Kings vs. Boston Bruins Open Forum: Lucky Number 7

Rob Scuderi wears one.

Jeff Carter has a pair on his back.

Jordan Nolan and Dwight King each start with one. Martinez ends with his.

Jack Johnson is no longer a King. Add him to Rob Blake’s and you get one. Or you can just look at Jack’s recent number upgrade in Columbus to find it.

Add an Anze and you get 7 come Kopitar.

Clifford went the other way.

Doughty one upped it.

I woke up at 7am this morning annoyed I won’t be at Staples Center tonight because, at 7pm, I will be at a client’s art exhibition followed by an important business dinner.

Whether it’s puck luck, number luck or dumb luck, add the L.A. Kings consistent effort in all 3 zones from each of the 4 lines and defensemen to it and this Kings’ fan hopes to check the score later this evening and wear a broad smile.

Haven’t received word on line combinations but it wouldn’t surprise me if nothing changes…also wouldn’t surprise me if Kevin Westgarth gets the nod but, between Jordan Nolan and Kyle Clifford, I wonder if the pugilist factor is covered. One of our readers spoke of Jordan Nolan being comparable to Wayne Simmonds. I don’t see that yet and I like Nolan but I would advocate Nolan has, at this point, made Kevin Westgarth completely expendable. Jonathan Quick is likely in goal which means the pundits will dub this another goalie grudge match of Quick vs. Thomas.

Surly will be at the game and he will be loud. His maniacal dun dun dun prelude to “Bruins suck!” will come from 315. In 316, I hear it like he’s sitting beside me. His vocal exercise secret is cold beer and escalating ire. Don’t lament my absence. For those who attend this game, raise your roar to compensate for it. I so wish I’d be there with you.

This song has been in my head all day.

Go Kings!

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  1. You and your numerological mumbo-jumbo.

    If you had any sense you’d have directed this energy into cramming Dallas into the Oven That Was Heated Seven Times.

    Instead, the Stars are shitting all over Calgary in the third period. Too bad the game won’t go SEVEN periods. Then, maybe, the Flames would have a chance.

  2. One of our readers spoke of Jordan Nolan as being comparable to Wayne Simmonds.

    … Huh??? No. Simmonds is a year older than Nolan and is on the plus side of 20 goals. Nolan won’t score 20 goals in the NHL next season. He might get ten, though, and that would be nice to have. If the Kings can get 20 out of King and Nolan combined, the Kings should be thrilled.

    • I would have to imagine such a comment was made in reference to style of play. In that sense, I can see how one would see the way in which Simmonds and Nolan approach the game as similar.

      I’m not sure if Nolan has 20 goal potential but I don’t think it’s out of the question a few years down the line. I’m a big Nolan fan and I see lots of potential in the kid. He does have stone hands, loves to go to the net and has all the heart and passion one can want in a hockey player. It’s the heart that Simmonds has. To me such a comparison goes that Wayne and Jordan nth wear their warts on their sleeves and both bleed a similar shade of red intensity.

  3. Great choice on the video. There are very few songs better than that one. And even fewer bands more important than the mighty Sabbath.

  4. I don’t have a magic formula or a creative novel to share, but what I do have, is a short shout-out to the boys. Keep up the great work, men! You have been doing us proud and we much appreciate. Keep the mojo flowing and I’ll see everyone at the victory dance later tonight.

    Maybe, I do have a magic formula; 4-3 Kings!

  5. This reminds me of a movie where a guy started seeing the #23 everywhere.

  6. 7 is THE number!
    So our score tonight when we win..
    5-2 or 4-3 or 6-1 wow!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. … From what I’m seeing on Twitter and on the tube, it appears to be a Bruins’ home game. That’s just wonderful.

  8. … Doughty just showed why he makes the big bucks with that pass to Fraser. You can’t teach that.

  9. … This happens game after game after game. It’s like it’s illegal for Quick to not be outplayed by his opposite goalie.

    And now, it’s 3-1. THIS is how a soft goal can change the game.

    • Wasn’t a good goal, but not sure I’d call it soft. It was a wicked shot on a GREAT drop pass and it was through a defenseman’s legs. Still wish he would have had it though. Could have used a save there. But ah, I’m sort of splitting hairs.

      Kings aren’t skating hard enough since the second period. We keep bunching ourselves up and suffocating our own play. The team is as much at fault for being down by two goals as Quick is. Team and goalie are playing equally anemic tonight.

      • Wasn’t a good goal, but not sure I’d call it soft.

        … If that wasn’t a soft goal, then soft goals don’t exist. Come the fuck on.

        • Drop pass and screened. Come on if 1 is great goal and 10 is plushy soft, that goal was a 6,5-7

          • … Look. The goal was soft, and it changed the complexion of the game. I’m not concerned with how soft it was. It was soft. Jim Fox does nothing but praise Quick at every possible opportunity, and HE said immediately that it was soft. This isn’t a debate.

            You and others have mentioned that Quick is a Vezina-caliber goalie. You just saw a REAL Vezina-caliber goalie, in the net for the opposition. Quick didn’t match up; he didn’t come close to matching up. And this is not the first time it’s happened this season. It happens far more often than most care to admit.

          • Kings scoring chances were not of the same quality the Bruins were. Bruins had several breakaways. They took quality shots off the rush. The Kings did little of that.

