Jeff Carter wasn’t at today’s practice. Speculation ran wild on his potential injury from a “pulled groin” (suffered after Wednesday’s game) to the dreaded hangover. I guessed ankle only because he skated tentative most of Wednesday’s game and he suffered an ankle sprain as well as a broken foot last year. Turns out it is his ankle. There is no official diagnosis although, per Lisa Dillman, Dean Lombardi was quoted as saying “it happened late but he was able to finish the game.” That isn’t very helpful.

First, this sucks.

Second, this shit happens.

Carter’s injury is no small blow. He is a critical part of the offense and a big reason why we showed nearly every team we faced since the trade deadline our O-face.

I am angry not just at Carter but at Mike Richards. I expected Richards to take his game to another level when Carter arrived. Now I expect him to take it to that same level due to Carter’s absence except, this time, I have far less confidence that he will. I want to see Richards prove his naysayers wrong. His slump couldn’t have come at a worst time and there isn’t a better time for him to break out of it.

As for Carter, I am asking for 100 attractive female volunteers to immediately report to my place for instructions on how to nurse Jeff back to health.

Oh and Brad Richardson, come on down…