Kings Beat Canucks In Game One 4-2. Enjoy It & Get Back To Business On Friday

I tweeted before puck drop:

I am so relaxed before the Kings game. Why am I so relaxed? No nerves. No nervous energy. No, I am not medicated.

Crazy? Not really. By the end of the second, even after the Vancouver Canucks scored the late goal, I was not shaken. You know what? Neither were the Kings. The game had ebbs and flows, like any good game does and we did dominate most of the second period while they controlled the first half of the third, but the Kings at no point looked panicked. Our boys were confident, worked hard and played well. Over 60 minutes, we were the better team and the better team won, as it should be.

I am concerned for Kyle Clifford.

That was a dirty hit and, I don’t mean this as hyperbole but just self-evident fact, Vancouver is a dirty team. Byron Bitz? That was the player’s name that hit Clifford. Never heard of him. I hope I don’t hear his name for at least 3 games when he receives a nice suspension from Sheriff Shanahan…though he’ll probably get 1.

The only L.A. Kings player with whom I was very disappointed was Jarret Stoll. His penchant for bad penalties in the offensive zone has gone from random to maddening to expected. But with that one bad came a lot of good from the surprising Dustin Penner. It wasn’t just the game winning goal he scored but he worked hard out there every shift. I think it was in the second period, possibly the end of the first, when he broke up through sheer hustle what may have been a Vancouver goal. He skated, hit and played a simple game in the offensive and defensive zones. Color me hopeful.

Jeff Carter. Balance. That is what he brings. I know, I have written it before but it bears repeating. He is a critical piece to this team. He doesn’t need to be “great” to bring that balance and he wasn’t great tonight but he was good enough. Oh and the skate pass? Sick. Imagine if we get “great” Jeff Carter very soon when that ankle heals? Look out.

Live and die on special teams? Yup. I am not going to nitpick the powerplay. Hell, we scored twice on it. I will keep my smile instead. How wide is yours?

Mike Richards’ hit on Burrows…

So my fellow fanatics, we’re up 1-0. Robert Luongo, absent Mike Richards’ goal, had a damn good game. That good wasn’t good enough to beat us but it’s only 1-0. Quick was also solid. Game 2 is Friday. Only Friday matters at this point. Let’s be the better team on Friday.

Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Mike Richards

2. Willie Mitchell

1. Dustin Penner


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  1. Major BOOBs! Major BOOBs!

  2. Go KINGS GO! I hope Clifford isn’t hurt bad. He didn’t look good going off the ice. That hit on Burrows by Richards—-LOVED it!

  3. Well, I was nervous as hell before the game, during the game and at the end of the game. I was able to relax a little after the Kings finally got off the ice, although I was stunned they weren’t pelted with parts of taxi cabs. Then, I was nervous they would have their locker room looted. Now, the only thing I am nervous about is whether their bus may be overturned, having been mistaken for a school bus by hordes of drunken Vancower fans.

    Ha, new name: Vancower Fuckinucks.

  4. What a game! I can’t sleep, and I can’t wait until Friday night. GO KINGS GO!

  5. This is just about the most confident I’ve seen the Kings all season. Only thing I have to add is that they should just work a little harder to screen Luongo. GMFKG!!

  6. … I couldn’t have asked for a better game 1. My only worry was that the Hockey Gods were going to steal this one away with some bullshit and some bounces, but justice prevailed.

    Mike Richards was the deserved #1 star in my opinion. He had a wonderful game.

    No let up on Friday – no let up.

  7. After watching the Philly game tonight and Schenn’s performance, I remembered your comment about Dean Lombardi’s ball sack dripping with sweat. Well, Richard’s wiped off DLs sack quite nicely tonight. I like your top three but I’ll change the order to Richards, Penner, then Mitchell. Great game overall. A good start!

    • I was thinking the same thing when I saw Schenn racking up those points.

    • I’d also give mention to Scuderi who did a great job keeping Siden bottled up along the boards. Siden couldn’t even get a pass off.

  8. The most encouraging thing for me, and hopefully for them was that they never panicked. They stuck to a game plan and kept at it. With Luongo making great saves it would be easy to get frustrated and make mistakes but they put their nose to the grindstone and showed real playoff grit.

    Now to do it 15 more times.

