Be True To Your Title During These Playoffs – Fanatic

Why do your emotions rise and fall with each win and loss? Why do you feel a personal connection with the L.A. Kings and its players? Why do you think about the team during your days and evenings? Why do you attend games? Why are you a season ticket holder? For those who live in other states that have local hockey teams, why do you shun them for your Kings? For those who have kids, why do you have on your list of “musts” for your child to be a Kings fan? Why do you read this site? Why can you relate to what Surly & I write?

It’s because you are not just a causal observer, but a fanatic, a die-hard, obsessed, hockey maniac that has supported this team and whose love and loyalty will not waver. I can feel it on this site, through your words in the comments, when the Kings win or lose. The latter raises your ire and tension, adds venom to your tone and clouds objectivity. The former brings bliss. If you clocked in when the game started and clocked out when it ended, you wouldn’t be here. Each of you communicate your obsession in a different way – literal, logical, emotional, sexual (I am looking at you Tuan), statistical or a combination of each.

Why do I tell you all of this?

Because I want you to suck the marrow out of the Kings’ playoff run. Enjoy every fucking second of these games. From the drop of the puck to the final horn, take in every stride, hit, pass, shot and goal, get yourself in every post-whistle scrum, offer no apologies for your screams and chants and compromise nothing in your heart’s investment. If you attend the games at Staples Center, will the team to victory. If you are anywhere else, cause those around you to question your sanity.

This is what we have waited for all season. This moment, when each game matters more than the one before. Live it and when it is all done, whether we lift the Cup or not, leave it all out there and here on this site.

I love each and every one of you, including the dysfunctional ones, because you are a member of my L.A. Kings family. Let’s make the fucking myth.


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  1. Because I love this team :D

  2. My hand bled last year from banging on the metal wall at the top of 304 like a psychopath. My voice was gone for weeks. You can guarantee I’ll be in even worse shape this year. Go Kings!!!

  3. Sutt yeah I’m ready for this shit

  4. We’ll be in town for Games 1 & 2 as we have a wedding to go to in Ventura on Saturday. We won’t be able to use our season seats to games 3 and 4, so you all better bring it LOUD so we can hear you all the way back in Denver.

    They are sold so no, we can’t sell them to you.

  5. I am fucking pumped for this. I wanna fucking destroy that disgusting team from up north and send em home crying for the ache. Like every other Kings fan I was disapointed to not take the division. Hurt even more still to lose 7th seed. But thats all passed now. This is the playoffs the time to redeem this insane year and get revenge for 2 seasons ago. I’ve built an altar to the hockey gods to see our boys through. Go Kings Go

  6. Oh they have been questioning my sanity the whole season. I live in Colorado. Look who didn’t make the playoffs ;-)

    I am a Kings fan because my great friend Niko, who is also a poster on this and other hockey blogs, instilled in my the seed of passion several years ago. I always liked hockey, but never had a personal connection to it until he planted that seed (growing up in So Cal definitely has it’s drawbacks). Since, I have nurtured, watered, protected and fed that seed. It has grown from a sprout to a sapling to a tree. I have learned a lot about hockey in those years. My life has changed a lot in those years. One thing will never change:

    My love of the Los Angeles Kings.

    Go Kings Go!!

  7. … When the Kings made the playoffs two years ago, I thought of Alex Frolov. Here was a guy who slogged through all of the postseason-less years, as well as the lockout year. I’m certain I rooted more for him to be a playoff hero more than I have for any Kings’ player in all my years as a fan. As the playoff series progressed, Frolov seemed to me to get stronger and more confident, and I wished the Kings could have won a round or two just to see if that progression would have carried on for him.

    Now, I’m thinking of two guys over everyone else – Slava Voynov and Alec Martinez. One guy who was an unknown quantity in Manchester when the season started, the other an apparent fringe player seemingly on the brink of being traded or otherwise left out of the Kings’ plans. During the season, these two have shown me, in different ways, why they belong up here to stay. I can’t think of a better stage for them to show everyone what they can do. Of course, I’m looking for the team as a whole to grow together, to perform and execute and play the game the right way, but the biggest joy I have watching hockey these days is to see young players learn and do things that they couldn’t do before; to take steps forward and make others (as well as themselves) believe in them. For a guy like me who believes intangibles are overrated, the intangible of believing in one’s self and a team believing it can win isn’t to be questioned.

