Jeff Carter Injured. Won’t Play Friday, Doubtful For Saturday

Jeff Carter wasn’t at today’s practice. Speculation ran wild on his potential injury from a “pulled groin” (suffered after Wednesday’s game) to the dreaded hangover. I guessed ankle only because he skated tentative most of Wednesday’s game and he suffered an ankle sprain as well as a broken foot last year. Turns out it is his ankle. There is no official diagnosis although, per Lisa Dillman, Dean Lombardi was quoted as saying “it happened late but he was able to finish the game.” That isn’t very helpful.

First, this sucks.

Second, this shit happens.

Carter’s injury is no small blow. He is a critical part of the offense and a big reason why we showed nearly every team we faced since the trade deadline our O-face.

I am angry not just at Carter but at Mike Richards. I expected Richards to take his game to another level when Carter arrived. Now I expect him to take it to that same level due to Carter’s absence except, this time, I have far less confidence that he will. I want to see Richards prove his naysayers wrong. His slump couldn’t have come at a worst time and there isn’t a better time for him to break out of it.

As for Carter, I am asking for 100 attractive female volunteers to immediately report to my place for instructions on how to nurse Jeff back to health.

Oh and Brad Richardson, come on down…

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  1. Kings get snake bit again. Of course out of all the players, it has to be the new life blood infusion to the team.
    It cannot be that bad since the guy played to the end of the game???

    In the old days, you doped them up, taped it up, and threw them out on the ice.

    I will never forget Sabre Barnaby many years ago had his face and mouth ripped open, with teeth all over the ice, and that dude came back to play and score some goals with his Frankenstein face out on the ice.

    On paper, still, the team can beat these 3 teams, Oilers, WIld and Shfarts.
    All I want is for these guys to live up to the prior stats they had in their careers and we are home free.

  2. We don’t need him. Just play a solid team game the next 5 and we’re in.

  3. Here is the LA Kings website news story out on this Carter injury.

    EDMONTON — Coming off perhaps their best overall game of the season, the Kings got bad news Thursday when they learned that winger Jeff Carter is unlikely to play Friday night.

    Carter suffered an ankle injury, according to general manager Dean Lombardi, at some point during the Kings’ victory over Calgary on Wednesday night. Carter did not practice Thursday, and the severity of his injury is still being determined, but Carter’s chances of playing Friday don’t look encouraging.

    “I’d say he’s probably unlikely,’’ Sutter said.

    Since arriving from Columbus in a Feb. 24 trade, Carter has six goals and three assists in 16 games. Moreover, though, he has provided balance to the Kings’ forwards and has helped make them a more threatening group overall on offense. Without Carter, Sutter did some shuffling in practice.

    Brad Richardson, who has been a healthy for nine consecutive games, skated on the first line with Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown. Mike Richards centered the second line, with Justin Williams on right wing and either Dwight King or Jordan Nolan on left wing. The third line of Dustin Penner, Jarret Stoll and Trevor Lewis stayed the same, while Colin Fraser centered Kyle Clifford and Kevin Westgarth on the fourth line.

    Sutter, though, would not commit to using those exact lines Friday against Edmonton.

    “I haven’t decided yet,’’ Sutter said after practice. “Lots of guys can play different positions. We’ll see what the Oilers are doing first.’’

    Regardless, it seems likely that Richardson will replace Carter in the lineup, which would represent a change in fortune for him. A lineup regular over the past two seasons with the Kings, Richardson has been a healthy scratch in 23 of 77 games this season. He has three goals and two assists in 54 games.

    “I hope Carts is fine. We need him in our lineup. But if I’m in, I’m ready to go,’’ Richardson said. “I think I’ve played with everyone in this room. So I’m excited. If I get to play with Kopi Brownie tomorrow, that would be awesome. I’m playing great. If that works out, then I’m excited to get back in there.’’

    Carter’s absence would also leave a large hole on the Kings’ power play, which has already been struggling. The Kings went 0-for-4 against Calgary and are 1-for-24 on the power play in their last seven games.

