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The Vancouver Canucks are a good hockey team. It pains me to say that but for all of the shit we give them, they are consistently near the top of the league and damn near won the Cup last season. Games against teams like Vancouver are good measuring sticks for where our 8th place Kings are.

But sticks be damned tonight. We are playing for our playoff lives. We can finish 1st in the division if we keep winning and Dallas cools off even a bit. We can lock in a playoff spot with four more wins, no guarantees of course but 94 points should be enough.  I don’t give a damn who else gets in. Truly, San Jose making it or missing the playoffs is so far removed from my list of necessary or pressing “wants”, it is right up there with 6 hours with Kate Upton…not that I would kick her out of bed, despite there being more room on the floor.

The Canucks are without Daniel Sedin…I think, or it’s the other sister. They are also missing Keith Ballard, Andrew Ebbett and Aaron Rome.

We need this game.

This is your open forum.

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  1. Lets just hope that the Kings can go up to Riot City and play beach ball against the

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. If the Kings win tonight I almost feel like I would be okay with a Dallas win vs the Flames. It would pretty much eliminate the Flames from the playoff hunt and the Kings are now fighting with one less team to make it. Also, with Coyotes and Avs only have 5 games remaining, making the top 8 all of sudden looks a lot easier. Of course the Kings do have to win tonight for any of this to make sense.

    Or should I not even worry about the teams behind us and just foucus on the 3 seed?

    • Aim High, If they win the division Flames and Avs don’t concern us. Besides, the Flames will be all but done after the Kings play them in a couple days. Would love for the to beat Dallas and increase our chances of Home Ice. Like you said, the Avs only have 5 games left, they are all but done. I’d be happy for them to get a W vs the Sharts, creating a small buffer for the Kings in those last 2 games (should they win tonight).

    • Naw, need the Flames to beat Dallas tonight. Dallas has it tough after tonight but only needs to go 3-4-1 to reach 95…very doable. Rather have a level field at the top then waste time swatting a dead fly.

  3. I am not sure I have anything intelligent to add to the many excellent posts lately about the Kings and what they have to do on this road trip.

    I would rather rip into the Cansucks and get people pumped up on this board and scream that we want a win like King fans did two years ago:

    It has to be payback time every time we play in Riot City.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • That gave me the chills. I’m feelin’ it. As long as we rebound from last game like nothing happened we will be fine. A new day is merely a clean slate, what happened last game needs to be irrelevant.

  4. Strength of will is a weapon……..

  5. i want the kings to kick the shit out of the nucks. i want to see drew doughty hipcheck somebody like he did to taylor hall when penner tried to fight him, i want to see brown kill the other sedin sister, i want cliffy to beat the shit out of someone, but most of all i want to see us score… alot!

    • I want to see Luongo chased, I want to see Burrows teeth knocked out, I want to see Greene put Kesler on his ass, I want to see Clifford’s fists of fury meet Rome’s face, and most of all I want to see the Kings win by such a margin that the women will weep and the men (boys?) will riot!

    • Now you are talking my kind of language and I am glad we are on the same page…

      STOP Cansucks STOP!!!

    • So Josh, are you saying in effect, that you’d prefer that any Doughty hipcheck would be preferably better than his famous one on his buddy Logan Couture? That could have been a nice one if he’d connected. Guess I’ll agree with you that the one on Taylor Hall was more effective.

  6. Why should they win anything in uncouth couver where they made rioting into a fine art and they write folk songs memorializing how screwed up they are in that riot city.

  7. Cliffy kicks Weise’s ass….

    Do it again Cliffy tonight….

  8. So sweat, we can do it again in riot city….

  9. I don’t think of myself as an evil man, but I have jacked off to the Keith/Sedin elbow like thirty times. It’s my new Fast Times pool scene.

  10. Drew we dont talk about that one it would have only been worse if he was really hurt, ass vs board, boards win haha

  11. Lemme guess a French Canadian ref on that call on Cliffy?

  12. This game is pissing me off so far. They are playing like Limp fucking dicks with no balls and major shrinkage. When did this squad lose their balls when they crossed the border?

  13. Quick “I’ve been carrying your sorry asses all season long. Can’t you pussies score at least 1goal???”

    • Team: “We have shut it down all season long. Can you at least make ONE save that you are supposed to make?”

      • Quick “You’ve gotta be kidding me! You’ve been Dead Fucking Last in scoring for the majority of the season! If it wasn’t for me we’d be battling Columbus for 14th place right now. I’m in the top 10 if not top 5 in just about every stat category not to mention I’m tied with 8 Fucking Shut outs!! Suck on that bitches!”

  14. “These guys suck” Quick

  15. Fucking terrible game. No breakout, no 5v5 setup, no PP and bad calls. Doughty was a fucking joke and I think Brown might have been a healthy scratch for this game.


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