It’s after 1am and I can’t sleep. The beers I had with Surly and the boys after the game went down like water. We could have put the mixing room where Nick and Daryl do the post game on our head. The other fans inside that place were not loud enough for our taste. But who ever is? I get the distinct impression The L.A. Kings ice crew may have feared us. I’ll enjoy this victory’s aftertaste the rest of this morning and the hours that lead to the game against the Bruins, but the novelty of beating 1-0 one of the most soundly structured teams we have played this season has steadily worn off.

So why can’t I sleep? Is it this?


I don’t look at that and believe we have 1st place in the Pacific locked up. I look at that and then view the calendar. I see March 23rd. March fucking 23rd and we’re 1st in the pacific. Last night, we took our fate into our own hands. Last night, we became relevant in the NHL landscape. Last night, we won 6 in a row when anything less may have found us outside the top 8. Last night, we beat the number 1 team in the NHL.

I have calmed down. I only see Boston ahead, nothing before or beyond. But for the first time this season I wear a smile on my face not because we won but because I believe we can beat anyone & opposing teams should fear us. I think the boys on the ice know it too. I may fall asleep tonight. I may not. But I love how this feels & I want to carry this forward and be contagious.