LA Kings @ Edmonton Oilers Open Forum: Put Up No Shut Up

The Edmonton Oilers suck. Though winning should be relatively easy, this game must not be taken lightly.

Jeff Carter is out, his ankle propped up on the breasts of some bimbo, trickling blood to all the wrong places. While he rests, the Kings are afforded no such luxury. As far as I’m concerned, we are playing the 2002 Red Wings. That is the approach I want to Kings to take. The result should be decimation.

Brad Richardson will get a shot, his first since March 9th, but where he will skate is not yet known. Perhaps on the first line, as he skated yesterday with Brown and Kopitar. Rich Hammond thinks that’s a bit crazy, but then again he is a bit touched himself as thinks the Calgary game was perhaps the Kopi line’s best game of the season. We’ll forgive the short term memory and low expectations. The lines don’t really matter. What matters is that Kopitar and Brown don’t peel off to the boards when entering the zone. The Kings ability to break the puck out of their zone is what counts. Doughty hustling at all times is critical. Pertinence is defined by Mike Richard’s game, his grabbing of his lunch pale and wielding it like a mace. Smashed skulls and buried chances.

We contained Calgary on Wednesday. Containment is for the fearful. I have a different thought in mind for tonight.

This is your open forum.

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  1. Okay, I will get the ball rolling to get people here rivved up for some hard hitting action tonight:

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Okay, this video is directed to Penner. You are a few years older, wiser, and more skilled?

    You are going to your old stomping grounds. You were born in Manitoba, played in Saskatoon, wound up at the Univ of Maine, and then, got your breaks with the Dicks and
    sent to tar sands oil swamps of Edmonton. You are one of the chosen few that have a Stanley Cup Ring. You had a trophy wife???

    Now, it is really time that you kick ass, and show the oil swamp rat locals that you are a real producer, the real deal, no cheese cake, but, real beef eater and can drink everybody under the table.

    Show your grit and win the game tonight and redeem yourself, where you can come back to LA next Monday and be the toast (not pancake) of the town:

  3. I picked this one as one of my favorites by Quick, our MVP, Vezina All Star Goalie, that really deserves a chance to get into the playoffs and be given the chance of his life to prove he is truly the real deal.

    The whole LA Team owes it to Quick that he gets fame and fortune in the playoffs this year for us, and not some other team into the future.

    Quick, you did it once before to deny an Oiler rush, and you can do this again, even with your eyes close!


  4. Well, this is it…again. I hopeful Fraser will be looking for a little payback and hoping Nugent-Hopkins gets knocked back to Calgary.

    Somehow I think this one will be too easy, low hanging fruit, meaning the Kings have to lose and do it in the final back to backs. But the good news is these guys twice with the Wild in between.

    Hate seeing the Sharks lose lose to Phoenix last night. We can control our fate with the Sharks but we can’t touch Phoenix.

    • PS No wonder the sharks are on the edge. In 30 days they went from 5 games in hand to one more game played. That means having played six more games in that period then everyone else. That’s a grind

  5. Do it again—MEN! Victory time again….

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Cliffy, this one is for you, bud…

    Never back off on the Oilsuckers, as tonight you are our enforcer to protect the troops in battle….


  7. We have even more reason to win: smyth demanded a trade and penner and fraser got shipped out of there. That’s motivation rite there. Not to mention that tambellini screwed us over.

  8. Okay men, you better win tonight and get us into the playoffs, otherwise, the sunny fun life in LA may not be available that much longer to you that drop any ball:

    Richards and Carter, you are not allowed to look at this photo!

    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  9. Okay Cliffy, nice take down of that oiler rat, Ben Eager. You got a three slap hand count by the refs….

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. Kopi–nice job in turning Hall into a worm on the ice, crawling on this belly…

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. Stoll: Great job in the face off win against Sam Gagner and putting the body hard on him. Keep up the good work to win the game tonight!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  12. What makes this game “relatively easy” for the Kings? Nothing! The Oilers are 5-1-2 in their last eight, and have beat the Kings the last 2 meetings. They SHUT US OUT 3-0 on our Staples Ice most recently, and beat us in OT on their ice before that. Sure there is no Taylor Hall tonight, but you can bet this young fast team with nothing to lose will play guys trying to prove themselves for next year. I call this game far from easy. The boys better be ready.

  13. You guys were quoted on yahoo today, sweet haha

  14. Signs of the times around Edmonton this year….

  15. I fucking hate this powerplay. I want Jamie Kompon gone. This powerplay is going to be the end of the Kings. This might actually be a good team if it werent for Jamie fucking Kompon. Surly/Scribe, can you maybe start a petition? Maybe partner with some other Kings blogs to post it too. I want him gone. He sucks, he is ruining this team.

  16. This is a Dustin Brown I love.

  17. This game is fast and highly furious. At this pace it will be by 8:30.

  18. Brad Richardson is literally where scoring chances go to die. It’s unbelievable. I’ve been a fan of parts of his game but his shot or lack of a shot is really becoming all too obvious when he’s playing with guys like Mike Richards who are playing good games and creating chances for him that he absolutely wastes over and over and over. He’s shot like three of them from the slot into defenders legs so far.

  19. Richards, Clifford and King look hungry. Great forecheck.

  20. The power play… Seriously.

    • Amen to that. They got lucky getting one off Doughty’s shot because it deflected off someone, but they have no plan. The Edmonton Oilers, of all teams, the worst at stacking the blueline and cutting down your space, did just that to the Kings entry. Why? Because unlike normal, smart teams that skate up the ice in-sync, as a unit, and give the puck carrier options at the blueline, the Kings have one guy skating 1 against 4 while everyone else is either too far behind or ahead of the puck and out of position.

      Then once its in the zone, if it ever gets there, not only do the Kings not move as a unit, but even when they’re standing still, they’re not getting in easy passing areas. The Oilers, despite having one less player, just pressure the Kings player with the puck either 1-on-1 or 1-on-2, and the Kings player loses it because he has no one to pass it to quickly. You only have a split second, your teammates need to be open before that pressure comes, in time for you to get it to them. And they need to get you the puck when they pass it to you with enough time that if the opposition pressures you, you have time that if you bobble the puck for a second, you still have time to get it back and make a clean pass before getting closed on, or just in general, that you have enough time. There needs to be a plan proper spacing, and proper movement so that you have the PK on their heels, no opportunity to pressure you and take the puck away, as opposed to always being within striking distance of a penalty killer where they can take it away from you.

      The Kings are doing basically everything I just described the exact opposite of the right way. They are doing it wrong across the board. Even good power play players like Mike Richards who has a history of doing it right are having trouble in this set up because the plan from the coaches just sucks.

      I want Kompon gone. Before those two Sharks games, I want him. Please. A petition.

      • They were winning 4-1. Bob had thanked the statustision. Another power play no fucking goal. Isn’t it called a man advantage for a reason? That is the time to go balls out. Try something crazy, weird, tricky, stupid. Pretty much anything. There’s nothing to lose. J Quick already lost the shut out. Just put the puck in the net.

        I really can’t say what J stupid ass amie Kompon would pull out of his uninventive asshole but I am
        Positive that it will be more of the same. Something that doesn’t work.

  21. Quote of the night “Here’s a closeup of Jonathan Bernier’s knob” -Kevin Westgarth during intermission stick tape segment.


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