  9. Post game is updated with two videos. Check them out

  10. Vancouver seemed like a very desperate team through most of the third. By desperate, I mean diving all over the place trying to get a call. Not going to work in the playoffs you dumbfuck canuck!

  11. Anyone know of any watch parties for Friday? I’m planning on going to the Yardhouse

  12. Huge win, but still a lot of work needs to be done. Hell of a game though

  13. Ummm, I am VERY happy we won tonight, and believe it or not, I had a feeling Pancakes would make a difference this evening. That said, let’s not throw Quick into the “he is always a GOD, so we’ll just assume that will be the case” pile. There are no three stars of the game in this series- there is Quick, and there is the other two. Never forget that.

  14. Oh, and Player X, your icon should be Racer X, not a Sleestack. Just saying.

  15. Fucking Cliffy. That was brutal. He better get more than a game for that.

    • I’ll be surprised if he gets any supplemental discipline by the league. The NHL doesn’t want to hurt one of its precious teams during the playoffs

  16. One other player that had a pretty good game was Trevor Lewis. He was able to make a couple strong outlet passes, from in deep. at critical points. Also, he managed to maintain possession of the puck while getting hammered repeatedly. And HOLY SHIT Burrows got his bag worked by Richards.

  17. Bottomline: Kings were cool, calm, and collected, with the Nucks scrambling and playing catch up for the game. Lululongo had rubber coming out of his ears and his butt.

    The Riot City skaters were foiled and ripped off by the eager high flying Kings that were
    too classy to beat tonight.

    These BC Nucks had some wild lion kings by he tail and could not deny the Kings.

    Kings, you got the right recipe on how to slow down the Nucks.

    Great win and keep them coming….

    GO KINGS GO!!!!

    • Great win tonite. Solid effort by the entire team. My only concern wasGiving them 5 PP was a lot but we killed them off.
      Still needs to be smarter and not take so many dumb offensive zone penalties and Quick needs to stop passing the puck around the boards to waiting Canucks players, but other than that the Kings outplayed, out muscled, and had the better PP. 2 for 8 is not to shabby. GKG! Let bring the series back to LA up 2-0!

  18. That was a great play by Penner/Carter/Richards. Any chance Penner works his way back to the second line?

    • Unless this Bryon Bitz lame has priors, Id say he’ll only get one game.
      They reported it as a upper back injury but Cliffy’s tuff as nails so hopefully will see him soon.

  19. Awesome game. Awesome hit by Richards to end it. Burrows is a douche and he should be suspended for diving. Same with the Sedins and Kesler. Seriously, it takes away from the sport. We’re not playing soccer, we’re playing hockey. Grow some balls and be a man, at least one, cumulative among you. Canucks suck balls- No, Vancouver sucks balls.

    NUCKS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Also, I think Burrows should be suspended for at lease a game for coming back at Richards after that hit. I mean, judging by their reaction, the rest of his team thought it was clear otherwise they would have bum-rushed him. Even the crowd thought it was clean by cheering “ooooooh” (as in, “wow, that was a big hit”) rather than “ref you suck” or some other winy, high pitched cheer.

  20. Fuck yeah. That’s how you debate.

    I said the same thing about stoll during the game, too many untimely offensive penalties. His forecheck and energy are killer but he needs to play smarter and less reckless.

    Amart almost fucked us twice. Two different turnovers by the net. Maybe he was nervous but he needs to make the safe quick play and keep it movin.

    Also like sutter said we’ve gotta score on 5 on 3s

    But good game otherwise.

  21. Just finished watching my recording and, the obvious, FUCK YES!

    What a whiny bitch team with a whiny bitch fan base the Canucks are and have. Luongo was something else, but keep up the pressure, keep the Canucks worried about the refs and that stellar play will give way to stars and sunbursts in his eyes.

    Loved Quick. LOVED Richards. Thought Doughty was damn good. Agree that Stoll was the only player that bothered me.

    On to Friday. God I fucking love the playoffs.

  22. Best quote of the night:
    (on whether he was surprised the puck came to him on the winning goal…)
    PENNER: “I was more surprised it went in the net.’’


  23. I am surprised you didn’t say anything about Martinez. He turned the puck over a few times, and he went in the sin bin.

    • He just gripped his stick too tight a few times. I honestly think he looked better as the game went on.

