L.A. Kings @ San Jose Sharks. The Last. The First.

The NHL regrets to inform you that there has been a scheduling error. The playoffs start tonight.

It is of no consequence what the Phoenix Coyotes do. They play a too little, too late “hot” Minnesota Wild team that skates for pride. If the Coyotes win, big fucking deal. If the Coyotes lose, big fucking deal. Oh, but if the Coyotes lose in regulation then it’s really, nope, nope, big fucking deal.

I don’t begrudge reality here. I understand from a standings perspective we only partially control our fate. I refer to something deeper, more ingrained in the players’ psyche and that of the die-hard fan. Some don’t like to read the word “momentum” because they cannot quantify it. It doesn’t fit nicely in a column or row. It is like motivation and inspiration, it brings confidence to the forefront and buries excrement that reeks doubt and uncertainty. Games are won or lost by its force. The team that maintains it and channels its elusive power prevails.

Here is a fun stat. Only the teams with a positive “plus/minus” “goals for/goals against” differential made the playoffs in the Western Conference. In the East, the Florida Panthers (-27) are currently third while the Washington Capitals sit at 8th with a -11.

I do what I can to bring balance. I frustrate those whose cerebral hemisphere incessantly leans left while I reward them with what the rest of us know is right.

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  1. At this point nothing more can be said. Lets fuckin do this boys! Go Kings Go!

  2. Some don’t like to read the word “momentum” because they cannot quantify it.

    … Nope, it’s because it mostly doesn’t exist. Within a game, from shift to shift, maybe – if you can get the lines rolling for a few minutes or more, maybe. But from game to game? No way.

    • So hot streaks an cold streaks that go on sometimes for weeks are just coincidences?

      • So hot streaks an cold streaks that go on sometimes for weeks are just coincidences?

        … Sometimes, sure. What the Kings have been doing for the last three weeks isn’t coincidental, and it’s easily explained with terms far less nebulous than “momentum”.

        • I think individuals can get momentum game to game but I agree teams its limited shift to shift

          • So Edmonton was wacko to think they had any extra reason to be fearful when they went into Detroit after the Wings had won 22 home games in a row or whatever was the threshold for the Oilers to be the footnote in the record-breaking? Or, if we see a team having won 8 games in a row we don’t think “holy shit they are on fire, this could be tough”? What do you call it when a team has that kind of recent record of domination?

          • A system that is working and everyone executing as opposed to an intangible magical ether they live in with dancing elves called momentum.

          • That probably read more catty than i intended. But i think a team effort doesnt carry over fom a game that happened days ago.

          • So Edmonton was wacko to think they had any extra reason to be fearful when they went into Detroit after the Wings had won 22 home games in a row or whatever

            … No more than any team thinking “hey we’re Edmonton here, we’re facing Detroit, Detroit’s a better team than we are, this one’s probably gonna to be a tough one”. But whatever, EVERY game is tough in this league in my opinion and it simply boils down to which team executes better on any given night. I doubt that many teams look past any one game, because if they did, they’d find another notch in the “L” column.

            Or, if we see a team having won 8 games in a row we don’t think “holy shit they are on fire, this could be tough”?

            … It depends on the team that’s on the winning streak and the team facing them in a particular game. There’s just as much of a mindset of “hey this team has won X number of games in a row, they’re due for a loss”. All depends on the mindset of that specific player and whatever that player needs to get himself in the right frame of mind to play the game the right way.

          • I think individuals can get momentum game to game

            … For sure. Look at Richards’ goal streak in the early part of the season, which stands out like a sore thumb now. I also believe a particular line can get on fire, where the players are all reaching a peak level of understanding and awareness. But a whole TEAM? Nope.

    • J.T. on 4/7/12 at 9:54 a.m.
      “Simply put, the Sharks were desperate – which is understandable; they were behind the Kings in the standings when the game started, and they needed the win more.”

