L.A. Kings vs. Minnesota Wild Open Forum: Tap It

A solid 60 minute effort last night.

A near 4am arrival in Minnesota this morning.

Different time zone in 24 hours.

An early 5pm start time…if you’re in the Pacific, which they are not.

My good friend Tyler, A Minnesota and Wisconsin bred boy, told me this last night. “Just once. Just this once against the Wild. Go Kings…”

Even he understands. The Wild’s season is over.

The Fat Lady Was Here

They play for pride.

If we need a script for how to beat a team that fancies itself a spoiler, see last night’s 4-1 victory against the Edmonton Oilers. Can we put two of those together in two days?

If we dig deep.

If we tap it.

We can.

Remember where we are.

It is there we must stay.

This is your open forum.

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15 replies

  1. How on Earth has the pile of shit Dallas team won 42 games!?

  2. We need a win! I’m pumped! I hope we get the W

  3. We want Anaheim and SJ to win also… Right? That is an awful thing to want.

    Go Kings Go!

  4. “the future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty”

    Strength of will is a weapon

  5. The Kings have the best chance for the Pacific. They ONLY need 4 wins to seal the deal. The players must know they are in control of that title.
    More importantly they want to enter round one with momentum.
    I know they can do it. This is the time for redemption for past losses earlier. This is the time to prove they are real contenders.
    Just play inspired hockey which they have done in this winning run.
    They know the formula on what is working. Just maintain all that confidence and hard work.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Looking for another win tonite boys! Let get this win and head home with 6 out of 8 points on the roadie first in the pacific and 3rd in conference Let’s Go Kings!

  6. Wild are 18-16-4 at home. the schedule makers weren’t kind tonight, but when are they to the ol’ Pacific? dig deep boys.

  7. “Brad Richardson is literally where scoring chances go to die. It’s unbelievable. I’ve been a fan of parts of his game but his shot or lack of a shot is really becoming all too obvious when he’s playing with guys like Mike Richards who are playing good games and creating chances for him that he absolutely wastes over and over and over. He’s shot like three of them from the slot into defenders legs so far.” -3teamfan (last night in the Oilers gameday thread)

    Man, figures Richardson would go off and score some goals in spite of us. I agreed with you fully on this post, but lookie who took it personal…Richardson. Good for him ;)

  8. I hate these stupid shootouts.

  9. Lucky 3rd goal by Minnesota…and lucky 2nd goal for that matter…
    Kings played better in my opinion.

    Bernier is a failure pile in the shootouts.

    At least it’s a point.

    Must win against Edmonton on Monday before the closers against SJ.

  10. Bernier may be an outstanding positional goalie but he looks like LaBarbra during shootouts. Plus, the penalty shot had him totally beat but he was saved by the iron. Why does it look like other team’s players practice clever moves that you might only use in a shootout and our guys look like they were picked out of the stands as part of a marketing promotion? Fuck, losing the extra point to a non playoff team blows.

  11. Oh, Kings, why so many shots over and to the side of the net tonight! Start playing darts and bows and arrows to help with your target.

    Refs blew the Minn 2nd goal as that was clearly goalie interference on Bernier and play should be dead.

    Kings did not bury Minn when they had time and opportunities. That killer instinct was missing.

    OT 4 on 3 PP, that was the golden chance to get that win.

    The Kings did play so much better overall than Minn, but those two goals Minn got were flukes.

    That one point is like nothing because we have to wait to the last game of the year to learn if that one point saved the Kings butts for this year.

    Lastly—what if Carter was playing in this game, would we have won???


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