L.A. Kings Get Two With Three, Extinguish The Flames

It’s not every day you get to improve your own playoff fortune while you drive a stake in that of an adversary.

Tonight it happened. Two teams vying for position, three goals, two points, the L.A. Kings leap back into playoff contention while the Calgary Flames’ season is best summarized in the fat lady’s song.

Jonathan Quick got the shutout, his 9th. Formidable. He broke Rogie Vachon’s shutout record. How impressive is that?

Somehow though, I am not excited. Even though the Kings played a solid defensive game and generated enough offense to put the Flames away, I can’t get high about this win. Perhaps it’s because our playoff hopes are still, well, hopes. Once we get into the playoffs, I will be excited. Until then, I will wear my scowl.

Scribe’s three L.A. Kings stars were easy:

3. Willie Mitchell

2. Dustin Brown

1. Jonathan Quick.

Honorable mentions to Rob Scuderi, Drew Doughty & Justin Williams

Go Kings!

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46 replies

  1. solid game, still our powerplay needs work

    quackers get a nod from me if they keep their lead

    • The boys look too tense out there on the PP, I feel they try to complicate things instead of being simple

  2. Whoo! Whoo! yada yada……now onto Friday’s game versus the Oilers. Go KINGS!!

  3. Great game Kings, won against desperate team on their own ice.

    Kudos to the Ducks as well – Hiller played great and the refs gave the Ducks a goal that never crossed the line. Love to see San Jose cry.

    The road only gets harder from here…

  4. Big night, now on to Edmo. Voynov a huge bounce-back game, as was needed, but for a kid, wow. Quick, stellar. 20 men, 60 min., complete game except for a consistent power play, but signs of life there, even. We are simply stifling teams, the shots-against is getting really scary-good. Onward!

    • Something about this game bothered me. It was too easy. It was weird. I can’t figure out if we played well or if Calgary mailed it in. I just can’t bring myself to get up after it and I worry we will lay an egg in one of the next two games and it will cost us dearly. I haven’t enjoyed this game or the last one. Maybe it’s the lack of beer in my system for the past week.

      • We played well the first 8 minutes. Then we played solid, just like the Vancouver game, and Calgary didn’t present much of a challenge.

        I’m glad we won but I like you was not thrilled by this game in terms of excitement for our level of execution.

        • We were fortunate on a couple of Calgary misfires, but so were they. Brown’s slot opportunity where he missed the net, Voynov’s where he came down weak side on the PP and missed the net, we had some chances for open shots that never got thru. Calgary had more of those, but I thought that mostly we made them play a boring style of game by completely throttling their possession.
          I am very excited about the way they played: Voynov continues to be paired with Kopi’s line, Doughty with Carter and Richards. I like this change. Penner has been real good in his role, his creativity and quick stick employed in getting pucks out of our zone and keeping cycles alive in their zone. Carter and Richards, I think, are doing just fine, and so is King. They are a viable threat, they get chances, and whoever said Carter loafed on defense would probably love to have the Carter I have been watching on the backcheck. Those guys are junkyard dogs, and any improvement at all would make them more valuable. Quick is gonna give up a soft one now and then, but his miracle-to-softy ratio is probably better than most others, anyway. 23 of 77 games with one goal or less, I think it is, just fabulous.
          Maybe you are feeling the worry of having 3 sub-par opponents in a row? Like, afraid to dare thinking we are on good shape for fear of disappointment?

          • A) Playing good defense is simply what I expect. Calgary is not a great possession team so I take little stock in ruining their possession. I expect us to make possession tough for the other team. Its OUR possession I worry about. Our blind passes that don’t connect. Our inability to consistently keep up a sustained forecheck. Yes, our recovery of pucks once we lose them is good. It has been all season. But what we do with the puck once we have it was not up to snuff. We cashed in on chances last night, which is great, but I still do not feel we create enough of those chances.

            B) I have no fear of disappointment. I’m the endless optimistic. Realistically our defense is in good shape to contain any and all offenses. Realstically, our offense is not in great shape to penetrate others. Both are required, lest we rely COMPLETELY upon Quick to simply never give up one soft goal, or our defense to never make a mistake and the eventual lucky bounce on which to score. That is not what I want to rely upon. I want our defense to put us in position to win while our offense drives the point home. Last night the offense did not really drive the point home. Calgary was essentially worthless in all 3 zones.

