Well my friends, it’s been a fun ride, this regular season. There are only two times where we will attend Staples Center this year and still possibly leave with our larynx intact. After this Thursday, the next time we visit Staples it will be not with our game faces, but with our murder faces. Did you know that if you google “game face” this pops up on the first page? You know why? Because women kissing is appropriate everywhere. Except of course for the Sedin twins, those women kissing belongs nowhere.

Tonight we face the Edmonton Oilers again. Three days ago we took their role of spoiler, applied it to a carton of milk and poured it down their miserable windpipes. Perhaps they will be angry tonight. It is unlikely that will help Khabibulin be 10 years younger or their defense be capable of closing a gap. As is often the case, the fate of this one lies predominantly in the team’s ability to not fall prey to the kind of mental lapses that cost them the last game against the Wild.

It looks like Davis Drewiske might get some action tonight. No idea if that means he takes Richardson’s spot or if he replaces a defenseman. Could be someone else coming out, Richardson did score two goals last game. Jonathan Quick will be in net but the best news of the day is about someone not playing. Jeff Carter’s medical tests revealed nothing but a bruise. A deep bruise, but no fractures, tears, breaks or goblins, so he could be back before the playoffs.

With the Kings needing at least 4 out of the last possible 6 points to challenge for the division title and the final two games against a San Jose team that is paddling frantically in uncharted waters, this game nigh on qualifies for every category of must win. They must win if they are going to go into the final two against San Jose with the largest of margins for error. They must win if they want to put pressure on the Dallas Stars. They must win if they want us to post more pictures of women kissing.

Dumbass. I said they had to win first.