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  1. I saw this too. Fuck team half Sedin

  2. Someone needs to grab those guys some towels. The semen of the Vancouver players are plastered all over their Canuck loving faces.

  3. … Holy shit, the NHL network picked a #1 seed to win a series against a #8 seed. I AM OUTRAGED

    • Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Canucks in four. If we’re lucky.

      • … Heh. It’s not that I’m saying the Kings don’t have a chance to win. They do.

        It’s just that the NHL network unanimously picking Vancouver is the most unsurprising thing ever, and hardly anything to get worked up about.

    • I am a kings fan, and totally agree. The kings have no chance, or very little chance to win this series. The Canucks just have more talent.


    • I am comfortable with the underdog role in this series because, if Carter remains healthy, we can catch teams by surprise. Carter is however the x factor. He brings the balance to the lineup that will factor large, especially if the games open up.

  5. I would sit penner this series in favor of Richardson on that third line as we need the speed and penner is as we all know a non-contributor. I’m amazed by his lack of anything even now. We will not win without Carter. His presence puts the rest of the team into their correct position throughout the roster and gives the spark. Our D needs to tighten up and get back to basics of sound fundamentals. JQ will have to outplay RL and CS. We need to keep these game to a low scoring grind it out game. Not a track meet. PP needs to continue and our PK needs to be what it was all year not as of late. Keep all these on track and we can take them in 7

    • That third line has some chemistry. As long as we don’t ask Penner to score goals, we should be okay although he has been less effective lately. The Richardson suggestion is an intriguing one and one I have kicked around most of the day. He had a good playoffs last season but that was also due to his sudden chemistry with Clifford and Simmonds. Clifford is now on the 4th and Simmonds is lighting it up in Philly. I look for good things from Trevor Lewis. His game has progressed. I’d love to see him break through and have a great series.

      • Penner needs to throw his weight around in this series; all the kings need to. Hit them hard, make them think twice before battling for a puck

        • He isn’t and doesn’t like to be a physical player. He can barely even skate around much less be asked to do something he is not comfortable with let alone be effective at it.

  6. Good book to read about upsets.

    The upset win makes the victory so much more sweeter.

    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  7. 3 ESPN analysts picked the Kings… It gave me hope


  8. What the FUCK did you expect? We sucked balls in the last 2 games and Quick has been exposed. If we play tight defense and score 2 goals a game we have a chance. If we open up the offense we are dead.

  9. Fuck That vampire looking son of a bitch Luongo, and fuck the Canucks!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. I remember Mike Eruzione — himself a star of one of the great upsets in hockey history — picking the Oilers to wipe the ice with the Kings in the best-of-five opening round of the 1982 playoffs. What happened was among the greatest upsets in playoff history.

    However, the Kings are a bit better than they were in April 1982.

    And the Canucks are a whole lot more experienced than Edmonton was.

    Can the Kings win the series? You bet they can. Will they . . . ?

    I have already rolled bones, prayed, and donated candlesticks to Our Lady of Guacamole

  11. I listened to your guy’s podcast for the first time today, I found it to be very enjoyable. I look forward to the next one.

    Go Kings and Fuck the Nucks!

  12. The monkey picked the Cansucks to win, and so I feel a whole lot better we will beat the Cansucks.


    GO KINGS GO!!!

  13. After the Kings dispatch the Cansucks, the team has a new logo….

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  14. The Kings recent penchant for scoring goals does give them a chance.

    However, the Kings generally lose back and forth games and Vancouver can play that style as well as the best of them.

    Vancouver’s defense has not been as great as they have been in recent years.

    If the game is played anything like the Sharks game we will most likely lose the series in 5 or 6.

    We are not a good come from behind team. There is a reason why we are a million and 0 with a lead after 2 periods. We have generally played a more shut down approach with a lead in the third, but that won’t work as well with the Canucks as it will against other less talented teams.

    The X factor will be the 3rd and 4th lines. If they can score and play sound defensively, that will provide a huge boost. I don’t think the series will be won with our first two lines but the 3rd and 4th.

    I live in Portland, Oregon… I have a few extra bucks to spend so I am going to try and see if I can make it up to a game in Vancouver. If the Kings lose, I will riot in the streets all by myself, show them how to really riot.

  15. How r we guna beat van when we lost to sj twice in a row? I don’t c it happening.

  16. Kings in 5. We win the first, lose 2nd. Take both at home, g3 1-0. G4 5-2. Wrap up it up in game, easy or not, it will be done. (I agree with the sit Penner sentiment. The marshmallow comment elsewhere is dead on).

    • The greatest or number one negative to me for the Kings going into this series is Penner. I don’t know whether he just wants to retire from hockey or hates this team or just losing skills. All I know is he is wasted space and player on the ice.
      I believe he owes the fans his excuse or reasons but he has not gone public, yet!

      In any event scratching him would not bother me.

      If he plays we need for him to be a true presence and threat from the get go.

      • Really? Penner? He’s been shit ever since we got him. That’s not a new thing, The #1 problem I see is Mike Richards playing like he’s never scored a goal before. Richards was supposed to be the missing piece to our team, and we still had to trade JMFJ AND a pick to get Carter?

        Not to mention the fact that J.Quick has played so many freakin games he’s going to be burnt out again by the end of one series. He’s awesome but how much longer can he keep this up, especially against high octane offenses? When he has Doughty fucking up play after play in front of him?

        I’m cheering for the Kings, but it will be rough; and I’m not very optimistic of the chances, That being said, if we don’t get to the Western Finals, this season’s a bust for me.

        • You are right. Penner has been crap and everybody knows it.

          I am trying to have a positive outlook on Richards and Quick, but Penner is like a zero every time he steps out on the ice. Worse than that is that the Canucks can essentially ignore him and leave him alone and uncovered. They can load up against other threats when his line is out on the ice.

          This Penner debacle is just added to the Lombardi screw up list. Just another nail in the Lombardi coffin.

          My point is we got stuck with a super bad weak link already known with him.
          We fans are not deserving that after these many years.

          Weakest links need to exit.

          Go Kings Go!!!

        • I for one never thought Richards was “the answer.” One look at his past scoring history would prove that. He’s a C who puts up a decent amount of points and plays 2 way hockey. That’s all I expected. Not a goal scorer by any means, more an assist guy.

      • I hope he becomes the big surprise of the series, the guy we write about with the “wow, how awesome was…” and then refer to his accolades.

  17. Scribe – It all comes down to special teams. Vancouver feasts off the man advantage, yet their 5-on-5 scoring is average. They have depth at the forward spots, but, like the Kings, they have had some players with very disappointing years. If we want to take six penalties a game, you can kiss this series goodbye in 5.

    I hope we dont see the Right Labia of the Vagina Twins at all.

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  19. Looks like another good series. Going to go 69 or 7 for sure!


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