            As for being happy with Richards and Carter… what is your level of expectation? If you are happy now then that expectation simply can not be commensurate with their history, their capability and their pay.

            With regards to Richards, Carter, Doughty and Kopi even, solid is not enough. Not fucking up is not enough. That’s what you expect from Lewis, Fraser, Clifford. From those guys you have to expect and outright demand breakthrough performance on a regular basis.

          • I liked, specifically, that the Kings continued to stifle the possession for Calgary and limited shots, even with Voynov out there with Kopi, the same way they had kept the shots and chances down for Boston, St. Louis and Vancouver.
            Being able to “expect good defense” is a luxury against those teams, and to carry it on with the Voynov change is a bonus.
            I may be making too much of it, but I think the Voynov thing is going to be good offensively: if Doughty can put up points with Richards and Carter, his new “linemates,” it will get those guys going. I agree they need to improve, but I don’t see them hurting the team defensively, and they occupy the other team’s checking focus enough to help the Kopi line even if they don’t actually produce. I do want more from them, but feel like they are on the right track and with help from Doughty I am optimistic for them. King, also, seems a good fit, so I guess I feel like the line is very close to coming alive and producing what we both want.
            I agree about our offense: not enough cashing and not ebough chances to do so, and the Power Play should have been Exhibit A of the killer instinct this team has not shown. We need that. Carter and Richards are the culprits, obviously, as Kopi and Williams and Brown are carrying this team lately. Regarding Doughty, I think he is still trying to find his game and at 7 mill that’s total bullshit. I want a lot more from Doughty both on D and O.
            Where you say the offense is not realistically in great shape to penetrate, etc., I agree there somewhat, too. At least we have the sequence of games right after Carter got here, where we were something like 3.5 goals a game and second in the league over that stretch, to keep hopes alive.
            Consistent, no, but recent excellent performance against good teams, yes. If you want to look big pictures, number one being getting in the playoffs, I feel real good. If you want to look at winning the first round, I think we need to win the division and play Chicago. Home ice would make that match fairly even. Then, If we win just one round, I think the team could easily come alive and play well against anybody.

          • This team has never shown me a huge propensity to gain advantage through home ice. Chicago’s experience come playoff time scares the shit out of me. Vancouver’s loss in the Cup finals tells me they will get past the first round at the least. I want St. Louis.

            Though I also want Doughty to skate. He isn’t still finding his game, he has just settled into being in position and not having to bust his ass up and down the ice. I ASSUME this is his lack of conditioning taking over. Perhaps its a survival mechanism as he knows if he hustles too often, he will run out of gas. Either way, its bad and it makes him a much less effective player.

            Maybe you think I’m being negative, but I (perhaps ignorantly) take making the playoffs for granted. I refuse to imagine the scenario where we miss them so I tend to speak as if we are guaranteed a spot in them. I merely want the team HOT when we get there.

      • What has me uneasy is that they were that sloppy with penalties when the Clg v Dal game that’s what let Calgary back in for the win. We were beast on the pk and had them shutdown overall pretty well, but I thought it was kind of irresponsible given the circumstances.

        Gonna have to agree w/ Surly here on the solid overall but they weren’t playing like they were during the win streak. Calgary phoned it in.

      • Was this Quickie’s easiest shut out of the season? Only 19 saves and most went wide or were deflected By the D. Gotta love Mitch and Lewis even Greene and Carter on the PK. Took away any momentum from there team had they scored to tie it. Quickie had great save in all three periods too.

        But I agree about the feeling you describe about the game. Where is Mike Richards? He fell down/slipped on his skates three times in a row in the first. I wanna see him score down knee again on the power play. Remember scoring on the power play?

        Love them Kings. All of them. Go Kings. Kick Alberta’s ass.

      • switch to Gin. Everything looks good.

  5. At this time of year, I will take any win no matter how they come. Overall, it was a strong team effort, with Quick being again super reliable in the net/

    However, for me, I would have wanted to see the killer instinct to bury the Flames, especially since the Kings have had prior prior games with just 2 goals. These guys got to get psyched up to be goal hungry, especially since it is playoff hunt time.

    Bottomline: They are still in the thick of it and their chances for a seed slightly increased to their advantage. They really obviously need both the Oiler and Wild games in their pocket and then take care of business at home to lock it all up.

  6. The only reason Quick got a shutout was because of the exceptional defense in front of him, Calgary couldn’t lift pucks over him, and/or they couldn’t shoot it past him. It was just all luck, he’s not a good goalie. He has no fundamentals. I mean, look at him moving around his crease so much! If he had fundamentals he would just stand there deep in his net and move his body an inch or two.

