Why do your emotions rise and fall with each win and loss? Why do you feel a personal connection with the L.A. Kings and its players? Why do you think about the team during your days and evenings? Why do you attend games? Why are you a season ticket holder? For those who live in other states that have local hockey teams, why do you shun them for your Kings? For those who have kids, why do you have on your list of “musts” for your child to be a Kings fan? Why do you read this site? Why can you relate to what Surly & I write?

It’s because you are not just a causal observer, but a fanatic, a die-hard, obsessed, hockey maniac that has supported this team and whose love and loyalty will not waver. I can feel it on this site, through your words in the comments, when the Kings win or lose. The latter raises your ire and tension, adds venom to your tone and clouds objectivity. The former brings bliss. If you clocked in when the game started and clocked out when it ended, you wouldn’t be here. Each of you communicate your obsession in a different way – literal, logical, emotional, sexual (I am looking at you Tuan), statistical or a combination of each.

Why do I tell you all of this?

Because I want you to suck the marrow out of the Kings’ playoff run. Enjoy every fucking second of these games. From the drop of the puck to the final horn, take in every stride, hit, pass, shot and goal, get yourself in every post-whistle scrum, offer no apologies for your screams and chants and compromise nothing in your heart’s investment. If you attend the games at Staples Center, will the team to victory. If you are anywhere else, cause those around you to question your sanity.

This is what we have waited for all season. This moment, when each game matters more than the one before. Live it and when it is all done, whether we lift the Cup or not, leave it all out there and here on this site.

I love each and every one of you, including the dysfunctional ones, because you are a member of my L.A. Kings family. Let’s make the fucking myth.