Light eyes, nice smile, little waist, both rack and pinion. She’s not out of your league. You just haven’t earned it. You down right fucked it up more than once with the jokes that sounded better in your head and the story about your ex girlfriend that came across as creepy. Never talk about your ex. Idiot.

A better haircut, the risk you took with frosted tips that actually turned out to be an improvement, three times a week at the gym and some added confidence, she seems interested. You had a nice moment about 8 days ago. She not only enjoyed your wit, but she bit her lip amid a smile and flicked her eyebrows up and down when you threw in an innuendo with near perfect timing. Boom! If you didn’t wait until the end of the night thinking about the next move, you could have been in there but the whole moment reached a climax without a climax before there could be a climax and, thereafter, a part of your wondered if you just peaked and would get there again.

Some hard work, good planning and a little luck got the two of you together. You got in the zone fast, God it feels good being in the zone, you could do no wrong and this time she all but opened the door and pulled you in. You couldn’t fuck this up if you tried. So what did you do? A kiss, a feel, a tug, she wasn’t ready to invite you into her secret garden, you still have to earn that shit, but you’re all but there so long as you stay away from bad jokes, conversations about your ex or a sudden breakout of mono. Rumor has it she’s got a friend. You want to get laid? Don’t fuck this up.

We’re first place in the division again.

Dont’ fuck this up.

Go Kings!