    I’d like to see the Kings’ fans believe, and for just a little while, to put my logical mind on hold and believe in this team myself. It’s been a long season with upheaval, initial excitement, great expectations, intense disappointment, and a last-ditch scramble to get here. I hope they haven’t exhausted themselves just qualifying. I hope they look at these playoffs as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and play the game of hockey the way I have seen them play. Play smart, but go for it. Find that thin line between sitting back too much and being over-eager, and walk that line. Don’t get TOO into the game and lose hockey sense, but don’t be too content to passively let the game and the moment pass by. Once the puck drops, all of the predictions and the probabilities disappear; they simply change into possibilities. When the game is on, don’t tell me the odds. Just tell me you believe.

  8. Despite being the likely reason of ending up on heart meds, I love this team.

  9. Is it Wednesday yet?? Can’t wait for the puck to drop!

  10. For me, apart of the story is that I was born and raised in LA, along with living here for my whole life, so that it just came with the territory to follow the local 4 major pro teams, and some college teams here. That opened the door, but the rest has been addiction to the sport and voluntary allegiance to the team, even when the team was not deserving of that from me.

    I will admit that there have been some, brief occasions I lost it and gave up being a Kings fan. It was for all of the usual reasons. However, I have stuck by my “fan-ship”, since I found on balance more entertainment and stimulation than the negatives.

    I always found that when September arrived, my blood got hot again for the sport and there was a renewal of testosterone production knowing that in early October the battles would begin all over again. I felt that even if the team failed, at least I could see some battles and some damage done to hated teams and players in the NHL.

    I also did not want to miss a season and jump on a band wagon only in the playoff season, as I thought that was a C.S. way to participate as a fan.

    So, here I am vulnerable again where I put my precious time and money and soul into the team, where the risk is very real and threatening again that I will be disappointed for another year. Well, the disappointment is that like so many, we want a cup. When that does not happen, then misery happens. Yet with wisdom and patience cultivated over this long term fan-ship, that misery dissipates and life goes on until the next season when it starts all over again.

    Another factor is that after being to Dodger and Laker championship wins, I really wanted to finally see the day I could be there for the Cup win in LA. I was there in 93 at the Forum, but, it was not meant to be the Kings year, when they tried to get the big prize as a low seed and upset the despised Canadians. I have long forgiven McSorley, so that I could heal and move on.

    I am just not going to give up after these years of time and investment, even though I have been warehousing all these years the visualization of the Cup being hoisted by the Kings’ Captain and then the rest of the team.

    I have been around sports to know that the unexpected and the unthinkable can and does happen. Need I say more than Kirk Gibson’s improbable HR into right field (his ball flew a few feet past me where I could see the stitches on the ball).

    Whether I am at the game live, or glued to the Paul’s big screen, I want to see the same story unfold for the Kings, that improbable puck, passing five hole, or top shelf, hitting the net, with the bottle flipping over, the red light churning, and the Kings winning the cup at that instant. I live and dream that, and can almost smell and taste it.

    That is what makes me tick, that someday, some year (this year??), why not the Kings (us) getting that big prize.


  11. I should also mention that we are a fan family, and so many fans are truly priceless.

    “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s……

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  12. Don’t know about anyone else, but in my dreams I play for the Kings. Wish me luck :)

  13. I will root the shit out of the Kings.

    But… big butt..

    I feel like the guy/girl who has had his heart broken from the same girl/guy over and over again. The longer the years roll by, the more I get passive come playoff time (when we actually reach the playoffs). The belief slowly becomes smaller and smaller, because you don’t want to be let down again.

    That is why I will be drunk as fuck each game so no matter what happens, I’ll be screaming at the fucking TV, willing the Kings on to beat the Canucks. I don’t give a Sutt who looks at me strangely, who tells me to quiet down, or who attempts to bring me down. Fuck them all.

    On Wednesday, the Kings need to focus and play their guts out. A certain scene in Fight Club comes to mind, “His name is Robert Paulson. His name is Robert Paulson.” The Kings need to have the Sedin twins on their mind 24/7, as well as Kesler, etc. They need to play harder, skate harder, fight harder, and not let the hockey gods decide their fate. Once the Kings win the series, only then can they look back and remember the fallen. “His name is Daniel Sedin. His name is Ryan Kesler. His name is Roberto Luongo….”

  14. Crush those ugly Sedin sisters! I love my Kings!
    Go Kings Go!!!

    1) ‘Each of their four lines is built to punish, from Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar on the first line to Dustin Penner and Jarrett Stoll on the third.’

    Obviously he hasn’t watched Penner play very much.