    • Your joking right?

    • Ha ha. Was that your evil impression of JT?

      • Yeah but I forgot to create a Poorman gimmick account first.

        • Poor JT. I hope he didn’t leave us again. I miss him already. I blame player-x and I know x blames himself.

          • Did I miss some kind of blowup? Haven’t been keeping up.

            I saw one of his gametime tweets about Quick and had to laugh and couldn’t pass up this trolling opportunity.

          • I rescind my snide comment.

          • I met a guy named Jack Shit once. You haven’t.

          • That was to Scribe about me feeling guilty, if J.T. has indeed left. I don’t feel guilty at all, because I simply objected to false accusations.

            Every time J.T. pissed someone off, he would claim that it was really me talking, using multiple log-in names. So, he invalidated the actual guy, and slammed me at the same time.

            In truth, he knows a shit-ton about hockey and the Kings. When he sticks to that, he is always speaking well-supported positions. Even though he is irrascible, at least he does know what he is talking about.

            Somewhere in the middle between the two extremes of J.T. lies they guy that can write and whose articles get good responses and promote interesting discussion. I would miss that guy.

    • Ew. Lemme guess, in your mind JS Giguere > Hasek > Tim Thomas.

      Just stand there. Booooooring. Talent > Technique.

    • Um – the shutout WAS gift wrapped. He played good, but there were only 19 shots sent his way, about 2 of which he actually had to make a good save on. I love how Kings fans brush aside the fact that we are one of the best defensive teams in the league. Quicks numbers reflect that.

  7. Not too excited by it either. Real worried about the globetrotters of Alberta (oliers). They are playing for fun now. I expect a passing clinic from them on fri.

  8. I will breathe easy when I see the x next to our name in the standings.

  9. Sounds to me lot of us are brain wasted from the usual Kings drama the team plays on us all the time.

    Sometimes I feel like a toy or a dog on a chain when the team plays these tight games.

    My brain health could really use a laugher at this time to let me recuperate.

    It beats me how often all season long these guys play tight and close games. That would drive me whacky.

  10. Wow. I think I need to be honest and take responsibility for the Kings losses to Boston and Vancouver. On the days of the six previous wins, I had worn either my purple polo (which I commissioned especially for work) or my purple warm-ups. However, on the days of those two games, my washing machine was broken and those items were in the laundry. Had they not been buried under some seriously odorous stuff belonging to my husband, I might have dug them out and worn them anyway. A quick spray of Febreze never hurt anyone. Alas, I relied only on my purple bra. After the first loss, I said, “Well, they won six in a row, and there was no way that was going to go on forever.” I am a Kings fan, after all. I couldn’t claim responsibility. Not yet, anyway. Then, after the loss to Vancouver, I had a terrible suspicion that there was a reason for their lackluster play (other than those spectacular bursts of energy during which Luongo appeared to be an octopus). Washer fixed, I wore my purple shirt yesterday, noting every time I looked in the mirror that if the Kings won, their losses may have been all my fault. I broke the cycle. And that, my friends, is what happened. I apologize, from the bottom of my heart. It will not happen again. And if the shop from which I obtain my work-approved shirts was able to stitch me a dozen more before the playoffs, I would totally go in there today and order them. Unfortunately, those bastards usually take two months to get the shirts to me. And I don’t think that would be very helpful. I just wanted to take responsibility. And say that I will not deviate from the wearing of the purple. No matter what.

    • Absolution for these transgressions will have to be left up to you, but I am not sure a mere confession will be enough. I am sure that on the day when you relied only upon your purple bra, that it was covered by other clothing. Purple needs to be outside, dear, or at least clearly visible thru sheer linen. Let’s hope that better planning, better decision-making where Febreze is concerned, and purple-bra recovery days (where no bra is worn at all) will see us all through. Perhaps, also, an in-game exchange of purple items might help, where you could swap items of clothing after a goal. We would need video documentation in order guage the effectiveness of all these tactics, by the way.

    • There is only one punishment for such transgression and it involves you, two other women whose identities will be revealed later and a video camera. Let me know when you are available.

      • The only video that is going to involve me and two other women would be a video of me dressing a couple of Barbies for my daughter. That’s about as risque as I get on video. I say it is better to leave things to your imagination than to leave evidence around and be immortalized on the internet.

