The 2nd Surly & Scribe Show Is Here. Enjoy.

The 2nd Surly & Scribe Show is complete. Here is the link.

Surly & Scribe Podcast 04-01-12

A few notes:

I was drinking during the podcast. I will do that more.

I inadvertently and once used Quick’s name when I meant Bernier. You will know when.

Jacob doesn’t hear dead people but he does hear other things in the background that nobody else hears.

This is for adult ears only.


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  1. Your lead-in is still too loud compared to your recorded voices. It needs to fade down to about 50% original volume by the time you start talking. Also, Surly needs a better mic or to not be down-sampled so much by Skype or whatever it is and you should try to equalize the volume between all of you.

    • Surly can’t sit still. He is too wired in general. If he could sit behind a computer, this issue would not exist. Except for technical issues, did you enjoy it? I will work on the lead in.

  2. Yes, I enjoyed it. I appreciate you drawing attention to the goalie problems and Bernier’s actual potential. I wholly believe Bernier could be an improvement for between a third and half the teams in the league for a starting goalie. I also think we should be playing him more to raise his stock as trade value. One of the lil’ guys in the pipelines has flat out got to turn out as a good backup goalie. An improved Bernier for trade would be a fantastic way to make up for all the fucking picks we’ve given up.

    Also, Richards and Richardson: Richie & Scratchy!

  3. Here is a bit of amusement. Wayne Simmonds scores…he deflected Brydon Schenn’s shot…with his face.

    • Yeah, I’d seen it yesterday. The impressive thing was how Simmer always camps out there in front and that he took one off of the head…. for the team. He’s fearless, he’s a student (!!)…. talked in an interview about he studies Jagr and Hartnell to learn, and just damned good. His ex-roomie would do well to have the same attitude to see what he might be able to learn from his peers.s

      I hope the trade looks better next year because while I do appreciate Mike Richards, his goal count as of recent is disappointing.

      • and if I could do it over, yes I’d take both of them back (and keep the Carter trade as is). Schenn w Carter on the wing would sound nice.

  4. Zimmerman!

  5. The boozing must continue as the commentary gets more passionate.

  6. The reason Carter is so crucial to the team is it takes pressure off the top line. The opposition can focus on Kopi’s line and if they are off the score sheet, no problem. With adding Carter, the second line has to be matched up against. This gives the first line better shifts.

    Also, the system (TM’s) has caused us to loose many 20+ scorers. What was said in the podcast was so true. Philly dangles and THEN crashes the net. Crashing the net was our go-to under Murray. Shoot from anywhere and crash. It was somewhat successful when you had Smythe and Handzus in front of the net, with Clifford and Simmonds adding to it.

    You take those guys away and we can’t play that way.

    I think the trade for Richards and Carter will have it’s real value seen next year, under anyone but TM for a whole season, with a new system. THen we’ll know if we got hosed or not.

    • Just saw your comments here having already posted above. Made reference to the same…. essentially hope the team didn’t get hosed, because Simmonds is starting to look like what some said years ago…. that he’d be a consistent thirty goal threat. Well, it’s happening and I don’t suppose he’ll regress from there. And I think Schenn will be a good one too. When I saw him cross check Crosby today I thought….. yep, he doesn’t back down from anyone.

  7. Enjoyed the cast and you all give out great info and perspective, all of which is really on target.

    Personally, I don’t like to cry over spilled milk on the Simmonds and Schenn trade. You know, so many Kings departed over the years and wound up doing fantastic elsewhere, even before Lombardi and Murray. So, I stopped crying because my tear glands are really drained.

    Something tells me you all really admire those party animals including the cash burn they are going through. Richards and Carter could star in a sequel on the Vegas “The Hangover” That would get rave reviews and get them a lot more Hollywood gigs in the future.

    I vote for the Kings playing Blues, yet, I would also want to see the Pacific Division banner hanging as some recompense for the thousands and thousands of dollar I have spent for King tickets.

  8. You guys need help with your audio. I can do that, and for the sake of our beloved subject, for free. As you don’t know I’m a musician, hockey fan, born and raised in Quebec City, but music brought me to LA and I’ve been working in the suites at Staples for the last few years to help pad the bills. Ain’t no more Nordiques, so since I’ve become an avid Kings fan. And your audio sucks. Let me help.

  9. The absence of tits and ass is still a major obstacle.

    What you need is wimmin — if not the real thing, then a recorded voice you can break out at opportune moments: Ecstatic moans following a win, dominatrix-bitch abuse after a loss.

    I believe you should always maintain a high standard of culture and refinement. I’m funny that way.


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