    2) ‘It’s hard to deny that the Kings forward depth just stinks. When Willie Mitchell is your 7th highest scorer, you have issues.’
    That bit from the comments section, but it was also said in the article.
    It’s hard to disagree with that aspect at least. Hey, thanks Dean. You know and I know that you don’t need great forwards to win a Stanley Cup so that’s reassuring.
    Wait….. I just realized what I typed. I take that back. I stand up for my right to disagree with you Dean.

    Anyway, most feel it will be a hard fought series.

  16. People forget that the regualr season no longer matters. As far as I’m concerned the Kings and Canucks are equal teams right now. Here’s to a kick ass series and a first round upset against those shit fuck Canucks!

  17. You gotta like those King Fans and their spirit—huh….

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  18. If Kopi believes, then, I will believe too….

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  19. Holy shit, this got me pumped up! I was excited before, but now I’m most definitely ready for the playoffs to start! Our Kings should read this article before game time; they’ll come out flying.
    Let’s fuck up those Canuckleheads and GO KINGS GO!!!

  20. My Dad raised me a Kings fan. He slapped the Kings logo on me from birth and I’ve been a fan ever since. Obviously, I don’t remember this, but my Dad told me when I was 2-3 years old that I could sit on the couch and watch an entire game without fuss or ADD.

    I met Gretzky and LUC and some others when I was a kid and this team has provided me with countless wonderful moments. Not only on a team basis…but on a family basis. I currently live in Texas and because of the Kings, my Dad and I talk constantly throughout the week about hockey. It’s a bond we’ll always share.

    I play in an adult league and wear my Kings hat to every game with pride as the Stars fans around me snarl.

    Even though this team has made me scream…and has made my hair thin…I fucking love them and will always root for them. The Kings are in my damn blood and I will never give up hope that they will win a cup during my lifetime.

    Let’s fuck these Vancouver douchebags up!


    • Your story is excellent! My son grew up in SoCal and played baseball, basketball, and football, with some soccer. When he was 14 he fell for hockey (spectator) and this was 1990 when Gretz and crew were producing a lot of excitement in LA. The 93 Cup games at the Forum really sucked him more, so that to this day he is locked in. I guess I am to blame (credit?) for that, since of course there is good and bad stuff that has to be put up with as a fan.

      Now, my kid eventually went deeper into hockey because for the last 5 years has played community league mens ice hockey as a D-man for his team. They have some really good players, some of whom on his team and league played growing up as children/teens in Canada and in the cold weather US.

      I see that you would know this since you play the game yourself.

      I only say this because this fan business can start off as spectating and then evolve into playing the sport for us warm weather SoCals. So that is your story too.

      Ever since my kid has played his league hockey, he has backed off on the previous high level of criticism on players, as now he appreciates the great difficulty and challenge where so many things have to be combined to be a good player and to actually perform and produce. I mean, think of all that goes on, with needing to skate well, figure out stick work, know the game, figure out plays, scramble and react in an instant, etc, etc. In his case, it is soft contact, and now, you throw in hard contact/checks, and you now even have the toughest part of the game right there, figuring out how to take hits and give hits, while performing.

      Also, once you are out on the ice, then, what you see is totally different from what the fans can really see in the arena or on TV. The fan sees what looks like a wide open net, and the shooter sees nothing like that. So, I have therefore myself backed off on the criticisms.

      My criticisms or complaints will be more on coaches, tactics, management, overall player lack of effort (i.e. Penner who for one year plus will not work/play).

      Anyway, great to know you and hear your story and please contribute as much as you can to us here trying to riv up the team for success in the playoffs.

      • Thanks for the reply! I’m 27 now…and my Dad had me on skates when I was 5. I’ve played off/on since.

        Playing the game really does bring a different kind of respect for what the NHL players are capable of. My best example of this is when I was still living in Long Beach, CA I went to a pick-up session at Glacial Gardens Lakewood, and the Long Beach Ice Dogs happened to be there at skated at the pick-up session. There was a guy who had a Colorado College hockey bag on the team, which is a no-joke D1 hockey program. Anyways, those guys were flying and very impressive…and as I sat on the bench next to my buddy during the skate, I whispered to him, “And these guys are hacks compared to the NHL level” ..(this was when the Ice Dogs were a couple of steps below the NHL).

        It is truly incredible how much skill professional hockey players have. I try to explain it to non-hockey fans and they just don’t get it. Would rather watch dudes throw a ball in a cirlce 100 times a night.