  24. Wow. Had to DVR the game, didn’t get finished watching it until two hours ago. But wow, I’m impressed! They basically handled the Canucks the same way they handled the Sharks for two periods in the last game of the season, but without the major meltdown (probably because they didn’t have to hold a lead for more than 5 minutes in the end).

    Obviously everything was ratcheted up in this game, but there were similarities. This game was so much more physical though. One of the most physical games I have ever seen. To the Kings credit, they seemed to have plenty of gas left in the tank in the end, and the Canucks actually looked tired! There just seemed to be this energy drain from their game in the third period. i don’t know how to describe it.

    Really, really impressed with the overall game. Just fantastic territorially. When Richards is playing well, Carter is going, and everyone is at their best offensively (maybe besides Kopitar today), this is a special team in terms of controlling the game territorially. At least today it was. They’ve been inconsistent all year. But when they’re at their best, it’s special to waste.

    However, my one concern is still that they dominated most of the game, yet could never get more than a 1 goal lead. The Kings needed to dominate for 20 minutes just to finally squeak out 1 goal, while the Canucks know how to turn just five minutes of good play into a goal (for example). That’s just the basic gist of what worries me. The Kings came out of this one with a victory, but I’m worried even if they outplay the Canucks for 40 of 60 minutes next game, or the game after that, the Canucks will still score more goals.

    Or, maybe the reason they weren’t able to in this game was because without Daniel Sedin, they don’t have enough weapons. With Kesler not scoring, and their other big scorer in Daniel out, who is going to score? Henrik just passes. I wonder if they don’t have enough weapons now. Something definitely just seemed to be missing for them tonight. Higgins and Hansen were pretty good for them, especially Hansen, on the third-line wings, but they needed some help and Pahlsson was absolutely invisible. Losing Hodgson from that line could turn out to be a killer. They also look like they miss Raffi Torres. There was just something missing, they needed a few more guys who were going to control the puck in the offensive zone and create chances, like the Torres – Lapierre – Hansen line did last postseason on the third line, but it seemed to be missing. That could mean good things for the Kings, or the Canucks could find it in game 2.

    It will be interesting to watch. But this was a really good performance by the Kings. If they could just turn their possession into goals with more regularity, they could beat anyone playing like this. But… they don’t turn it into goals with more regularity, and I don’t think that’s just bad luck. Nevertheless, great performance.

  25. By the way, I don’t know where it’s been all year or where it came from, but Penner was good tonight, even before the goal. He actually hit people and worked along the boards, protected the puck. Who knew. He was Ryane Clowe with minus the douchebaggery.

    I go back to this, but this is why sometimes it’s nice to have those overpaid, underachieving skill guys on your lower lines, whether it’s a power forward like Penner, or Ville Leino, Hemsky, or whoever. Sure, maybe all year long they suck, they don’t try, they don’t work, they don’t play defense, they don’t do anything, but when there comes that moment in the playoffs where the pucks on their stick, all of a sudden its advantage lazy-pants over the hard working grit guys on the other team, because lazy-pants has that skill. He might not work hard enough regularly to create many chances where he gets to use it, but in those rare cirucmstances when the chances come to him, you’re happy to have a guy who knows what to do with it.

    I’m not saying the net impact is positive, overall, just that there can be benefits from time to time having that skill guy, even a lazy one, in your depth. Obviously, unless Penner keeps playing like he did tonight, which is doubtful, he’s not worth 4.5 million. But if you can re-sign him for 2 million per year, maybe that’s worth it.

  26. Great game by the Kings! I was pissed about the first goal Vancouver got; with Burrows (i think) tripping himself over Quick and then prancing like he got high-sticked. That interference got them a goal and i was LIVID

    good thing the Kings are ready and willing to play HOCKEY

    • Kesler…. but when it comes to that sort of play, they’re pretty much interchangeable parts on that team….. other than four or five guys.

    • Poor sports. Then at the end the Sinden dive followed by LePerrier dropping his stick to draw a slash. As good a team Vancouver is it is no wonder that this team is so universally disrespected.

      Vancouver fans fool themselves into believing that the disrespect is envy. Unlike the poor sport Canuks and their disfunctional fan base.Detroit was a lsuccessful winner that, entire league and fan base admired…

      Win or lose the series, I was happy to see the pressue rise at the Roger.

