LA Kings vs SJ Sharks Open Forum – It’s Now Time

Tonight, everything is on the line.

After tonight, the next time you walk into Staples Center, the line will be crossed.

The San Jose Sharks are here and with them they bring our clinching of a playoff spot. Tonight defines writing your own ticket. With a single point we can ensure that our slate is as clean as any, that our path to the Cup is no longer, no shorter than any other. With two points, we can swap out Sharks’ eyes for Deers, headlights blaring from the front of our roaring engine. The Sharks have spent many years lording over the Pacific, gaze cast down snouts of hella snobbery. How will they react with their backs against the wall? Their fins strung up above a deck below where there is no water, no air, only the plates of those who wish to devour them. If the Sharks most consistent trait has been an inability to turn up the heat when frost threatens to encase them for an offseason, I have little doubt that their regular season reaction to looming asphyxiation will be any different.

Is this their year? Is their time now? No, it is ours. The fucking billboards told me so.

Of course, our collective fates could be half written by the the failure of another. Should the Dallas Stars lose their game tonight in any way, dropping but a single point, there is no scenario by which the Kings miss the playoffs and if they drop two, there is only one scenario by which the Sharks miss the playoffs, and that has to do with Colorado and I don’t really give a shit about Colorado. All passing details, not to be considered by any King nor fan. Our game is the one that matters. The only one. The last thing I want to see is a team who thinks life is just a little bit easier because another team achieved their goal for them. I want to see a team that is ready for the brutal grind to come. A team that looks neither left nor right, but straight ahead into the eyes of the opponent and burns a fucking hole through the back of their skulls.

I’m pumped.

Are you pumped?

I’m bringing a Sharks fan to the game. He’s a good friend. I might punch him.

How Good will tomorrow’s Friday be? I’m going with damn good, because I’m a believer and it has nothing to do with Christ.

A side note, if you are wondering why these open forums have been relative ghost towns the last few games, it’s partially because I’ve joined the tweet twat twitter force. I’ll be canary calling my particular brand of psychopathy throughout the game, which you can follow @surlierthanthou. Join the insanity.

If you are the type that cares to think about all the mathematical scenarios that will decide the make-up of the Western Conference’s final three playoff spots, then check out this article by Shark’s blog Fear the Fin, which does a good job breaking it all down.

You won’t get those breakdowns here.

You’ll just get broken bones.

The time is now.

Time for the ruckus.


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  1. As my bookface status currently states: Tonight at 7:30, part one of a two part series entitled: The Pacific Division Belongs to the Kings: Die Sharkies Die.

    • I guess I’m going to confession tomorrow for all the “F” bombs I dropped tonight. How the fuck do we have refs in this league blowing calls as obvious as Ryan Clown disrupting a breakout on a power play?! I’m not saying this was the deciding factor in the game, but that really is the worst missed call I’ve seen in all my years of watching this sport! I feel so cheated.

      • Really can’t recall the last time I witnessed officiating that atrocious. Linesmen in the way and magooing offsides and Clowe’s move, which will put him (deservedly so) on everyone’s shit list. Also, and only partially related to this post, we fans show up to these games because we are passionate. Their loss is our loss. It is inevitable that “f” bombs and other profanity might be spewed–it’s a hockey game. So if you decide to bring your two year old or toddler or whatever age, don’t scold me for occasionally turning off my filter and letting one fly. Instead, realize that you brought your child to a hockey game, a brutal rivalry with prevalent violence. We saw many kings players turn into punching bags tonight–you toddler saw that too. Before you get your lululemon yoga paints in a bunch and stand on your environmentally friendly pedestal, come to terms that you are solely responsible for teaching your child right from wrong, not a disgusted and broken hearted kings fan.

  2. Please start a raucous “We Want the Cup” chant after we clinch a spot.

  3. Just like game 3 in last years playoffs (Fuckin wanted to jump in front of the Gold Line Metro) I hope the Kings don’t underestimate the Sharks (or give up the fucking lead). I’m sure they’re ready but fuck, history tends to repeat itself.

  4. bring the fucking noise!

  5. Kings, just stop the Sharks from “MOVING” tonight, and they die…

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. The stars, moon and planets are all aligned perfectly for the KINGS to extend the Shfarts
    losing streak…..

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Yes, to be more correct, this is the Shfart losing streak we want to extend:

  8. Piss on the Shfarts…..

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  9. I’m gonna go nuts. I sit behind scribe. He thought it was funny that I called for on ice death of Milan Lucic. Wait till he hears me tonight.

  10. Carry the battle to them. Don’t let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don’t ever apologize for anything.
    Harry S. Truman

  11. Very good article by the very funny and knowledgable and extremely loud Surly.. Which makes me wonder why you keep posting articles by a cheap imitation(you know who you are…hint PX) Is this how it’s going to be? In the meantime let’s fuck these Sharks up!

  12. Lets knock ’em around so much they don’t know up from down


    God bless Nashville and those pieces of shit!

    If that final score had been reversed I’d’ve spent this game throwing up on my shoes.

    Now, Blues. Do your stuff tomorrow.

  14. Uggg! I can’t believe this. This should be 5-1 Kings the way they are playing.

    It’s so quite at Staples guys! Make some noise!

  15. Richards is a ghost

  16. This sucks!

  17. 1 point. We clinched. I lost my voice.. Not good enough but I’ll take it. Alcohol at ESPN zone will fix all. On to the final game!