        I love how youth hockey in SoCal has really come around. When I first started skating there were some travel teams but they didn’t get much buzz. But then the Westminster Wave came around and they won some tourneys on the east coast. Some good hockey players being produced out of CA.

        Love the game.

        • This is good to hear and appreciate. There are definitely more programs for kid and teen ice hockey, plus the adults in SoCal. That is all good.

          Not only all you say, it is great for physical conditioning and family outings. It can be pricey playing adult league stuff, with all of the equipment and rink fees. Yet, all things come with some cost in sports.

          Stay uninjured too, as that is a huge thing.

          By the way, I often went to the Ice Dog games, and what the heck was it at the time, the Turner Cup? I think so. When I was in Vegas two weeks ago, I did a Wranglers game vs Idaho, and it was actually okay hockey, yet, too bad so many of those guys are not going to make it to the big time teams.

          So, happy and fun skating and yeah, that would be super if you make that trip for a King cup game at Staples. Lets all of us hope we get that chance.

  21. This is going to be great! This is what I live for!

    My X-Factor for this series is not Quick, Richards or Doughty, but rather a guy no one in the hockey world is talking about, and that is Kopitar! I feel like we forget he wasn’t with us for the playoffs last year and only has one year of playoff experience, but in my opinion Kopi is elite, and has the ability to be a game changer. It is yet to be determined if he is capable of being a series changer, though, and I truly believe with his NHL experience he knows he has to be the guy and can be the guy. He needs to be the Toews, Crosby, Malkin, Datysuk and Bergeron’s of the playoffs. The one guy on each team that rises above everyone else and takes your team on his back and wins games and series for your team!

    Kopitar is our guy and the one who will take us to that next step (second round)!

    Prediciton: If Kings want to win this series – Koptiar: 6 games, 4 goals, 7 assists, 2 GWG!

  22. I can’t say I’ve actually been a fan for a very long time (for this I blame my father who thought I wouldn’t like hockey). But since I started watching hockey, the season the Kings finished tied for last with the Bolts, my connection to the team has only grown.
    I don’t want next year, I want now. I don’t just want the Kings to win, I want the Kings to just shit on everyone and show them that we are here to stay. I don’t want one championship, I want a fucking dynasty.

    Our big guys need to score: Kopitar, Williams, Richards, Brown, Doughty, Carter
    Our big guy in net needs to bring his game to the next level and show us why he is a legitimate Vezina contender.
    Our defenders need to stay on their feet and be aggressive in the defensive zone.
    Everything needs to be clicking on all cylinders. The next step is greatness.

    Fuck the regular season, champions are made in the postseason, the work starts now. Lets Go Kings!

  23. Thats cool as hell Ryan J…..Im similar my Mom is Canadien(yea yuck it up) but shes been living in LA since the 80s and converted from a leafs fan to a Kings fan so when I was born in 88 she had me decked out in Kings pjs and the works…I can kinda remember the cup run I remeber her crying when we lost lol…..But Ive gotten real into the Kings for the last 4 seasons and have missed only a couple of games….but being a kings fan you know the roller coaster comes with the territory its part of the excitment I guess.

    P.S. anyone going to games 3or4 im thinking about getting a ticket but none of my friends are really hockey fans and I dont know if they would cough up the money to roll with me…..would any of you guys be interested in taking over a section…..Well get plenty of beer and ill definitly be out of my mind loud.

    • Wish I could be there. Although, I told my Dad and some buddies if the Kings make the Finals, I am flying home and going to games. I don’t give a shit how much it costs.

    • I would. However, I just got raped in divorce court. Out of necessity, i am sporting a ’92 Corrola with a trailer hitch. Who the….. what the fuck can that car tow? Except Ryane Clowe and Luongo if the latter purposely knocks the net off its moorings again.

  24. I live in PDX. Two years ago I was covering the Portland Winterhawks playoff series against Vancouver’s WHL team (the Giants?). I was leaving the Rose Garden through the players entrance and saw the Giants bus driver standing next to their team bus. I looked at him, pointed at my 20 year old Kings hat on my head and said “my Kings are going to fuck up your Canucks.” He laughed. Now it’s time to make him cry. I wanna see those pompous Canadian bastards have an LA size riot and burn down the whole fucking town. Paybacks a bitch. Go Kings!

  25. Me n the boys will be watching the game at the fire station……we want all those Kings fans who will be attending the games in Vancouver to represent all of us with pride=passion=power!!!

