome.)

    ♦ Calgary’s playoff hopes dimmed further on Thursday with it’s bitter 3-2 loss at Minnesota. Flames coach Brent Sutter was apoplectic after the game as witnessed by Joseph Gunther of Examiner.com and Michael Russo of the StarTribune. The Flames are still only two points out of eighth place, but it’s hard to see their path to the playoffs now. Colorado and San Jose are between the Flames and eighth-place Dallas. Calgary will need to finish 5-1-1 to reach 94 points now. That seems like a tall order for a team that has lost four straight, three of them to also-rans Edmonton, Columbus and Minnesota.

    Source: http://sports.nationalpost.com/2012/03/23/nhl-playoff-predictor-kings-take-over-roiling-pacific-flames-look-to-be-extinguished/

  14. My mistake on that one, need new glasses for typing.

    Now, here is an article where they use a great adjective for Quick.

    I like the ring to that word, “BRILLIANT”

    Kings’ Quick brilliant in shutout

    CBSSports.com wire reports
    March 23, 2012

    Source: http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/gametracker/recap/NHL_20120322_STL@LA/kings-quick-brilliant-in-shutout

    LOS ANGELES — In one night, the Los Angeles Kings made the leap from eighth to third in the Western Conference standings by taking over the Pacific Division lead. Jonathan Quick made it happen with one of his most memorable outings, tying the team record for shutouts in a season the process.

    Quick held his own in a brilliant goaltending duel Thursday night with Brian Elliott, making 35 saves for his eighth shutout, and Jeff Carter scored the deciding goal in the fourth round of a shootout to give the Kings a 1-0 victory over the St. Louis Blues.

    Elliott made 37 saves for his eighth shutout of the season and 16th overall.

    The Kings are 3-4-1 in 1-0 decisions this season, including a loss to the Blues on Feb. 3 in St. Louis. The Blues are 4-1 in games decided by a 1-0 score, the other games decided in regulation.

    “It was a lot of fun. That was a great game,” said Quick, who matched Rogie Vachon’s shutout total from 1976-77 and pushed his career total to 23. “I tip the cap to Elliot. He played unreal down at the other end and made some big saves to keep them in it. For no goals scored, I think it was a pretty exciting game.”

    Los Angeles finished the season series 3-1 against the Blues, who last Saturday reached 100 points for the fifth time in club history and became the first team to clinch a playoff berth. It doesn’t get any easier for the Kings, whose next two opponents will be last season’s Stanley Cup finalists — Boston and Vancouver. The game against the Canucks kicks off a four-game trip.

    “This means nothing if we don’t win on Saturday,” Quick said. “We know what it’s like out there, and we know how tight it is.”

    The Kings posted their season-high sixth straight win after outshooting St. Louis 35-32 in regulation. They had 32 shots in the second and third periods after getting outshot 13-3 in the first by a team that came in allowing an NHL-low 26.2 shots on net per game.

    St. Louis and Los Angeles came in 1-2 in the NHL in goals-against average, the Blues having allowed 1.85 goals per game and the Kings 2.06. Elliott came in with a league-best 1.62 goals-against average, and Quick was fourth with a 2.00 GAA.

    “Both teams are No. 1 and No. 2 in the league in defense, and both goalies made a lot of big saves — ours in the first and theirs in the second,” Kings coach Darryl Sutter said. “We’re probably fortunate to get an extra point tonight. We have to continue to work at forging that identity, that whole compete, commitment thing.”

    Sutter’s teams have earned 1,001 standings points, including 38 extra points from overtime and shootouts losses. The Kings are 22-11-8 since he took over behind the bench.

    One night after blowing three one-goal leads in a 4-3 loss at Anaheim with Halak in net, the Blues hunkered down defensively in front of Elliott by blocking 14 shots. They lead the NHL with 101 points, two more than the idle New York Rangers.

    St. Louis defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo left the game for good at 13:43 of the second period because of a lower back injury, which occurred when he got tangled up with Kings captain Dustin Brown deep in the Blues’ zone and drew an interference penalty before his backward momentum sent him crashing into the right post. Chris Porter served the penalty for Colaiacovo, but the Kings’ power play lasted less than a minute before Slava Voynov was sent off for interference.

    The Blues outshot the Kings 12-1 through the first 17 minutes and came within inches of taking the lead.

    Quick went behind the net to play the puck and gave it to defenseman Matt Greene, who lost possession to Patrik Berglund on the forecheck. His attempted centering pass squirted off Quick’s skate as he scrambled back to the crease, then rolled parallel to the goal line before Quick cleared it away with a backhanded swipe less than 2 minutes before intermission.

    “Our best player was our goaltender, and that’s what we needed in the first,” Kings center Jarret Stoll said. “Sometimes you need that, but you don’t want that to happen very often. He’s been making big saves all year, and we needed him tonight. We didn’t have our full 60-minute effort, but we found a way to win and get two points.”


    T.J. Oshie is the only player on the Blues’ roster who has participated in all 12 of their shootouts. He has scored five times — including Thursday, and is 16 for 31 in the tiebreaker during his career.
    Quick beat St. Louis 5-0 Oct. 18 in their home opener. Jaroslav Halak beat the Kings 1-0 on Feb. 3, with Jamie Langenbrunner scoring the only goal.
    The Blues were 0 for 14 on the power play against the Kings in the season series, one of them in the final 1:53 of overtime after the Kings’ Justin Williams was sent off for tripping Berglund.
    The Blues are 40-13-9 since coach Ken Hitchcock inherited a 6-7-0 record from Davis Payne on Nov. 6. Hitchcock has a chance to join Bruce Boudreau (Washington 2007-08) and Bill Barber (Philadelphia 2000-01) as the only coaches to win the Jack Adams Award as coach of the year after taking over a team once the season was underway. The Adams Trophy was established in 1974.

