The First Surly & Scribe Show

You can say, “I was there for the first one,” the very first Surly & Scribe Show. This will be a weekly thing with us. We intend to get them up on iTunes & YouTube as soon as we figure out how. Please offer your opinions. We are learning as we go along. This is uncensored. Kick the kids out of the room. Enjoy.

Surly & Scribe Podcast 3-25-12

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  1. Like everything in Anaheim,….it don’t work.

  2. Liked the analysis. Thanks!

  3. Minnesota and Edmonton are BOTH irrelevant. You should know that. Bernier will get a start against one of them and it really won’t matter which (I’d predict the Wild).
    You are correct on Richards though. He is playing like he is going to get hit on every play. He is rushing his play.

    • Like I said an have said many times, I’ve been living under a rock for almost a month.

      I’ve had a hard time finding the time to keep up with the Kings, let alone the rest of the league. Of course you are right, Minnesota is worthless.

  4. Weekly “Fuck Off”?! I didn’t know we got a weekly fuck off. What is the deadline for submission?

  5. More sex and violence.

  6. Would not work when downloaded from e-mail, but did work when downloaded directly from the site. Probably me.

  7. If it’s anything like DB and the Mayors stuff, I’ll pass. That shit is booooooooring.

    Plus DB is a retart.

  8. Hey Scribe,
    First time posting, great site! Trust you more than that d-bag Hammond. Also nice start to the podcast – can’t wait for your thoughts about the playoffs and the Kings’ managment.

    If you could get back to Hockey 2.0 that would be sweet


    • I intend to get back to Hockey 2.0 especially now that I finally figured out how to draw on our digital ice surface properly. A computer genius I am not. It takes me longer but I eventually figure it out.

  9. Had a chance now to listen in, and well done and informative and entertaining. Maybe you can broadcast from a live game sometime, to tell us your realtime analysis. Quality of sound was good too.
    You missed bashing on Lombardi opportunity, unless that was on purpose given not wanting to jinx the Kings run now. I know you got to pick your spots on what comes to mind.
    As for Doughty, I think he knows when he screws up, both in his own mind immediately, and he probably hears it from others on the bench, etc, all over the place. This has probably throttled him from being more reckless or careless. A lot of his mistakes never hurt with goals caused by him, but when they do, yeah, they are glaring. I expect him to concentrate and think and react better as time goes along to learn lessons. Yet, I think we have to hold our breath at times with him as he is liable to revert to risks and mistakes at any given time due to his nature and character to try to create and make things happen. What I am say, we have to put up with the good and bad, and thankfully, it is mostly way for the good.
    I listened to the Blues game last night, and the Coyotes were just lifeless and clueless on how to handle them. Coyotes only have 5 games left, and don’t play until Thursday. They have to watch other contenders and see if they are pushed down the ladder, which ought to be the case.
    So, keep up the good work and by your next Sunday podcast, maybe the Kings have 94 points with 3 to play, which makes things look real good for us.

  10. Liked it, looking forward to the next one. I’m hoping one of these days you guys can talk about your source during the Doughty contract negotiations nightmare.

  11. I liked the podcast, but the sound from one of you was kind of off…almost like he was on a cell phone or something. Maybe have you both in a “studio” or something would be better. I liked the content though! Keep up the great work on this site. BTW, I was a long-time Hammond follower back in the days of the Daily News site (I was probably one of the original followers actually)…but I check your site 2-3 times before I even check his now. Great job!

    Ps. Why would the Kings hire a reporter that doesn’t even like hockey??? Never mind. Thanks for everything you guys do! Purely entertaining and thought-provoking!

    • Yeah I was on a cell phone. Unfortunately both being “in studio” ain’t gonna really happen as we live about an hours drive away from each other. Going to work on making it better though, in many ways more than sound quality.

  12. Something I recently discovered that’s fairly amusing, I guess here’s a good a time/place as any to bring it up. Richards and Kopitar both follow!/FakeTerryMurray . No love lost? Kopi also follows FakeDeanLombardi. I find this all pretty hilarious but also a bit disturbing.

  13. live streaming video of the podcast!!!!!!!

  14. Fuck! You guys are fucking awesome. I can’t fucking believe you fuckers have taken this fucking long to get a fucking podcast fucking going. Fuck! I just fucking wish you would say”Fuck” more fucking often.

  15. Bravo on spreading the good news about Kopitarianism, there has never been a need to keep that to ourselves.


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