Kings Blow 3rd Period Lead, Lose In Shootout

I take little consolation in a consolation point.

All points are precious though and while 1 is better than none, the fact that we don’t have 2 when we went into the 3rd period with a lead chafes me. I don’t care that Bernier isn’t a very good shootout goalie. I don’t care that he couldn’t really do much about any of the three goals scored against him and otherwise played quite well. I suppose I care a little that the Kings were exhausted, the schedule criminally unfair on this back to back.

The Wild showed shades of the team that tore up the league in the first 15 games. They are enjoying that spoiler role. The Kings played well until being overwhelmed by the Wild’s speed in the third. I missed most of the second period. Fell asleep. Been tired all fucking day. I suppose I should care more that the Kings were exhausted. All I did was write and drive around a bit.

Dallas is losing, which is good, as we will maintain the Pacific Division lead if they fall to the Sharks. The bad news in that scenario is that it puts the Sharks one point behind us with one more win than we have. Depending on how the next week goes down, I’m not too sure if we can afford another loss.

This is as nervous as nervous gets boys and girls. But nervous also means excitement and in a sense, there isn’t much as thrilling that can happen in the regular season as what we are about to witness in the next three games. We aren’t en fuego, but we are warm enough to melt some ice.

Go Kings!

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  1. Fucking sucks. Mathematically looked like we could only lose 1 game from the wild game on. Now it’s lookin like we can’t lose any, if the 96 is correct. Could be that the other teams don’t win, so maybe it ends up being 95 or 94 to get in. I fear the next game (oil) and also think the sharks are gonna play their asses off last 2.

    • So will the Kings…and Dallas and Phoenix. Just pray the oilers suck on Monday like they did last night.

      • Annoyn=USHA#17…thanks!

      • I wish I could have faith in them playing hard but they have been so up and down this year I don’t yet trust them. Reminds me of that scene in Christine where he says after she’s been destroyed “show me” and the car rebuilds itself. That’s what I want to see from this team, the will.

  2. After having a few drinks to settle me down, I now prefer to put a positive spin on this. If I don’t, then, why bother to even watch any hockey and be a die hard fan. Nope, I will not give up over tonight or be bummed out now.

    There were undefeated tonight and have actually played their best hockey of the year. I did not at all detect any nervousness or rattle or shaking by the Kings, even when they went down early with that Minn goal. They remained poised. They looked more mellow and easy going probabley because they feel good about what they have accomplished in recent weeks and how they pulled out the two big wins in Alberta, with a close one in Riot City.

    I say they will come out cooking and firing on all cylinders come Monday, and moreover, they know that got to win that game and grab that Pacific title. I think they have the mental desire and focus to go for that Pacific Title, the closest they have been for so long now. They got to be hungry for that Pacific Title. Other teams have gotten the glory and foiled the Kings. Now, opportunities like this don’t come often, and so, they just got to be motivated to push their play to the outer limit and grab a win.

    I will have some more drinks tomorrow and Monday, just to make certain that something and somebody does not make me change my mind.

  3. Just remembered that Edmonton plays the Dicks tomorrow night so that the Oilsuckers will be maybe more vulnerable at Staples Monday to a strong King effort with a roaring home crowd. The Kings win on Monday could really put a near fatal blow to Dallas who is in trouble.

    (Dallas is 3 goals behind now in SJ in the 3rd period)

    If Dallas loses to the Shfarts on Tuesday night, then, Dallas could be saying bye-bye as they have to still play Nashville at Nashville and square off with the Blues at home to close the season. Dallas seems set to lose two now, and maybe they are choking and will lose Tuesday at home to the Shfarts. That all looks okay to me, if that is the way it washes out.

  4. Been tired fucking all day.

  5. To put a positive spin on it, if I had been told after the Canuck loss that the Kings would get 5 of 6 points the rest of the road trip, I would of been delighted. That said, this was one they could have won but I still think they can win the division. Hopefully, the Wild will do the same to the Pups next Saturday when the dogs are in St. Paul.

  6. I thought Doughty was pretty bad tonight. I don’t know why he feels like he has to force passes like was in the 3rd. He really handed the Wild back the momentum when they looked like they were about ready to mail in the rest of the game.
    Doughty has to learn the the smart, safe and sometime boring play is the smart play. Especially, when you are protecting a one goal lead in the 3rd.

    • Yeah I noticed he was forcing things and maybe he took risks to force the win. If a goal happened we would forget about it

      We are now in that great magnification syndrome where each play, rush, dump, shot, pass, gets hyper-analyzed to the maximum level since we want wins each game out.

      • I agree about Doughty… I was at the game and one thing that was pretty obvious is he couldn’t manage to stay on his feet. I’m not sure how much of that translated via television but it wasn’t pretty. I understand they were on the tail end of a horrid back to back but still. Oh, one thing I did notice is that during warm up, they really looked like they were having fun with each other.

        I was also really surprised by the fans. They really didn’t get into the game until there was 5 minutes left in the 3rd. In fact, I was louder than any of the fans in my section… I couldn’t believe it. For being “the state of hockey”, they sure didn’t cheer for their team.

  7. I love the stress of knowing that my team has to win three games in a row, one against a team we just humiliated, and two against another top team trying to do the same thing the Kings are trying for. Did I say love? I meant hate. I have a huge exam on Wednesday, I have bills to pay, running low on food, plus all of the normal day to day BS…yet for some wonderful reason, the only thing that is really bothering me are these next three games. Please Kings….win, just win.

  8. Giving up that 3rd period goal was painful but the squad has started to finally develop that confidence. It wasn’t like the team of old when the other team scores and their balls shrivel up and they crawl into a hole hoping to score. No they were going to score another one it’s just a matter of time.

    Stoked on seeing them play some really good transition, run and gun style pushing the Wild back on their asses. There were several chances where Brown or Kopi coulda shot and probably shoulda shot the puck but elected to hand it off to Richardson for the HT. Which ultimately failed but it’s like the cat fucking with the rat.

    Can the squad come out on fire against for the remaining 3? SJ is revenge from last season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kopitar’s eyes turn red and skin turns green for those two games.

    • My feeling is that the Kings will dominate the Oil on Monday get two PTS.Then it comes down to who wants it more between us and the Sharks. I believe in my gut it’s the Kings yr to take the Pacific.


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