What the fuck, right? That familiar old term of contention, deal in principle, applies to this situation, but only in so far as the papers haven’t been processed.

We heard about this last night but hesitated in posting it out of a) disbelief and b) disgust. Ultimately that disgust churned itself into ire and as we are no stranger to lashing out against Lombardi’s idiotic moves, we felt it necessary to share. Partly out of a petty sense of commiseration.

I’m not totally sure what Penner will be paid each year, or exactly what his cap hit will be. What we were told was “the deal is for two years and about $7 million”. Aaaaah. Okay fine, Penner hasn’t been utter shit since being out on a line with Stoll and Lewis. Good enough to where I had warmed to the idea of him returning next season but in my head that was always for a big pay cut, as in, at the MOST half of his current $4.25 per year. If Lombardi has to overpay for what truly is one of the season’s biggest league-wide disappointments, then the man is more incompetent when it comes to contract negotiations than I thought, which is saying something. It’s like finding out that a deaf person can’t even read. Or that the really ugly chick at work with the great tits is just stuffing her bra.

Color me exasperated.

Update: It’s official. Fuck. Here is the link.