If every fan in attendance at a Kings game was as loud as Surly, the Los Angeles hockey fan base would be worshipped as the most insane in the NHL. I don’t expect that. That is a level I don’t even reach on an every game basis but it’s harder for me to turn my brain off because my view of the game is more analytical while Jacob is a loud, emo beast. What I do however expect is for every fan in attendance to join into the “Go Kings Go!” and related chants and be loud. When the tune for the San Jose Sharks or any other team SUCKS comes on, SCREAM IT! What do you think is going to happen if you do? Someone will think you’re crazy? YOU ARE CRAZY! You’re a fanatic by nature.

This site has thousands upon thousands of readers. We are on pace to trump 1 million visitors per year without breaking a sweat. I don’t know how many of you kids are season ticket holders or regularly attend games, but if you are or do, and especially from Thursday and  going forward into the playoffs, you better leave Staples Center exhausted and with your voice hoarse and struggling to speak the next day. It’s half the fun of being a fan.

It’s like 110 on a Ducati 1199 when 100 was scary enough, lining up the tequila shots and racing to the finish, punching a Ducks fan two more times after you’ve knocked him down and while he’s down, showing your favorite girl your O face during the zenith, it’s more than living for the moment, it’s putting in your all, going beyond standard operating procedure, reaching beyond limits and making a fucking impression. Be the L.A. Kings 7th man. Over 18,000 of us with that attitude and follow through can lift the team no matter the score and time on the clock.

Do it.