I’m just going to get it out of the way; the officiating did not decide the game tonight, but holy shit was it awful. Next time the Kings play with this nitwit young referee whose name I don’t want to give the credit of looking up and committing to memory, I’d like Kyle Clifford to take a shit on the opposing goalie’s head, to show him what unsportsmanlike conduct really looks like. I’d like Penner to put that same goalie in a headlock and give him noogies so that he may learn the true meaning of goalie interference. I’d like to see him make those kind of calls against Vancouver in British Columbia so that he will reap the consequences of his lameness in the form of grapefruit-sized balls of ice raining down upon his head, released from the quick-to-violence fan base who likes to blame refs more than any other. The same fan base who I am guessing will look at tonight’s officiating and wonder ‘what’s the big deal King fans?’

What’s the big deal indeed. It’s not the officiating, it’s really not.

The Kings played a very solid game. Quick… Well I maintain that Lucic goal on Saturday wasn’t really soft, but that Malhotra goal? My satin pillow case is coarser. Still, scoring goals is somewhat of a necessity in hockey, whether your goalie gives up a soft one or not. This is the second game in a row I’ve seen the Kings play fiercely in front of the opposing net, crashing for rebounds with reckless abandon. Problem is in both instances it only happened in the last minute of the game.

We can skate with the best of the best. We proved that on Thursday. We proved it on Saturday. We proved it tonight. But can we ever get out of this defunct pacifism when it comes to challenging the slot? It’s slipped into memory but a handful of times this season. Each occurrence of its amnesia results in above average goal output. It’s knowledge, be it subconscious or Komponned, relegates the talents of our players to a level of usefulness that would make Alexander Burrows teaching an etiquette class seem like a bright idea.

Dallas lost. San Jose won. We drop to 9th. With a game in hand on Phoenix and one less left than the Sharks, our leeway for letting points slip away is nil. This game occurs 3 months ago and it’s not a big deal. Quick will rebound, I’d say. The puck will eventually go in, I’d fancy. Luongo was strong, I’d allow.

It’s not January. There are 6 games left and the only thing that is good enough is victory. When you hold your fate in your hands, best not to wipe your ass. We played well. Don’t care. Quick let in a bad goal. Unacceptable. What the other team does on the ice does not matter. What the rest of the Pacific does is irrelevant. Singular optics and honed intensity.

Calgary must be victimized.