Kings Shutout Oilers: Just Enjoy

No post game.

We are one step closer to the playoffs. One step closer to the division title. One step closer to having as good of a chance as anyone to win a cup.

Just enjoy.

And get ready for San Jose.

Fuck San Jose.

Go Kings.

Oh, and as promised…




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  1. GO KINGS GO! Staples center was loud on the TV! 2 more games to go!

  2. Good game.. Great enjoy seeing the team play like a TEAM! Love seeing the confidence to play to their capabilities…Sutter has been very good for this group. You watch the fast skating, the clean passes, the set plays excuted with joy. Our Boys are happy…finally.
    SJ..bring them on..we are ready..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. there is no situation where the kings win one more game and they miss the playoffs. But it isn’t two points, it is one win. They need the Sharks to win their game against Dallas so San Jose won’t need points against the Kings as much.

  4. God I love this site.

    The lip bitting is incredible. Dammit

    Good win tonight, real character win. Never took the foot off the gas.

  5. Those oil suckers were really trying to be big spoilers playing way over their caliber. What jerks they were in like desperation hockey as if this was the most important game of the year for them.
    That way it made this win even the more enjoyable.
    Nobody can say the Kings backed into this win.
    I got a laugh out of Nolan’s fight. It looked like he was being pummeled and when it was all over with he was smiling, no worse the harm, pumped up. I was very glad he could show us his intensity to scrap.
    The Kings can use this recovery time and get some fresh air and sun.
    Sutter don’t you dare change anything in any practice or mess with their up tiempo game.
    Jamie K take your 2 week vacation now.

  6. sweet photos!!!!


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