    “Power play has been awful,’’ Sutter said. “Even last night. You talk about a (good) 60-minute game. It wasn’t a 60-minute game. In the second period, we had two power plays that changed the momentum of the game. We had to play our fourth line, back-to-back shifts, after both power plays to get the momentum back.’’

  4. Richardson: This is scary. He is excited. He is thrilled to play with Kopi and Brownie. We don’t need excited players out on the ice. We need mental and physical toughness and actual production out on the ice, winning battles, digging out pucks and feeding to somebody who scores, etc, etc, etc.

    What Richardson should have said: ” I know I can make a difference. I will make a difference. I have been working on my game and shots and feel I can contribute and help win these remaining games. I am in the best shape of my life. I will do whatever it takes to get wins and get the Kings into the playoffs”……

    • Richardson should provide energy and speed so maybe it will be good for Kopi and Brown. The guy does not have a ton of scoring ability but did get a hat trick last yr against Colorado. I really hope he can contribute a goal or assist or two while he’s in there. Kings need to keep up with Edmonton’s speed as they have shown that they have tons as well as a good top 6 skilled forwards. Go Kings !!

  5. Richards will tell everyone after the season is over that he wasn’t 100% following his concussion and came back too soon – just sayin’

    • File this under “duh”

      Last year he did the same thing. Consistently returns to early and provides subpar performances because he didn’t allow himself to heal is not a good trait to have.

      • Surly…… just read your post after Matthew’s. Here’s something to consider (and I am being serious…. not tongue in cheek). Given the issues – of which there unquestionably had to be something, even if blown out of proportion, in Philly, that’s an indication of someone who isn’t taking care of himself.
        Party a bit is one thing. And let me state here that I could care absolutely LESS What the guys did in the late 60’s and 70’s. This is no longer the 60’s. So if he wasn’t looking after himself in terms of what he did after games (within reason) it’s really the same trait wrt the injuries. I didn’t know about the thing from last year that you mentioned.

        If even YOU guys get bored of hearing this then I’m in trouble…… but I still have very big issues wrt Lombardi. And I know that you and Scribe aren’t wearing your In Dean We Trust t-shirts, no matter how good the team looked last night.

        Man, you’ve gotta do your damned homework if you’re a GM, and personally I don’t think DL digs in quite as much as necessary. I know they talked about the many many hours they spend prepping the draft… but that’s not quite what I’m referring to. I know he works very hard, but it’s where the attention is focused.

    • I sure as hell hope you’re right Matthew….. because……. if that isn’t the case, I’ll tell you what; they could have kept Schenn or Lokti and eventually traded for Carter and had one of those guys centering for Carter.
      I’ve thought a lot about this. If, (and I’m saying only ‘if’…. not that it’s fact) Richards is on a downward curve then it’s not a good trade …… again for Deano.
      Two goals in over thirty games is unfathomable. This is a guy who was the heart and soul of the Flyers and now he can’t score…. never mind a few plays such as what happened in Detroit? We’ve gotta hope he comes back fresh and ready to go next year. Otherwise, it’s ……. a drag I guess.

    • Whatever Matt, you’re the one who jinx’d Carter ;)

  6. Whatever…he’s done with it. He’s told Richards to hurry up and end the season cuz he’s got some hotties lined up for they’re Bahama trip. Richards is on board cuz he ain’t doing Jack Shit.

    • wabawabawabawabawabawabawabawabawabawabawabawaba

      that’s so much more positive to write then to harp on something that’s already been done and can’t be rectified….. because the flyers have their two, and the kings have richards.

      • btw, I was referring to what I wrote….. not what you wrote. I’m just trying to get over the whole thing. If the Kings win a cup with Richards then it’ll have been worth it. Otherwise I’ll always have doubts about this trade.

      • Mike Richards “I’m only the heart and soul if I’m 1) wearing the C 2) everyone in town knows me. 3) everyone kisses my ass” Otherwise he’s just another Joe the plumber with his ass crack hanging out.


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