  15. Didnt see the game. On the road in Detroit so away from my CI back home. Woke up at 3am checked the score, smiled, took a piss and went back to sleep happy. First time in quite some time I have felt this confident in them.

    That being said there are still games to go and the playoffs. Anything short of a first round win I still consider a lost season. They have got hot at THE right time and can do some damage in the playoffs. I guarantee there are more teams behind closed doors saying they dont want LA inthe playoffs. A big, young, defensive oriented team with terrific goaltending and now they are scoring. Yeah not many teams want anything to do with that.

  16. More buzz kill here, as I believe this Blues Blogger has a lethal opinion that gives me the Blues:

    “I really find it bizarre how everyone has gotten so scared of LA. Phoenix went on a long streak 12-0-1 and everyone yawned. Calgary had a streak everyone yawned. Dallas has been on a strong run, people are yawning. Suddenly LA wins a few games and people are scared of them. They were absolutely heartless in Detroit. I mean, it was one of the most gutless performances of the year by any team. Then they beat the Grand Rapids Wings on home ice. Then they beat the Ducks. Ooh. Nashville didn’t bring their A game and LA was more desperate and won. San Jose was just nineteen shades of putrid and laid down the other night. I’ve seen all LA’s wins and haven’t thought, even for a second, even once, gee, this team looks potent. They’re a good team. But not more than good. They might well win tonight because every game is a playoff game already for them and the Blues are sleepwalking through the schedule at this point and a little banged up. But Mike Richards is a stiff. Drew Doughty is as overrated as they come. I honestly don’t mean it meanly, I hope they get in the playoffs, especially at San Jose’s expense, but they’re playing their best right now and the Blues’ best is significantly better based on long stretches of direct observation of both teams. Their offense has gotten goals recently but it’s not so much jelling due to some new clicking as much as pucks are finding their way in.”

    We are still a long way away from playoffs. Good thing these games seem like playoffs, just in case.

    • You could do that analysis for any team that is winning at any time. I could do it for the Blues and advocate that their success is the result of Hitchcock’s cock up their proverbial ass but eventually that will fade and during the most critical time of the season before the playoffs when teams are trying to solidify position, the Blues go 2-2-2 or whatever the fuck they have been for the past 6 games & that shows they are already fading. I know people make excuses for losing but when I see or read people make excuses for winning, especially six straight I have to wonder if the person needs their head checked. Of course any season is going to have its ups and downs and nobody has won the Cup but to pass off the Kings’ winning streak and recent success as “meh”, their opponents were this or that is just obtuse.

    • I’ve seen all LA’s wins and haven’t thought, even for a second, even once, gee, this team looks potent.

      … Now, this – this is something I can’t get behind. I don’t judge goals and I don’t judge wins. Except when they’re ties and coin-flip wins, that is. At the end of the season, if the Kings have enough points to go to the playoffs or win the division, no one’s going to give two shits about how the points were compiled, or whether the team looked potent enough for some other team’s blogger to be impressed.

      I don’t feel anyone’s more “scared” of the Kings than they would be of any other team in the league. “Scared” is a silly word to use, anyway; this isn’t MMA or War, it’s hockey. Teams respect what the Kings can do, and prepare for it.

    • By the way, who is the Blues blogger of which you write?

      • I have no idea who it is, more poster than blogger though. Believe me when I say I don’t agree with things like “Richards is a stiff”, but some of the points are valid. It could be that the Kings increase in scoring since 2/25 is a bit of a fluke, as was their inability to score earlier. The Kings in my opinion now have their “B” game going, up from the C- game they did have. Now they need to keep pushing for their A game if they want to win 6 of their last 8 to make the playoffs and do some damage while there.

        Then there is the fear that they exhaust themselves just getting in to the playoffs, as opposed to a Blues or Canucks team that can cruise in and enter rested. it is really tough to have what are essentially 2 full rounds of playoff games to play before you even get in, then expect to have enough in the tank to compete at your best. This should be the true concern, even if the Kings are as good as we all hope.

    • I’m going to say that it’s probably to the advantage of the Kings over the Blues at this point in a playoff series, assuming the Kings are going to make it in at the 8th seed. Since the Blues have already clinched, they can lose every game till the end of the season and still go to the playoffs. That’s gotta be a little difficult to mentally keep that sharpness especially coming into the playoffs.

      The Kings on the other hand have to bite, scratch, claw, swindle, etc to even get a chance to play for the cup. They have No other option but to stay mentally sharp. So they have to be mentally sharp all the way up until the very end of the season. They’re already in that mode, mindset, focus, whatever and will be easier to carry that into the playoffs.

      The Caps several seasons ago finished with 120 points or something crazy in the regular season and if I remember got beat in the 1st round maybe 2nd but they definitely didn’t make it to the cup finals. Did knowing they clinched fuck with their minds a little? I’m gonna say it did.

  17. Got a lot of love today on NHL Network. Cliffords “martin St.Louis” style goal cracked the top ten of the week, Quick’s highway robbery from last night was 2nd best of the week and Melrose picked DD as best D of the last week.

    Not that we need this, but since the East coast hockey media ignores us most nights, it’s nice to have someone beside your wife tell you you got a nice ass.

    • Barry Melrose picked Drew Doughty as the D of the week? He’s been almost invisible lately. We’re a (3) DD #8 jersey family, but we’re just not getting proper value out of him at this point. Given the salary, I’d rather have a second Anze Kopitar + Davis Drewiske on the ice for most of this season.


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