It’s not every day you get to improve your own playoff fortune while you drive a stake in that of an adversary.

Tonight it happened. Two teams vying for position, three goals, two points, the L.A. Kings leap back into playoff contention while the Calgary Flames’ season is best summarized in the fat lady’s song.

Jonathan Quick got the shutout, his 9th. Formidable. He broke Rogie Vachon’s shutout record. How impressive is that?

Somehow though, I am not excited. Even though the Kings played a solid defensive game and generated enough offense to put the Flames away, I can’t get high about this win. Perhaps it’s because our playoff hopes are still, well, hopes. Once we get into the playoffs, I will be excited. Until then, I will wear my scowl.

Scribe’s three L.A. Kings stars were easy:

3. Willie Mitchell

2. Dustin Brown

1. Jonathan Quick.

Honorable mentions to Rob Scuderi, Drew Doughty & Justin Williams

Go Kings!