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  1. I’ve been watching all the posts and hype around the playoffs and I just can’t seem to overlook those two losses to the Sharks. I was much more excited and optimistic 2 years ago. I am a true and die hard Kings fan, even lived in Vancouver for a couple of years and fought for us up there, but the Vancouver team is better than two years ago and we are worse. I am just not seeing it happen for this group. Would be nice if Penner grew some balls, Brown acquired consistent offensive skills, Stohl and Williams got younger, Anze got some fight, Lewis woke up with a deft wrist shot, Carter got over the bright lights of LA and decided to play some real hockey and Richards got 2 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier. Then I just might be able to get excited about this years attempted run.

  2. Wow, this gave me goosebumps.

    Off topic, I heard that the Habs want to hire Lucky Luc to be their next GM

  3. Hammond reports that D Sedin is Not playing game 1. He he he…it’s time to really bust some lips over there in riot city.

    • Has there ever been a riot in LA?….Ha Ha ..riot cities you mean…Canucks went 8-1-1 in las t 10 without Daniel…Quick gave up 8 goals in last 2 when home ice was on the line..sounds like crap in the pants to me. So whats going to happen when the season is on the line?? Bring your lip busters and we will see whos lips are ending up bloody..and by the way you LA fans dont support your team very well as when we come to LA canucks fans are always louder and more supportive than LA fans. i love seeing all the blue in the crowd.

      • You speak much truth, Ratzlaff — (a good name, if it’s really yours).

        I was among those who picked the Canucks to win the Cup last season. But that was before I perceived their grave defects of character. However, they are better now than they were last year. A healthy Hamhuis and a healthy Kesler are powerful assets.

        So it’s only just that Vancouver’s fans are so supportive — though, to the outside world, “supportive” is easily translatable as boorish and obnoxious. And that’s when their team WINS. I think we all know how “supportive” those fans are when the Canucks lose.

        I’m not saying an upset will happen in this series. But upsets DO happen. If Vancouver fans act like such assholes when the Canucks come within a single game of winning the championship, how will they react if the Kings take them out in the opening round?

      • It’s the playoffs now. You can take all that regular season shit and throw it out your window. It’s not about points anymore. It’s the race to 4 wins any way any how.

        If you’re ok with D Sedin being out, I’m ok with it also. I’m not concerned at all about the last 2 games and Quick’s performance. The guy’s a fucking stud and I know Vancouver is concerned about that. It’s not a matter of If it’s a matter of When Quick goes in Brick Wall mode. That’s when you guys are seriously fucked.

        There’s plenty of guys on the squad who’ll gladly bust lips, eyes, faces, etc of your beloved Canucks. Just tell that fucking homo Burrows to keep his finger biting to himself lest he meets a guy named Jordan Nolan! Booya!

  4. Im a motion graphic artist myself. That looks great, good looking 3D text. Cinema 4D?

  5. Outrageous, that got my blood pumping.

    I want to see so many red lights tonight by the Kings, I want to see Riot City turned into the red light district Amsterdam, Holland…..

    GO KINGS GO!!!!

    Okay, with my blood pumping, I am going to step it up a notch for all die hard King fans.

    Cansucks worse nightmare.


    GO, GO, GO, GO, KINGS, GO, GO, GO!!!!

  6. I’m going on a limb and say the Kings knock these Canucks down tonite and go on to win the series in 6 games! No one expects the Kings to win which is exactly our advantage! Underdog we are and as long as the Kings play the way we are capable and do not play the Canucks game we can take these guys down! The time is NOW! Who cares what we did in the regular season this is playoff time! Time to give back to all the Kings fans and leave it all on the ice and beat this team! Go Kings!

  7. Get ready to rumble LA KING Fans:

    This is L.A.
    Our city our home.
    Los Angeles,
    We never walk alone.
    Forever true we’ll stay
    In tribute to our city,
    No matter where we go
    This is our home.

    On the sunset strip,
    The devil’s hard at work.
    If you wanna play you gotta pay you know
    To keep the clubs from going under.
    That’s the price to grace the floor
    As every fool before.

    Underneath the haze
    In the streets of this maze
    All the way from the 10 to the 5 to the 134.
    These streets are nothing but a parking lot
    But I don’t care ’cause I’m not going anywhere.

    It’s 2AM again, when will I ever learn.
    If those warm winds blow me home tonight
    I’ll have a place to lay my head
    I’ll leave my troubles at the foot of my bed.

    On the west coast shore,
    It’s been far too long.
    So what if I got no money in my pockets.
    I’ll always stand up strong,
    ‘Cause I’m in the city where I belong.

    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  8. … That’s a great video. I like everything about it.

  9. Fantastic video!!! Gave me goosebumps. GO KINGS GO!!!!


    GO KINGS GO!!!



    Hate New York City
    It’s cold and it’s damp
    And all the people dressed like monkeys
    Let’s leave Chicago to the Eskimos
    That town’s a little bit too rugged
    For you and me, babe

    Rollin’ down Imperial Highway
    With a big nasty redhead at my side
    Santa Ana winds blowin’ hot from the north
    And we was born to ride
    Roll down the window, put down the top
    Crank up the Beach Boys, baby
    Don’t let the music stop
    We’re gonna ride it ’til we just can’t ride it no more
    From the South Bay to the Valley
    From the West Side to the East Side
    Everybody’s very happy
    ‘Cause the sun is shining all the time
    Looks like another perfect day
    I love L.A. (We love it)
    I love L.A. (We love it)
    We love it

    Look at that mountain
    Look at those trees
    Look at that bum over there, man
    He’s down on his knees
    Look at these women
    There ain’t nothin’ like em nowhere
    Century Boulevard (We love it)
    Victory Boulevard (We love it)
    Santa Monica Boulevard (We love it)
    Sixth Street (We love it, we love it, we love it)
    We love L.A.

    I love L.A. (We love it)
    I Love L.A. (We love it)
    I Love L.A. (We love it)

    GO KINGS GO!!!


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