      J.T. on 4/712 at 10:07 a.m.
      Momentum… “…mostly doesn’t exist.”

      Ohhh, Luceeeeeeeee. Chu got some ‘splainin’ to dooooo. One doesn’t exist becuase it can’t be quantified, but the other does? So how many goals per game does “desperation” cipher out to?

  3. I usually go left unless it doesn’t feel right. Then, I go right because it’s the only way left.

  4. “Some don’t like to read the word “momentum” because they cannot quantify it.”
    “Because it mostly doesn’t exist.”
    “So hot streaks and cold streaks that go on sometimes for weeks are just coincidences?”

    If you don’t define something, you end up talking about different things, which is happening here.

    Momentum: I’ll define it simply as a team’s ability to consistently play their own game well.

    Momentum can only exist in a game on the ice, so by my definition, it’s impossible to ‘carry over’ because they are two separate games. In other words, the start of each game is an opportunity for that team to play their game. If they don’t, we say they lost their momentum. If they do, we say they’re on a roll.

    So what would allow a team to ‘consistently play their game’ for long stretches? Or not? I’ll argue that it’s team confidence. All things being equal, a team edge in confidence is what usually determines the winner. But where does that confidence come from?

    This brings me to why I wrote this comment…

    I believe the confidence (or lack thereof) that carries over from game to game comes from a team’s ability to STOP their opponents’ momentum during the game.

    If a team is confident it can get another team off their game, they will likely be able to play their own game more often, thus creating momentum (and confidence). Therefore, the more players on a team who truly believe they can frustrate and stifle an opponent, the more likely they will win.

    Sadly, the Sharks are confident they can take the Kings off their game, which is why we are all hoping the Kings can find the confidence in themselves to play their game for 60 minutes tonight, thus carrying it over into the playoffs. You know, so they have momentum. :)

  5. One dictionary definition of momentum:

    “a quantity expressing the motion of a body or system, equal to the product of the mass of a body and its velocity, and for a system equal to the vector sum of the products of mass and velocity of each particle in the system.”

    So, as applied to the Kings, I would say tonight they need to be a quantity that engages in motions of their body, with a system, that is equal to the product of their mass desire and body and velocity, and then for their system is equal to the vector sum of their products of mass and velocity of each player in the system.

    Assuming that they can attain such momentum, the score tonight will be Kings 6 and SJ 0.

    One proviso, the King’s goalie’s momentum is limited to the crease, with pads, glove, blocker, helmet, and body in perfect alignment and synch for 60 minutes so that the puck never intrudes beyond the pipes and goal line. In other words, the black disc of rubber tonight can have all kinds of momentum around the rink, hitting off of sticks, boards, skates, glass, nets, and ONLY INTO THE SJ NET, but never any momentum to violate and intrude into the Kings goal sanctuary.

  6. Here is the HP Pavilion following the Kings dismantling of the Shfarts tonight….

    Here is a very fitting end to the Shfarts final game tonight…

    Kings: Use plenty of spurs tonight…..ouch, ouch, ouch….

    NHL HQ rules today that given the blatant Clowe bench stick violation, the Kings get to play the entire game with their own special puck of choice tonight.

    NHL ordered brain scan of cheater Clowe to determine grounds for suspension, and here is the results:

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. if thursday’s loss wasn’t enough inspiration for the kings to dominate this game, then i don’t know what is. i’d like to see “jumbo” joe hang his head in shame, as well as ryan clowe atthe end of this game. it’s likely that clowe won’t be showing any amount of remorse for his actions, so let’s take it to the house and stuff goals down their throats!

  8. . . . jopocop needs to comment more. Haven’t seen him on here in a while

  9. Off topic, but it Seems like the pups will win the division. Hopefully they stay in Arizona

    • That’s very on topic and very unfortunate. But I just may get my wish of St Louis and you can all (read: Bobby) kiss my sweet ass as we steamroll them on our way to round 2.