            I think the goal thy Doughty gave up was much worse. I’d rather Quick give up a drop pass wicked snap shot through a screen goal every time over a defenseman making two totally dumbass passes in a row and hanging the team out to dry.

            If Doughty gets a clean slate for making the pass on Fraser’s goal then so does Quick for making that unbelievable save in the third.

            The Lucic goal did not change the complexion of the game. The Kings played some solid hockey after that and then fell over their own asses in giving up a 3-on-1 that led to a slightly lucky goal for Kelly.

            If anything the Doughty goal against completely sucked the life out of the team. You can’t pin this just on Quick, no matter how soft the goal was. The powerplay failed us and the Kings stopped jamming the front of the net during the second period and the third until there was 30 seconds left on the game.

            I’ve seen much softer goals. I hated that Lucic goal, trust me, but the Doughty one was worse. Goals like the Lucic one was happen because sometimes the shooter just wins. Of course Quick would want it back. If there was no screen and no drop pass then it would be just an awful goal. To me it was an unfortunate one. I don’t particularly care what Jim Fox said. It’s perfectly valid to disagree with him.

    • And we’ve won 6 in a row, so this game after game after game thing is silly. Quick outplays the opposing goalie regularly. He’s made plenty of great saves tonight too.

  10. fucking cell phone fucking computer fucking game…
    and Brownie and Kopi crash.. Clusterfuck!
    GO KINGS GO!!!!!

  11. Voynov!!! Cmon boys

  12. Damn you Tim Thomas! Fuck!

  13. … A tough loss. Don’t blame anyone. No point to that.

    All I could think of as the team was busting their asses in the last minute was how much I love the Kings.

    There’s still more hockey to play. Don’t give up on this.

    • Nice Comments.. you are right .. we did not play badly… we Tried..
      I do see that with some games we just are not capible of a hard play of a full 60 minutes..
      Maybe we gave too much on Thur and Tues night..
      But I do have Big respect for Boston and enjoy watching them play.. but.. not against us.
      I barely took time to notice their guys.. I really just have King Tunnel Vision..
      We will rebound.. As Brownie said.. “We think we can win all Seven remainig games”
      Great team Attitude.. so
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  14. is it more or has doughty and scuderi been making some bonehead plays leading up to turnovers on our side as of late? maybe im just looking for someone to blame.

    but damn SLAVA

    • Unfortunately I have been seeing that lately as well.. seems to glaringly stand out to me..
      Doughty is and will be behind in conditioning for this whole season.. he has been playing
      catch up .. and I see him cheat a bit.. I know he is trying .. he just is a half step behind at times.. Scuds has not been playing as well as I know he can.. not as good as last year..
      I keep saying I do not like this pairing.. But who would I change? neither of the other pairs so I do not have an answer.
      Doughty is both brilliant .. the play to set up Fraizer or WTF.. when he is somehow on the ice but not where he prob should be when a goal is scored.. But he is our talented Boy so
      got to keep remembering he is still young and learning huge salery or not..
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  15. Only one thing to say.

    This team will NEVER be an elite team so long as the powerplay still sucks, so long as Jamie Kompon is still running the powerplay. When you’re down a goal, to get a PP in the last 3 minutes, that’s a gift, and elite teams take take advantage and tie it.

    Yet again the PP fails this team. They had no plan. They passed it back and forth on top of the umbrella, no synchronized movement, no rotations, just pass it left, pass it right, back to Mike Richards at the top, back to Doughty, to Richards, to Carter. No plan.

    • This team will NEVER be an elite team so long as the powerplay still sucks

      … Yet, the Rangers – who are tied for #1 in the NHL in the standings – have just as terrible of a power play as the Kings do, if you look at goals scored per minute. They’re probably even worse, as they get fewer shots on net than the Kings do with the man advantage.

      As for Kompon being unable to run a power play, the Kings ran a phenomenal power play late in the second period tonight; they just didn’t score on it. That’s just the way it goes sometimes, and that’s why I say that PP success is like the tide – there’s low tide and high tide. Two-minute increments are far too small to glean anything really meaningful about how well or poorly a team’s playing. Didn’t the Kings have great numbers on the PP in the playoffs last year and the year before? Wasn’t Kompon running the power play then?

      • The power play in the 2nd period was all Williams hustling all over the ice.

        Other than that single PP the man advantage served as nothing but a detriment tonight, a momentum sucking vortex of telegraphed plays.

        • The power play in the 2nd period was all Williams hustling all over the ice.

          … That’s over-simplistic and lazy analysis. And, beyond that, it’s just incorrect. The defensemen were working their asses off, as well. So was Brown. It was a great power play. They attempted eight shots, got five of them through, and forced Thomas to scramble. They had the chances you want to have on a power play. Unfortunately, they didn’t score. Shit happens.

          • Of course it’s oversimplistic. It’s also over simplistic and lazy to say that Kompon can’t be all that bad because this one time in the playoffs the PP was good and even though they didn’t score they were better than shit for less than 30% of their PP time tonight.

            That second period power play, which was awesome, was replete with broken plays, which brings out the natural talent of the players, not that set bullshit we saw the rest of the power plays which did nothing but serve to give the Bruins energy.


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