  27. In savoring the game last night, what was so key to me was throwing the Nuck Jobs off their
    own system and game plans. Their players were really out of their normal positions from their usual game plans in the regular season.

    When players have to be elsewhere on the ice, dealing with King threats, then, that works best for the Kings, as we could see.

    It is not so much about the speed or tempo of the game, but, how the Kings were willing to become threats and fire away at Luongo.

    Even though Luongo was eating up shots, he was looking at his guys like “come on boys”, you have to help out here. So, his boys figured they needed to stop the King barrages,
    which then disrupted the Nucks.

    That lead to penalties and anger management issues (illegal cheap hit on Clifford).

    Kings will need to keep up pressure and threats and make all adjustments necessary to deal with the Nucks coming back Friday to spoil the Kings partytime.

    • As for position they tried gong up the middle and it didn’t work. They shifted to the boards and got pounded. Sinden never got free to work his magic and the Kings closed the cross ice passing lane on the power play. Two forcheckers kept pressure on the defense and the Kings beat them to pucks behind Quick. There wasn’t much left for the Nucks.

      Maybe they figure it out in time for the next game, maybe not.

  28. Good Write-up… I did not have as much confidence as you did Bobby due to our tendency to
    shoot ourselves in the foot.. must be nice not to be pacing for 2 hours in front of the TV :)
    Typical Dirty player nucks.. why I so dislike them.. win with skill not cheap shots..
    Hoping the best for our Cliffy… Give the King’s some respect and punish the SOB
    Game two.. here we go…
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  29. Goon Bitz faces Shanahan judgement later today.

    This guy needs a lock up in the Riot City jail for about 5 days and a lower bunk.

  30. … Keep in mind that the Kings have never won the first two games of any playoff series since 1976, when they won the first two (and only two) games of a best-of-three preliminary round series against the Atlanta Flames.

    • Records are meant to be broken.

      • … Exactly my point. Keep in mind when you’re watching the game on Friday that you could be seeing something that this franchise hasn’t done in 36 years.

    • . . . and they never won a seven-game series where they’d lost the first two games — UNTIL, if memory serves, the opening round against Detroit in 2001 (?).

      I was at the sixth game of that series — where we took the Wings outa the play-offs on Deadmarsh’s overtime goal.

      The one thing that stays with me is that “history” is re-created ALL the time.

      Now . . . with that in mind. We cannot let up against these shits. Not on Friday, Sunday, or ever! We played a terrific game last night and yet the Canucksuckers could have snarfed it away from us on that late powerplay. I notice Vancouver’s local news has bitten the team on the ass. You KNOW they’re gonna be playing their game on Friday. THAT’s the time to jack-off in their cereal — when they’re at their peak.

      • … I expect the Canucks to come out hyped, and probably dominate the first ten minutes. If the Kings can withstand that (or somehow get a lead in that time), I think they have a better-than-average chance of winning tomorrow night.

        If the second half of the game last night (as well as the post-game interviews) is any indication, the Kings won’t be fazed by the Canucks’ antics. I saw a lot of desperation last night from Vancouver, even while the game was tied, and when the Kings went ahead 3-2, there was a visible drop on their bench. Certainly not the confidence I’d expected from a team who won a President’s trophy and was the #1 seed in the West.

        Remember, in the last-regular season matchup the Kings and Canucks had, the Kings did lose 1-0 – but they dominated that game, out-shooting Vancouver 38-25. Last night, the Kings out-shot the Canucks 39-26. Far be it for me to say that two games is any kind of trend, but these are the only games the Kings have played against Vancouver since the Carter trade. Make what you will of it.

        • Keep in mind that the Kings have given up only 3 goals in 60 minutes of regulation to the Nuck Jobs with yesterday’s game and the one a couple of weeks ago in Vancouver.

          That is not bad for any team in the league against a President Trophy team.

    • We CAN do It!
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  31. That was such a dirty hit by the piece of shit Bitz. I think he should have to be out the same amount of time Cliffy is…and longer. And if he does come back I hope Westy beats the living shit out of him! Other than that. Real proud of our boys! Penner showed up! Thought it was by far his best game with the Kings ever!!!