      • Um…. don’t think so. You see, they couldn’t hold a two goal lead in either game. They took stupid undisciplined penalties, in spite of what Sutter told them. So now they’ll beat the Nucks? Yes, I’m sure. Actually I’m not sure.

  10. Get ready to rumble Kings, and take out those shark clowns….

    Also, Kings, send the Shfart clown fans home very unhappy tonight….

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. id like to see clowe leveled tonight :)

  12. Taking undisciplined penalties…they don’t seem normally to do this against anyone but the sharks.

    Good thing we don’t face another sharks series…

  13. As said by Player-X

    We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us.

  14. With all the eloquence I can muster, I say “Fuck Those Clowns.” San Jose, the Refs, but most of all, the failure-repeating, doomed Kings.

    • Yep, it’s pretty damned sad. How in God’s name they couldn’t find a way to win one of two games they were in control of is beyond me. And the last two games were identical to the playoffs last year.
      SJ knows they have the Kings number. It’s damned pathetic, and as for me, I’d love to see someone else take over the reigns as GM. The team is better, for sure, but they Definitely definitely need more speed and to be WAY SMARTER….. Not just Smarter. Way smarter.

      When I said this team needs more creativity I meant creativity in the offensive aspect of the game, not creativity in finding new and unique ways to fall apart late in games. In Dallas, In Detroit, In San Jose, and in LA vs. San Jose.

      They found ways to lose and correct me if I’m wrong but I literally don’t remember them coming back from behind (unless it was a first period deficit) in one single game out of the 82 this year. That’s pretty damning.

  15. Curious to see what Bobby and Surly have to say.

  16. I’m low right now. Talk about making a statement. Chance at division: lose; chance to redeem yourself and grab 7th instead of 8th: lose; Score first goal and go into the third period leading both games: lose; the kings are literally pathetic..showing the same killer instinct as they have for the last 45 years. Great way to head into the playoffs…knowing you can’t win the money games.
    I’m pissed, at the fact that they always do this shit! They had destiny in their hands and they found a way to fag out. 45 years and 1 division title, 45 years and 1 conference title. What, 45 years and 1 time we’ve made past the 2nd round. It’s not enough, not enough to bitch out against SJ when we’re leading both games!!!! That’s embarrassing as a fan and to the franchise

  17. Go hard after parise or semin. Fuck resigning quick, bernier can get us to the same place. Sign a sniper or a talented physical player and be a contender next season before our defense goes to absolute shit.

  18. I am glad this regular season is history. I am glad the Kings need not play more regular games. We know now what we have. It is what it is. The facts are on the table.

    We know what is possible with this team and what is not. We know what each player brings to the table and what is missing.

    We don’t know what team will show up, and what player will step up. We know who steps no where. We know who is helping to win and lose games. We know some that should not be wearing a Kings uniform. We know the keepers.

    We also know this coach. This coach is more of a inhibiter than a leader. We know this GM like the back of our hand. A GM that has failed to deliver us the promised land, or even any land A GM that has given us a team that has 82 games of average accomplishments with a few games here and there that thrill us and some that stink.

    So we move on to the next chapter. Is it a replay or reprise of prior chapters? Is it deja vu again? Are we destined for more misery?

    All we have is hope. Some faith. Some angst. Some trepidation. We will soon learn our fate for Kings hockey 2011-2012. What we have learned so far is that we want and need much more out of this team than what they usually deliver to us. We want an elite team.

    We want respect. We want production. We want heroes. We want rewards. We want recognition. We want some bragging rights. We want some banners. We want great memories. We want to tell our kids and grand kids what it was like to be there for the big prizes in the game we are nuts about.

    The team has a mountain to climb. They beat that mountain if they will only push off the opponents in their way. Whatever it takes just go up that mountain and wrest control of it. It is really there for the taking. Nobody owns it now.
    But you can own it.

  19. Another one and done season for our beloved LA Kings?


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