Rob Scuderi wears one.

Jeff Carter has a pair on his back.

Jordan Nolan and Dwight King each start with one. Martinez ends with his.

Jack Johnson is no longer a King. Add him to Rob Blake’s and you get one. Or you can just look at Jack’s recent number upgrade in Columbus to find it.

Add an Anze and you get 7 come Kopitar.

Clifford went the other way.

Doughty one upped it.

I woke up at 7am this morning annoyed I won’t be at Staples Center tonight because, at 7pm, I will be at a client’s art exhibition followed by an important business dinner.

Whether it’s puck luck, number luck or dumb luck, add the L.A. Kings consistent effort in all 3 zones from each of the 4 lines and defensemen to it and this Kings’ fan hopes to check the score later this evening and wear a broad smile.

Haven’t received word on line combinations but it wouldn’t surprise me if nothing changes…also wouldn’t surprise me if Kevin Westgarth gets the nod but, between Jordan Nolan and Kyle Clifford, I wonder if the pugilist factor is covered. One of our readers spoke of Jordan Nolan being comparable to Wayne Simmonds. I don’t see that yet and I like Nolan but I would advocate Nolan has, at this point, made Kevin Westgarth completely expendable. Jonathan Quick is likely in goal which means the pundits will dub this another goalie grudge match of Quick vs. Thomas.

Surly will be at the game and he will be loud. His maniacal dun dun dun prelude to “Bruins suck!” will come from 315. In 316, I hear it like he’s sitting beside me. His vocal exercise secret is cold beer and escalating ire. Don’t lament my absence. For those who attend this game, raise your roar to compensate for it. I so wish I’d be there with you.

This song has been in my head all day.

Go Kings!