  32. BURROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re a little bitch. num. num. num.

  33. If cliffys out where do you think they are going to put lokti?

  34. We’ve started this series off just exactly the way we needed to. We’ve guaranteed that the worst we can come out of Vancouver with is a split, and we have hopefully taken the Nucks a bit out of their comfort zone. Louongo kept them in the game, but their offense couldn’t finish us, and we got more offense than they probably thought we were capable of, and from people they clearly weren’t prepared to worry about. Richards and Penner surprised with their tenacity and effectiveness, and now it’s time for Kopi and Williams to get into the act, providing the Canucks with more pieces of the puzzle to worry about.

    I hope that Clifford is OK and that Bitz gets at least a game or two out of it, not that his loss will hurt the Canucks all that much. It’s just principle at this point. I want the Kings to keep playing tough, and I want the refs to watch the crap in the crease a lot more carefully. That first goal should never have happened after the way Quick got run over like that.

  35. Saw the following tweet out a few minutes ago:

    @LAKings: RT @jimfox19: Bitz will get 2 games for hit on Clifford! @LAKings

    It should be 5 games at least.

    The league is so inconsistent. Weber gets a joke fine meaning nothing on his hit yesterday on Zetterberg.

    We may be in for a post season for a great amount of injuries and damage to bodies on the ice.

  36. Somebody is making a big deal out of the LA Kings Tweet after the game.

    After Cliffy is wiped out and maybe millimeters away from a broken neck, this is the best they can come up with to slam the Kings:

    This is pure BS:


    TSN’s Dave Hodge sounds off on all the hockey issues of the day in Hodgemail. Write in to answer Dave’s weekly question and watch the NHL on TSN later tonight to see if he reads your response.

    The first-round series between the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks is already getting nasty – and it’s not on the ice.

    Just minutes after their 4-2 win over the top-seeded Canucks and taking home-ice advantage away from the defending conference champions, someone in the Kings organization sent out a simple one-line message on the team’s official Twitter account.

    “To everyone in Canada outside of BC, you’re welcome,” it read.

    Another shot across the bow at the team that some regard as the most hated in the National Hockey League?

    To some media and fans, it was downright offensive. To others, it made for some great late-night laughs. To the Los Angeles Kings, it didn’t sit well with senior members of the organization.

    “We encourage our digital team to be creative, interactive and to apply a sense of humour whenever possible,” said Mike Altieri, the Kings vice-president of communications and broadcasting. “To anyone who found it offensive we sincerely apologize.”

    And your thoughts?

    Here’s Dave’s question to you: Was the Los Angeles Kings’ “You’re Welcome” tweet to the rest of Canada in good fun, or inappropriate?

  37. Sutter’s Brother is gone from Calgary—


    Kompon would be great to send to Calgary….

    CALGARY — The Calgary Flames are looking for a new coach.

    Brent Sutter agreed to part way with the NHL team after three seasons, according to a release from the Flames on Thursday.

    The decision came after a meeting between Sutter and general manager Jay Feaster. Sutter’s contract was due to expire at the end of June.

    “Brent and I explored many options and ultimately determined that it is best to proceed in different directions,” said Feaster. “Brent is a great person and an excellent hockey coach.”

    The Flames narrowly missed the playoffs in all three seasons under Sutter, compiling a 118-90-38 record overall.

    His resume also includes a two-year stint with the New Jersey Devils and a seven-year run with the Red Deer Rebels, the Western Hockey League team he continues to own.

    Brent was hired by the Flames in June 2009 when brother Darryl was the GM. Feaster replaced Darryl Sutter in December 2010.

    “After discussions with Jay since the season ended, it was in the best interest of the organization and myself to part ways,” said Sutter. “I wish the Calgary Flames all the best.”

    Darryl Sutter, in Vancouver as the head coach of the Los Angeles Kings, called his brother “a top coach in the National Hockey League,” and predicted Brent will not be out of a job for long.

    “Brent wants to coach in the National Hockey League, he’ll coach in the National Hockey League,” said Darryl Sutter. “It’s pretty straight forward.”

    The Flames also announced that assistant coach Dave Lowry will not have his contract renewed.

  38. This is just one fucking game. A single game. An opening game.

    I want to feel this way after the LAST game of the series.


  1. MVN » Bryon Bitz faces hearing with Shanny and the Department of Player Safety

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