  26. Face will be painted, screaming my ass off.

  27. I hope we get to piss on some Sedin faces in the urnals again. I loved that last year!

  28. Nuck fans fully expect to take this series. I want to see them burn some shit in B.C. after our kings upset.

  29. If the Kings can’t get past the 1st round again and Dean Dumbardi is still the GM, this team is truly hopeless. The only way Dumbardi gets to keep his job with me is if the Kings actually make to the conference finals. Anything less and he should be given a swift kick in the ass.

    • Do you think that this team is capable of reaching the Conference Finals?

      • Honestly I don’t believe they’ll make it that far. BUT the squad has shown in some games that they are capable of going that far. Where they’ve flat out dominated and took over games. (against Nashville I think)

        No crystal ball here. Just here for the ride in which I’ve been waiting for a similar one since 1993.

        • I only ask because, if you think that they can, then that tells me you think Dumbardi has put together a good team. So, therefore, it is no longer up to him, but now on the players. My point is, I think that too much onus has been put on Dumbardi and not enough on his players. Losing two leads against SJ in the second period to end up in 8th, to me, is not DL’s fault, it’s clearly his players!

          I feel this team is good enough and for some reason it has been the consistency in their play that has held them back.

          I guess we’ll see starting Wednesday if they can be consistent within a 60 minute game to start.

          • I agree I think it’s definitely up to the players to get it done on the ice. The last game those two SJ goals were complete flukes. That one off of Mitchell’s stick was nothing but pure, dumb luck. If his stick was an inch higher the puck probably would have ended up in the corner somewhere. The puck was an inch higher Quick would have stopped it.

            I hear what you’re saying about the players but where does one then draw the line if the team barely makes it in and then gets bumped again the 1st round? Yes the players have to have some accountability since they’re the ones on the ice playing but what about the GM? He’s been given all this time to produce a legitimate cup contender and after what 6 seasons this is the product? I just don’t think he knows what the hell he’s doing.

          • Dude, don’t get me started.

          • If the team goes out again in the 1st round I think every single Kings fan needs to get started on Dean. Like shit on his desk or something.

  30. Richardson out…Lokti in. Hope he brings the sniper touch

    • Is this a bad omen, luck or what, where he had an appendectomy. Does not matter, as we got plenty of guys that better be hungry and execute what they are capable of doing. Sometimes the more the adversity, the more inspiration and guts and hard work comes out.

      GO KINGS GO!!!

  31. I have been drinking nothing but water to cleanse my kidneys for this upcoming monumental binge to celebrate the upset of the CaDucks. In 5.

  32. Since we’re all sharing, I’ll keep my as short and sweet as possible. As a young lassie growing up in LA, it was by mere accident that love at first sight happened. At the tender age of 5 I vaguely remember running around my father’s friend’s house being goofy with my younger brother. Two things I remember from our havoc causing days, stumbling in a room with a random water bed and running around their garage full of hockey equipment…yes, even a net. That day will go down in my history book as the day I became a hockey lover. Learned how to play (well… enough for a 5 year old at least…) until years passed and my obsession grew even greater. The Wings may have been my team (clearly I didn’t know any better and just randomly picked them…(yeeeeah….this is where the DON’T ASK/DON’T TELL the Detroit loving bf of mine comes into play… -thanks). While my fellow classmates…usually dudes, were going crazy for the lakers…I spend my time watching the kings. Playing outside with me hockey stick and puck…alone. (Sad…I know.) I wondered…why the hell do I not know anyone else who lives and breathes hockey like I do?! I just couldn’t understand…until my cousin threw me off guard when we picked me up and took me to my first kings game… “God help us” thought my mother as came home glowing and jumping up and down…”IM NOT ALOOOOOONE!!!” – I shouted.

    Fast forward several years…I’m worse now than before. Pray for my mother, she still doesn’t understand my love affair but luckily I have converted my broski into a fan. Shout. Scream. Cheer as loud as you can. Who the hell cares what the fucknuck fan behind you thinks…take their a$$es out and bring our baby Stanley home to LA! I SMELL IT! It’s a strong smell, it’s close, well 15 games close…but close none the less. Make it happen boys, we’ll be there cheering.

    Additionally, I dedicate these lines to the Kings and the Kingdom… I’m sure it’ll echo to the rest of you “crazies”…aka..fanatics.
    I don’t want to close my eyes
    I don’t want to fall asleep
    Cause I’d miss my kings
    No I don’t want to miss a thing
    Cause even when I dream of you
    The sweetest dream will never do
    I’d still miss my Kings
    No I don’t want to miss a thing

    PS. Burrows is a little bitch.


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