  18. Kings have to put a bounty on Fucking Ryan Clowe! What a fucking classless piece of shit! I can’t wait till Saturday and the Kings put a absolute beat down on these fucking guppies!

  19. Possibly the worst refereed game I’ve seen. Clowe should get suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct. That is completely beer league. It’s one thing if the guy mistakenly is coming off the bench but he just stuck his stick out. He must have realized the refs were complete dorks and would never make the call. Either that or he’s a complete idiot! Either way the Kings lost a point they should have had.

    On the other hand, the Kings played like CRAP in the 3rd period. What they hell happened?!

  20. Minor 3rd period melt down, but that missed call on Clowne was unbelievable. Wonder if Renney is smiling somewhere on a tee off spot on a sunny American coast? So much for his conspiracy theory.
    Anyway, beat SJ on Saturday, remove Richardson and put Westgarth in and give Clowne a free facial.

  21. To me, the Sharks no longer exist. I will only refer to SJ as the Pussies, Bitches, or Pussy Sharts (if that is possible). Fuck em’. We’re still in 1st.

  22. That missed call was terrible, and if it had been called the Kings probably would have won, but only because of a second 5on3. The real problem tonight was that SJ got the mental edge on LA again and flustered them. With the crowd as involved as it was tonight, once SJ started coming back, the crowd got nervous, and the Kings got flustered by that negative energy, and SJ took advantage.

    Joe Thornton gave the puck away to Stoll in the slot when it was 3-1, and Stoll had a chance to make it 4-1. But there was no killer instinct by Stoll or the Kings. They let SJ back in the game, let things get out of control again, let the refs have a say in the outcome of the game.

    Honestly, I think the Kings are intimidated by the Sharks. The Kings want to be a physical team, a hard-nosed team, but the problem is the Sharks are just bigger and badder than them when they want to be. The Kings lost EVERY FIGHT, every fight tonight. Ryane Clowe just pulled the most beer leagued, bullshit move I can remember. Will the Kings make him pay for it physically next game? Revenge? If he breaks the rules, so am I, I’m going to slash his hands, hit him from behind, whatever it takes. Even just clean hits. Will they make him pay? No. Because they’re probably intimidated by him. Who wants to fight Clowe? A true hard-nosed team, like the Bruins, Lucic would have no problem with it, handing Clowe his ass. But the Kings big guys, like Clifford, can’t fight for shit.

    Speaking of, why did he fight Clowe right after the Kings went up 3-1? That was really stupid.

    Anyway, the Sharks beat up the Kings tonight, then the same guys who beat them up in fights, like Thornton and Clowe, went and won the game. They fed off winning their fights. That’s a problem for the Kings. I think SJ has a huge mental edge now. They know they are big boys when it comes down to it in this matchup and the Kings are their bitch. No matter what happens in the game they know they can straighten it out whenever they want to because they’re better at fighting.

  23. What. The hell. Was that?! One of the weirdest games I’ve seen. The officiating was bad, and the goaltending was a throwback to the 80’s. Well at least we’re in the playoffs.

  24. For the record I thought the Kings were the better team tonight at playing hockey. I had the following thought when the shots were 18-4 but the game was tied…

    The Kings clearly look like the better team at playing hockey, but it still looks like the Sharks are the better team at winning.

    In other words, the Sharks will find a way to win, even if they have to sacrifice a goat during intermission, even if they have to play the puck from the bench, dive, embellish, start fights, trash talk, and sell their soul to win, which it seems like they did tonight, they will win. It may not be fair, it probably won’t be, but they will find a way to cheat on that one important faceoff, to talk the refs into getting that important powerplay, whatever it takes. The bigger the game for San Jose, the more unsportsmanlike, desperate, and cheap they will play. They’ve been masters of this ever since Mclellan’s second season. It’s a huge reason why they beat Detroit. They went like 200-1 in one-goal games last season, and in the playoffs, because they knew how to always get that one extra goal to decide the game just by cheating on a faceoff or diving for that all important powerplay.

    It’s how the Sharks play now. I’ve been saying this for awhile, but they are the best at it in the NHL. They dive the most, they do all these things the most and the cheapest, and it’s brought them a lot of success. It also helps that no one realizes it or punishes them for it (really only the refs could do that) because they’re on the west coast or whatever the reason is.

    • I agree. The Kings were certainly better at playing hockey. They need to stick to that and they’ll be fine. Don’t get suckered into that chirping/fighting bullshit. We have the better team if we stick to the game.

    • I agree and I think the issue here ISN’T officiation on Clown’s play. He should be made an example of by the league. Here’s why. The refs missed that but on the other hand, it’s somewhat excusable. They are watching for other things, like the game! Their eyes are on the play of the game not some asshole who should know better. Clown should get a 10 game suspension to one year suspension Why? What if a player threw a puck at the net as a teammate is shooting and that shot goes into the crowd and the thrown puck goes into the net? I know it’s unlikely and such. But Clown is fucking with the integrity of the game and deserves to be treated as such. The NHL examined the clock at Staples for the same reason. It interfered with the integrity of the sport. Clown is as well.

      That was completely fucked up.

      The Kings may have still lost in SO but we don’t know because of an idiot play. I hope the Kings maul him if the league doesn’t.

  25. First, the main thing here is that the team locked up a seed. They got rewarded for the hard work.
    Second, the team can still beat anybody if they
    keep disciplined and poised.
    Third, keep believing and play aggressively and play your game.
    Lastly, go get the PAC Title Sat night as it belongs to you this season.

    GO KINGS GO!!!


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