I take little consolation in a consolation point.

All points are precious though and while 1 is better than none, the fact that we don’t have 2 when we went into the 3rd period with a lead chafes me. I don’t care that Bernier isn’t a very good shootout goalie. I don’t care that he couldn’t really do much about any of the three goals scored against him and otherwise played quite well. I suppose I care a little that the Kings were exhausted, the schedule criminally unfair on this back to back.

The Wild showed shades of the team that tore up the league in the first 15 games. They are enjoying that spoiler role. The Kings played well until being overwhelmed by the Wild’s speed in the third. I missed most of the second period. Fell asleep. Been tired all fucking day. I suppose I should care more that the Kings were exhausted. All I did was write and drive around a bit.

Dallas is losing, which is good, as we will maintain the Pacific Division lead if they fall to the Sharks. The bad news in that scenario is that it puts the Sharks one point behind us with one more win than we have. Depending on how the next week goes down, I’m not too sure if we can afford another loss.

This is as nervous as nervous gets boys and girls. But nervous also means excitement and in a sense, there isn’t much as thrilling that can happen in the regular season as what we are about to witness in the next three games. We aren’t en fuego, but we are warm enough to melt some ice.

Go Kings!