The Edmonton Oilers suck. Though winning should be relatively easy, this game must not be taken lightly.

Jeff Carter is out, his ankle propped up on the breasts of some bimbo, trickling blood to all the wrong places. While he rests, the Kings are afforded no such luxury. As far as I’m concerned, we are playing the 2002 Red Wings. That is the approach I want to Kings to take. The result should be decimation.

Brad Richardson will get a shot, his first since March 9th, but where he will skate is not yet known. Perhaps on the first line, as he skated yesterday with Brown and Kopitar. Rich Hammond thinks that’s a bit crazy, but then again he is a bit touched himself as thinks the Calgary game was perhaps the Kopi line’s best game of the season. We’ll forgive the short term memory and low expectations. The lines don’t really matter. What matters is that Kopitar and Brown don’t peel off to the boards when entering the zone. The Kings ability to break the puck out of their zone is what counts. Doughty hustling at all times is critical. Pertinence is defined by Mike Richard’s game, his grabbing of his lunch pale and wielding it like a mace. Smashed skulls and buried chances.

We contained Calgary on Wednesday. Containment is for the fearful. I have a different thought in mind for tonight.

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