  11. Ohhh, yaaa, mother Sutter’s, oh, ya!

    Me, personally, I’m ecstatic. We just shut out a team we have trouble beating, who happens to be fighting for the same little playoff spot as us with 6 games left in the season. What’s not to like about that?

    This isn’t a Beauty Pageant where nice curves, a pretty smile, along with grace and elegants win the day. This is hammer-time, when all wins look good. Matter of fact, the uglier the better…

    Radgrl, keep those clothes clean and wearable, please. :)

  12. Quick should win the Vezina. Period. I also think he should be a Hart nominee, especially if the Kings get in, which seems likely.

  13. I’ll be very happy to see LA make the playoffs, while San Jose misses for the 1st time in many years.

    To think the Kings could end San Jose’ season will be sheer pleasure after choking last season because the idiot behind the bench froze in game 3, and in my opinion killed any momentum the Kings could have had to put San Jose away.

    I would love the Kings to be a lock, and in charge of where they are seeded for the playoffs, while being the spoiler for San Jose making the post season during the last 2 games of the season for both teams.

    Sweet revenge if this happens on the last game of the season here at Staples. The prospects of seeing all those Sharks fans leaving with tears streaming down their NoCal faces, and being able to throw kisses at Joe Thornton and giving the finger right back to Martin Havnot gives me goose bumps.

    5 more games, and I pray the Kings can determine the fate of San Jose.

    Please, please clinch LA and please, please give the Kings the power to 86 the biggest over rated pre-season favorite, which has never made a cup final once and for all.

    The only team I would be a little concerned with in a 7 game series would be Detroit.

    If the Kings are healthy, they can pretty much beat all teams in the Western Conference.

    If they were to meet Nashville, I would hope Bernier gets game 1, just because he has for whatever reason been a Predator killer! Bernier has owned Nashville.

    St. Louis would be a good match up, but I still think the Kings can beat them in a series.

    Fuck Vancouver! I would love nothing more than to see Staples have a blackout instead of cheap towels, where they give everyone in attendance a black t-shirt to wear. If there are any fans wearing Shamu, Free Willy or that stupid green/blue stick logo, they get a lot of grief. If Kings fans ignore the blackout and wear some color other than black they also get serious pressure to conform.

    I hate seeing these playoff themes ignored by anyone other than the opposition. No excuses.

    5 more games. 5 more games. 5 more games. 5 more games. 5 more games!

    • “I would love nothing more than to see Staples have a blackout instead of cheap towels, where they give everyone in attendance a black t-shirt to wear…If Kings fans ignore the blackout and wear some color other than black they also get serious pressure to conform.”

      I suppose you’ll meet some resistance from the hoards of Kings fans who’ll be wearing purple and gold. If some dumbass Kings fan gives me grief for not wearing some cheap giveaway black t-shirt over my Dionne jersey…

      • Hoards?

        As for “Dumbass” that Dionne sweater you are referring to, isn’t Purple, it’s Forum Blue and Gold, so that kind of tells me where you stand in terms of the “Smart” Kings fan.

        I don’t get exactly what you are trying say in your reply, other than you just wanting to get a rise, out of me, or maybe you are trying to put me in the “Dumbass Kings Fan” category.

        You go right ahead and wear your “Purple” sweater, but FYI it’s not “Purple” its Forum Blue and Gold, but you knew this already.

        “Be a dumb-ass, experience dumb-ass consequences.” Cody Lundin

        • Yeah, dumbass, it is PURPLE. ROYAL PURPLE. No one has called it ‘Forum Blue’ since the early 80’s, and generally the only people that did that were Lakers Fans (and owner Cooke). But I suppose you knew THAT already too.

          Obviously you didn’t have any thoughtful response to the content of my comment (that getting angry at Kings fans for not wearing some cheap black give-away t-shirt over their PURPLE AND GOLD jersey at a home playoff games is ridiculous), so you decided to take the childish course which was to insult me and attempt to demonstrate how hardcore you are. Sounds like something you’d hear at 2am on a Saturday down in Laguna Beach.

          You’re obviously a douchebag Laker “fan” that goes around starting fights with real Kings fans, which is about the stupidest thing I can imagine. Obviously, you’re not really a fan at all, but just some asshole who puts wears our beloved jersey in a hopeless attempt to fit in, because otherwise no one would want anything to do with you. Why don’t you go back to your parent’s basement and continue jerking off to Beiber, you sad, sad loser.


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