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It’s early in the game, but I am curious to take your temperature on our podcasts. I’ve enjoyed doing them, and I know Bobby has to, but I’m not really sure if you’ve enjoyed listening. Bobby thinks its great, but Bobby thinks everything Bobby does is great. I think it’s amusing to, but I also despise listening to my own voice. I’m such a nasally Jew fuck.

So take a second to click an option and if you are feeling feisty, by all means offer up some suggestions. What do you want to hear more of, what bored you, what didn’t you hear that you wanted to?

A note: we know the audio quality sucks. We’ll figure it out. Try and judge assuming that the audio problems get fixed. However if the audio is so bad for you that you just can’t look past it, I suppose that’s valid in a snooty sort of way.

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  1. I voted need to hear more….. as…. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to hear even one of the podcasts yet. And just to raise Surl’s and Scribe’s ire even more, I’ll proudly (?) report that Simmer only needs two goals to get to 30. Thirty!! Five beyond that and he could catch up with Moulson who got his 35th tonight.

    I really like Sutter but it’ll really take something to get me changing my mind about our beloved GM. Hesus Kreest. Well, probably better to trade away a great dman and a first round pick to get a 30 goal scorer rather than just develop a Moulson.

    Bobby, don’t ask me when I’m gonna drop that, because I don’t really know.
    Anyway, you guys are ‘it’!

    • Which center has Simmons been playing with the most this year? That always has a lot to do with it. Like Moulson playing with Tavares is a big part of it. In Vancouver seems like they can put anybody up with sedin and that guy starts scoring.

  2. Love them. It’s the first and only (talk, not music) podcast I listen to. Other than the technical problems, such as audio, I have no complaints. So far the content is pretty damn entertaining.

    Also my first comment on here. I’ve never really felt the need to comment until now, but I love your site and want to support this podcast so it grows into something we all can look forward to every week.

    • P.S. I hate wordpress, changed my name to something else when it forced me to login. The comment above is me, I’ll be commenting with svrej when I do.

      • Thank you. Very kind words. I promise we will continue to improve on them. Otherwise, there would be no point in doing them.

        • I love what you talk about but maybe just have a few stats nearby or the standings up so you don’t talk speculatively about points or stats. Pretty much just be accurate for the sake of accuracy.
          I am so happy I found your blog so other than that and the audio I say keep up the good work.

  3. I enjoy them; I wish you could get some more expert analysis rolling. I like the fact that you tried to run with stats the last time, but it kills the pacing when you hear a guy scrambling for them; either write all the pertinent information down first or have multiple tabs open in a browser or something.

    If you could get an opposing viewpoint in the S&S that would be entertaining as well (either very good conversations or just hearing you beat up on them :D ). If you don’t it will become more of a masturbatory exercise; and I feel that you can do more with this?

    Overall though, I like it! Keep it up; I hope you guys can figure something out to tide us over the summer after playoffs. The podcast I think should have a regular schedule: once a week during regular season, twice a week during playoffs, and maybe twice a month during off-season.

    Just my opinion though.

    • Good points. The stats suggestion is a must but would be tough to do if there’s no agenda and they’re just going with the flow. For example, having a bunch of stats open for the Kings is one thing, but checking stats for the other Vezina contenders when it wasn’t on the plan is tough. Obviously topics come up that you don’t plan for, but I guess a suggestion would be to have a list of things to talk about and bring up all stats pertaining to the topics you’re going to discuss. That being said, keep the overall flow the same and don’t sound like a robot following some agenda, but I don’t think that will be a problem with you guys.

      Do the scheduled podcasts suggestion too, minus the twice a week during playoffs. I say only do twice a week if we’re actually in the playoffs.

  4. i think you guys should have a moderator for all future shows. I like the dynamic of you two with a moderator.

