Next Surly & Scribe Show Is Saturday Night – Got Questions?

Surly, Timmy Love (our new volunteer moderator) & I will have our next show right after the San Jose game on Saturday night.

Is there anything specific you want us to cover, talk about or any questions for Surly and I you want answered during the podcast? They can be hockey systems or game related, Kings or league related, about the season, playoffs or about the site. Anything. You let us know. Post them in the comment section. Go Kings!

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  1. Your opinion on Sutter playing Fraser’s line in the 3rd period when we’re winning/losing in a close game?

  2. Fuck the analysis…I wanna hear some Ice Girls interviews With photos posted after!

  3. Detroit just made bumped up to 4th I believe. Do you think we have what it takes to defeat the wings in a 7 game series?

  4. You know, personal information about yourselves…..and a whole bunch of talk about who we’ll be playing in the playoffs. yeah, jinx-sminx….they are going to get one point!!

  5. Do you think that this Kings team has what it takes to be a legitimate contender in the playoffs? Also, who would you guys like to face in the first round, and why?

  6. Time to fire it up boys and girls…won’t be able to attend the games but will be watching at home with a sixer of guiness. :D

  7. 1- How you think the Western Conference will end up, with the King’s likely path.
    2- Who the opponents have that will give us the most trouble, and how to deal with them
    3- The coaching styles of opponents and how they stack up vs. Sutter’s system
    4- Your reaction to the Oiler’s coach’s comment on how the NHL wants “Hollywood” in the playoffs
    5- Are you going to incorporate video analysis of the Kings on your site in the future?
    6- Have you considered live-streaming the podcast; so people can watch in realtime?
    7- Who would you want to face in the East for the Cup?
    8- Which team in the East is most likely going to make it to the Cup?
    9- We know you guys don’t like Kompon, who would you replace him with?

    I think that should be enough things to talk about…

  8. i would just like to know why is the slowest site on the interwebz

  9. Curious to know if any of you played/coached hockey at any point in your life? If so, what level?

    Would be curious to hear from others as well. I know we’re all pretty big fans of the game in general, but I’ve always wondered how many people actually have tried playing the game, especially in a city like LA.

  10. What are your feelings about management based on how the season will end up (prior to playoffs)?
    Will the playoff results affect your feelings about management one way or the other?

  11. How deep do you think the Kings need to go for Lombardi to keep his job?

  12. Does Heidi Androl sleep in the nude?

  13. Surly…what kind of conditioner do you use for that mane?

  14. According to Sports Club Stats, the Kings most likely first round playoff opponents are Chicago, St Louis, and Vancouver. Can you guys give your thoughts on the Kings potentially matching up against those three teams in the first round?

  15. Did you hear Dean Lombardi’s interview with Gary Bettman and what are your thoughts about what he said?

  16. Here’s a question:

    Who is more of a piece of shit; Ryane Clowe, or the four officials on the ice that blew oh so many calls


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