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If every fan in attendance at a Kings game was as loud as Surly, the Los Angeles hockey fan base would be worshipped as the most insane in the NHL. I don’t expect that. That is a level I don’t even reach on an every game basis but it’s harder for me to turn my brain off because my view of the game is more analytical while Jacob is a loud, emo beast. What I do however expect is for every fan in attendance to join into the “Go Kings Go!” and related chants and be loud. When the tune for the San Jose Sharks or any other team SUCKS comes on, SCREAM IT! What do you think is going to happen if you do? Someone will think you’re crazy? YOU ARE CRAZY! You’re a fanatic by nature.

This site has thousands upon thousands of readers. We are on pace to trump 1 million visitors per year without breaking a sweat. I don’t know how many of you kids are season ticket holders or regularly attend games, but if you are or do, and especially from Thursday and  going forward into the playoffs, you better leave Staples Center exhausted and with your voice hoarse and struggling to speak the next day. It’s half the fun of being a fan.

It’s like 110 on a Ducati 1199 when 100 was scary enough, lining up the tequila shots and racing to the finish, punching a Ducks fan two more times after you’ve knocked him down and while he’s down, showing your favorite girl your O face during the zenith, it’s more than living for the moment, it’s putting in your all, going beyond standard operating procedure, reaching beyond limits and making a fucking impression. Be the L.A. Kings 7th man. Over 18,000 of us with that attitude and follow through can lift the team no matter the score and time on the clock.

Do it.


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  1. I’m excited to report I’ll be in town and landed tickets up in section 319. I’ll be sure to crank my usual stoically constrained excitement level of a 3 up to a good 5 or 6.

  2. I’ll be screaming not only at the TV from my dorm room in Redlands, but also at my father who promised tickets. You think I give a shit how expensive they are last minute????

  3. Fuck yeah. I may not be able to get to the game, but I got the jersey ready, a bottle of bushmills, and I’ll be loud as anyone when I watch on my laptop. Give those pussy ass guppies the welcome they deserve and more… make me proud KingsNation! GKG!

  4. I have season tickets in section 315. 2 rows behind surly, I always join in on his “san Jose sucks, anaheim sucks..etc” chants. Other than that I’m usually focused on the game and enjoy watching the plays develop, but tomorrow I plan on losing my voice.

  5. last few home games i went to were in 313, got seats from another season holder. damn if my buddies and i didnt sit there that section woulda been dead quiet and riddled with opposing team fans. the chicago game the section was pretty quiet, i got hushed for starting GKG because there was a kid sleeping 3 seats down. WTF

    i nabbed tix at $40 a piece this time and ill be in 331. gonna make it loud

    • Being a Mom I can say this..if tiu bring children to have to go with the telling fans to be quiet ..that is IDIOTIC!
      Bring it Loud..Represent!
      Doing our part tonight in fellow seatholders be ready!!!
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Loud n proud!!!

  7. a lot of the “fans” down in the lower bowl are too afraid to make asses of themselves. When I was at the playoffs against the casucks people were lookin back at me like i was crazy because i was drunk and screaming. its a fucking hockey game, and the playoffs on top of it. we are absolutely the 7th man. But most of the people in that section were the typical botoxed assholes you see at LA sporting events in the expensive seats, sitting quiet and still. The real Kings fans are up in the 300’s. I love goin up there to smoke because the people up there are savages, its fucking awesome. I was at the blues game a few weeks back (bought matt barry’s seats) and a group of guys said “hey blues fan,,, you suck” to anybody who walked by with a blues jersey on. that was hilarious. Thats what we need, mob mentality.

  8. I will Do It!!! I will leave without a voice or a very sore one..
    I will Scream Loud and Scream Proud for The Boys..
    Do not know if I will score Playoff Tickets … may be the last game but I do not Care
    As long as the Kings Advance I will be Happy.. Estatic.. Satisfied..
    King Win .. better then Sex
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  9. is surly the long-haired guy in section 315 whose voice gets so loud it cracks?

    • Damn skippy. It cracks more since I quit smoking, which is an unfortunate side effect. But fuck, the point is volume, not how ‘manly’ I sound. A lesson I would love to teach to the guy who sits behind Bobby and yells in the lowest voice possible, which makes him sound like he screaming through a giant muff of gnarled fur on a bear’s balls.

      • Hey! Don’t disparage “moose”. Love that guy.

        • Whose disparaging? I make no value judgment on his being terrified of sounding girly. I don’t see him as less of a person for modulating his voice to sound like he’s yelling through a tube of wrapping paper. I don’t mind if he swallows one or thirty hair balls before each game.

          I simply wish he would open up, let it all hang out. He’s clearly got a loud voice, but he’s missing out on a decibels by going with “gruff and manly” instead of “psychotic and unapologetic”.

          • He is doing no such thing. That is his natural voice. He was born and raised in the woods like a good Moose should. Stop projecting.

          • If he talks like that normally, I’ll be impressed and rescind my snideness.

            He better also look like a mountain man, carry a buck knife at all times (preferably in a hidden compartment located in the seam of his suspenders) and have at minimum two species of dead animal in his beard.

  10. Scream and yell carefully because it is possible to tear or rupture the larynx/vocal chords, such what happened to Grammy Award winner Adelle who had surgery. She was out of action for like 2 months.

    We fans cannot afford for you all to be mute for 2 months. We need you to be podcasting, right!
    I do want however for the Shfarts to be rattled and disturbed by the fans where they choke and
    fumble and bumble around tomorrow with a lopsided loss.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. Hell yea, I’m going to the last game up here in san jose. Guna rep my kings. Fuck the shark tank!

  12. Hey, Bobby, do you remember goading Bill Ranford even when he was a scratch that night? Poor dude is on the bench, a healthy scratch that night, and all you could hear that night was R-A-N-F-O-R-D……for all three periods. Thats we need again. The entire crowd, focused on harrassing Niemmi or Thorton,etc. Even when that cockroach ain’t playin and is between shifts or go after the back up goalie. I feell Thorton is especially soft and vulnerable. Was wondering if you remember the Forum crowd going after Ranford when he was a healthy scratch. I just want the crowd to show just how much hockey= life. GKG

  13. My section is always really loud and we all scream and argue back and forth with opposing team’s fans. Hubby and I usually can’t talk the next day. With that said, I’m going to bring it even louder tonight! I know we are going to be inundated with Shark jerserys around us and you better bet we will be waaaaaaay louder than them!

  14. Unfortunately, living down here in San Diego prevents me from easily attending all the games I would like to go to. But I will be offering up my support tonight by watching the game at my favorite fish taco joint down here in SD and ordering up plate after plate of shark taco.

    And for anyone that would like to play the home version of this game:


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