  5. Have loved them so far (all two of them), although I agree with comments to have stats you’re going to discuss ready to go. The audio doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother others since you guys mentioned you don’t live near each other, as long as I can hear what’s being said I don’t mind if it sounds like one of you is calling in. Definitely keep going with this. PS: Dream guest: Dean Lombardi :)

  6. Love them, keep up the good work. I think something you guys could do to make it fun is invite some of your regular posters on the show. Maybe we could all understand player-x better if he was able to explain his math vocally, rather than type (j/k player-x, I like your columns too…keep up the good work). Maybe a verbal battle between Dutch and Surly would be more entertaining than reading it. It could give other posters some incentive to post more, and/or better. Think it over, it could be fun.

  7. So far they are great. I cannot let my kids listen, as the shows are “XXX” rated. So I have to sanitize the info and regurgitate it to my kids.
    What I hope you can do is dig out the secrets and inside story on what is going on in the clubhouse, front office, and at the parties and stuff the players engage in. I love the gossip and stuff I cannot get with the fish wraps and other websites.
    To me, we fans are operating with maybe 50% of the actual facts on what is going on with the team. You guys seem to have like 75% (maybe more for all I know) of the actual facts and story that is hidden or buried by the organization and the players. So, the more you guys can get snitches and people inside the organization to feed you stuff, the more I like it. I don’t care where you get the inside stuff, even if you have to go to bed with some of the player girlfriends or make some bribes.
    I want to know when Richards and Carter got smashed and parties and hopped in the sack. I want to know that family man Brown had some fun at home playing video games with the kids and the clean squeaky stuff he does. I would like to know what books Quick reads on sports psychology or whatever. Basically, I want to know what makes these players tick.
    So, that is my hope, that is on top of all of your opinions and expertise that you have developed being fanatic fans, you can up ante and expose all the juicy stuff we fans crave to know.
    Besides all of that, be funny and entertaining and make us laugh, like Comedy Central or the Improv. Any guests you can round up too would be a plus.
    Someday maybe you can advance to You Tube video, etc.
    Thanks for all.


  9. I’ve begged for tits and ass, guys. BEGGED for it!

    I like hockey yak as much as the next guy . . . and dirty words MORE than the next guy . . . but tits and ass cover a lotta flaws. The show could only improve if you brought them aboard.

  10. I voted “Need to Hear More,” and you can rest assured that I will definitely be listening again. “HockeyCentral at Noon” on Rogers Sportsnet remains my favorite daily hockey show to listen to, and I can’t forsee anything else replacing that. Nick Kypreos is fucking great on that show.
    That being said, I think the “S&S Podcast” is already 1,000,000x better than what was being made at “Life in Hockeywood.” You guys have the potential to make the best Kings podcast out there. So, please keep at it. I’ll be listening.

  11. I have listened to both. I liked the inclusion of a moderator, but I agree with the stats ready and available comment. It does sound a bit like there is no script or format, but one thing that I’ve learned is that even when a show doesn’t sound scripted or is a talk show or is a reality show, it all has a script. Maybe highlight the topics that you want to hit before going live or recorded.

    I have to say, this site is still my favorite Kings site to come to. Could you imagine if the Kings had hired the two of you as official bloggers versus Hammond? I’d look forward to the intermission reports with the “Insiders” if you both were on there! Hilariousity would ensue. The three of you, Surly, Scribe, and Foxy. I would enjoy that. In fact, the Kings should take some of the more popular bloggers and have them on during the intermission throughout the season to discuss the topics rather than Hammond. It would be interesting because all Hammond does during the intermission is try to get more people to his site while he reads the same information to the cameras that you can find on his website. It makes Hammond’s “Insider” bit during the intermission pretty boring.

  12. I’ve loved the podcasts so far, and I hope you keep doing them. I listen to a few other Kings/hockey podcasts on a regular basis (All the Kings Men, Mayors Manor, and Marek vs Wyshynski) all of which I enjoy. However, I love the crassness and opinion-driven nature of your show and articles. Keep it up.

  13. Trying to go to the game tomorrow when I’m in town. Wheelchair accessible seats say they’re ONLY for disabled folk, but what happens when you buy them at resale? They aren’t listed on the 3rd party site as such, so can I get away with it or do I need to hobble my girlfriend?

  14. I love it!
    Its nice to actually hear someone besides my wife discuss the kings since we live in Iowa.

  15. love it. so entertaining. It would be sick if we could download them to listen on the go


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