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It feels like a lifetime ago, but when the Canucks met the L.A. Kings two years ago in the first round of the playoffs, it seemed like the first of many bloody battles between the two teams.

The Canucks, to that point at least, were a year further along in their development and would outlast the Kings in a rollicking six-game series that was memorable for several reasons.

The two teams produced, sigh, 43 goals, including 10 power-play goals by the Kings. The Kings actually held a 2-1 series lead and 3-2 edge heading into the third period of Game 4 when the Sedins and Mikael Samuelsson turned things around.

The hockey was fast, wide-open and, get this, entertaining, and the lasting impression was of two teams trending in the same direction; two teams that had assembled a core group of emerging talent that would insure their future success and put them on a collision course for years to come.

“I thought they were going to be a big rival, for sure,” Henrik Sedin said in advance of Monday night’s game.

And, who knows, maybe they will still be the Canucks’ big rival. But first, they have to make the playoffs, which tells you a lot about what’s happened to the Kings over the last two seasons.

In addition to dropping a dreary 1-0 decision at The Rog, the Kings dropped to ninth place in the West with six games left on their schedule.

That loss, in fact, was a perfect microcosm of a season in which the Kings have fired their head coach; overpaid to land uninspired forward Jeff Carter; and generally under-achieved to an alarming degree (They are now 29th in goals scored, one spot behind Columbus).

True, they’d won six of their last seven before last night to at least stay in the playoff picture but that shine which seemed so bright two years has dulled considerably. And therein lies a cautionary tale for all NHL teams that aspire to greatness.

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