LA Kings @ Calgary Flames Open Forum: Need It Be Said?

Leaders must lead. It must not always be with words.

If Dustin Brown is the captain of this team, then his face must tell a tale that his shoulder knows well.

If Mike Richards is a born locker room leader, then his eyes must betray his heart, pulsing on his sleeve.

If this team is to make the playoffs, words will not suffice. Not mine. Not the players’. Not the coaches’. The word effort has fallen from my vocabulary. I know not the meaning of hard work.

The last two games have left me frustrated. A stallion without a mare. Solid defensive play coupled with little offensive protuberance will get you a pleasant chat at a bar. But we came to score. You don’t talk your way into a woman’s pants and you don’t chat your way into the playoffs. Generic platitudes are merely cause for generic results. Cute words receive friendly hugs.

Breakouts are key. Passing is primary. If the slot is not controlled in both ends, grasped firmly by the ponytail and reigned under control, then points are left between the sheets with naught but the sickly pheromones of the evolutionarily irrelevant to keep them company.

Take lady death by the eye and demand she succumb with a glare, a flex and thrust. Leave several shades of red on the ice tonight.


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  1. Flames SUCK!.

    It even made it to the dictionary for everybody to look up:


  2. As I used to say when my wife would page me while I was working, even after I told her it was for emergencies only: if there isn’t blood, there will be. Same with the game tonight; blood will be spilled, it’s just a matter of whose blood it will be. Our playoff blood, or there’s?

  3. Hammond is saying Richardson is a possiblity for tonights game…who comes out? My vote would be King. Nothing against King, but Carter and Richards need some quick speed along side them.

    • I think Carter and Richards need to be split up.

      Fraser should come out.

      • Don’t disagree at all because Richards has to start producing offensively if the Kings are going to have any chance of making the playoffs.

        The problem with having Fraser come out is it doesn’t solve the issue of scoring. I think the fourth line has been good, but the top 6 needs a shake up and I think Richardson can add some jump and light a fire under Richards and Carter offensive game by recovering pucks in the offensive zone.

        • I don’t think the 4th line is a problem either. I also don’t think swapping out Fraser for Richardson does much really, but I think King works well with Carter. I’d like to just see the top 2 centers swap for a game.

      • Agreed, i say we swap Carter and Williams so our lines would be:
        Brown Kopi Carter
        King Richards Williams
        Penner Stoll Lewis
        Clifford Fraser Nolan

        Richardson can stay a healthy scratch as far as I am concerned.

      • Wow, that’s adventurous Surly. So Carter would go to center? That would be classic Lombardi. The opposite of doughnut lines (w no centers). Lots of talent up the middle, and fair to middling on the wings.

        • Nope. Though Carter at center isn’t nuts… he’s played plenty of it and is just as good as Kopi on the draw.

          I’m talking about:


          • Could work. Just think King is too young and inexperienced to handle this playoff race intensity, and I might just be thinking and hoping for the Richardson we saw in the playoffs last year.

          • Yeah, saw the list above as I recall. You know what….. at the end of the day, Richards has gotta bring it and get off the duff and start scoring. There are only a few games left, and I’d suggest he not wait too terribly long at this point.

        • Sorreee, just saw the comment above, about swapping the top centers. OK, next time I’ll read All of the comments first.

  4. Fuck you Lombardi for trading for Carter!

    Richards wasn’t even halfway through the Kings Crew girls and the Laker Girls, Clipper Girls, and if Heidi Androl were still here that belt would still be missing the notch saved for her.

    Bring Carter over, and now you have both Maverick and Goose, and in a matter of a few weeks, every name on those lists have been crossed off.

    Even Arnold the dog has been banging all those exotic dog breeds in Manhattan Beach, and since this is Los Angeles Arnold has been a switch hitter also.

    Their swords have crossed paths once again, and now Adult Education are just a Hall and Oates cover errr ummmm tribute band.

    The bottom line here is the Kings need to win all 6 of their remaining games in regular time.

    Its now up to the players go sack up and sacrifice whatever is necessary to win these remaining games.

    There is no room for error. Take care of your business, and hope you get some help, but there is no tomorrow.

    If the Kings do not make the playoffs, I’ll gladly steal some poor homeless guys house ummm box so Lombardi can clean out his orfice and office.

    No more stupid “easy button” for Dumbardi.

    Kings lose, they get the consolation prize which the lovely Carol Merrill is about to reveal behind door number 3 a 1st round pick.

    TSA Mutherfuckers!

    • Modcoop, I’m glad you’re out there so someone can express any repressed anger that I have towards Lombardi. I really don’t care for this idea of building the West Coast Flyers at all. It Could win a cup….. but….. but, well, sorry I’m not absolutely on board w Deano’s way of going about things.

      And the pity for me is that I thought, in spite of his myopic vision, he was at least putting some real solid pieces in place before the Penner trade (nothing against Penner, just a time reference) and then next thing you know he hardly seems capable of a proper way of managing a situation be it Doughty’s contract or developing a top six winger or finding a sniper. Yes, clearly Carter has helped, but I still think he’s a natural center and I’m not all that convinced that he and Richards blend all that well together. I mean, it’s not as though Richards has been finding the back of the net since Carter came over.
      Two goals in thirty games isn’t……. well, it isn’t outstanding.

      • I get those Bleacher Reports everyday via e-mail. A lot of the time, the questions or opinions are just hypothetical, just to get people to respond.

        From what I understand many of these stories are usually written by journalism students, who might now have much knowledge of the NHL, if any of hockey at all.

        Sometimes they have some good stuff, like yesterday when they had posted the Top NHL Brawls before a game or after, but they didn’t stay within those perimeters so it had some really good old school brawals from 1980 to the recent Devils/Rangers lovefists.

        In this particular story, they are listing what they believe to be the worst 1st round draft picks since Pat Falloon by San Jose way back in their very 1st season.

        I think they are being nice to Lombardi because there are more than a few he can claim as his own, but ladies and gentlemen:

  5. I’m so fucking anxious for this game!!!! Let’s go Kings!

    Kings MUST score first! We all know what the Kings record is when they don’t score first and when they do.

  6. I love Willie Mitchell.

  7. Are these still Disc, Sport, and Spine power plays? Even though it’s a road game?

    I already miss Staples Center.


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