Kings vs. Canucks Game 1 Hangover Musings

Johnny: “What did you have to drink?”

Bobby: “A lot.”

Johnny: “No, what, not how much.”

Bobby: “To drink?”

Johnny: “Yes.”

Bobby: “A lot.”

Johnny: “Fucker!”

Byron Bitz got suspended for two games. This would have a greater impact on game two if his name was Kesler. I don’t like this trade-off. They lose a scrub I’ve never heard of (narcissism be damned), we lose Kyle Clifford for at least one game and are stuck between Andrei Loktionov or Kevin Westgarth and I don’t take either of those two over Kyle for this series. Bitz claims:

“I had no intention of targeting the head or injuring anybody. That’s not the way I play.”

Have we considered forgiving Bitz and waiving the suspension? Have we considered that Vancouver is a worse team with him in the lineup than without? I don’t know, I am just asking.

Dustin Penner is a funny guy. From Helene Elliott:

Kings’ Dustin Penner on Vigneault recognizing him as someone Canucks must stop: “I think he recognized me from my 4 years in Edmonton.”

More Penner: “I don’t know if you watched me but I used to be a good player.”

What is the over-under on how many times Matt Greene will lose his helmet during game two? This should be a drinking game except when it happens during the same shift that Jarret Stoll takes an offensive zone penalty, you finish the bottle.

I was going to write about this whole L.A. Kings Twitter account controversy and the apology that followed but, honestly, Travis Hughes covered it pretty well (1000 people just went “who?”) which surprised me because I generally don’t expect anything worth reading out of sbnation. Here is Travis’ article. Man, can you imagine if the L.A. Kings tweeted a top 10 list like this? Or how about one like this? Or, holy shit, THIS? Then they would have something for which to really apologize. Remember that our humor (or lack thereof) is a click away at the drop down menu bar atop your screen entitled “Surly & Scribe Humor.”

Was Ryan Kesler always a diver or is this new? It’s been a long week but I am drawing a blank here. I know Burrows, the Sedins, Luongo, hell the entire fucking team, but Kesler?

I admit I am perplexed as to why the L.A. Kings went to the Terry Murray default low to high powerplay. I am all for using it in conjunction with other formations but the be all, end all? It was effective two playoffs ago against the Canucks. Maybe that’s what we want Vancouver to think we intend to do and, tomorrow, we mix it up and murder them with low release plays…a boy can dream.

Mike Richards has received a lot of accolades about Wednesday’s performance. He was impressive. I have been asked numerous times why he was not my number 1 star. My star selection process is the intellectual property of my ego and therefore is not for public consumption.

Thank you to everyone who visits our site during the playoffs. We are on pace to shatter the single day record. We will likely surpass over 10,000 visitors today. That’s cool. Remember to bring your own beer.


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  1. They lose a scrub I’ve never heard of (narcissism be damned), we lose Kyle Clifford for at least one game and are stuck between Andrei Loktionov or Kevin Westgarth and I don’t take either of those two over Kyle for this series.

    … To be fair, Clifford wasn’t doing much either, and hasn’t done much for almost a month. Kyle was hustling and working, but not effective. I don’t see where Loktionov is any kind of real downgrade, as I’m sure he’ll put in work and won’t be expected to get on the scoreboard.

    • But it messes with our fourth line which is very effective. I think that is the biggest detriment.

    • Lokti is a mouse who can be coughed off the puck. If Clifford — who’s used to getting hit upside his head and skating off the ice with a shit-eating grin on his face afterwards — can be taken out, imagine what’ll happen to Andrei-of-the-disintegrating-shoulder in a playoff game.

      He’s a talented kid. But that fourth line is meant for energy and to bop, not to squirrel through the other squad’s legs.

      • But that fourth line is meant for energy and to bop

        … Okay, then run a fourth line of Nolan-Fraser-Westgarth. I don’t expect it to play any more than seven minutes in the game, anyway.

        • All minutes are critical. Particularly when you don’t get the last change. I’m Not comfortable shrugging off those minutes the same way I am during the regular season.

          • All minutes are critical. Particularly when you don’t get the last change.

            … Not disagreeing with you on any of that. Just saying their exposure to the game will be minimized.

            And not only that, I’d say you better get used to Loktionov in there because that’s the man who will be replacing Stoll as the third line center in 2012-13.

          • Re: Loki replacing Stoll.

            Good. Very happy with that.

          • … We’ll see if you’re still happy with it 40 or so games into next season.

          • Ye of little faith in one of our most promising young players. All for what, face-offs?

          • … Not only faceoffs, but offense and defense.

            Stoll just completed the worst season of his career (by far) and scored 21 points with a +2 rating, despite a career-worst 4.5 shooting percentage – compared to a mark of 9.2% in his NHL career.

            Loktionov would be fortunate to score 20 points next season, as he played nearly half of this season and had 7 points. His career shooting percentage in the minors was 8.5%. He wasn’t good enough to be on the roster during the stretch run, and the Kings had their best run of the season without him.

            It’s not that I don’t think Loktionov is NHL-ready. But he’s a project. He’s not ready to take over a critical role at this point. Perhaps in 2-3 years, but not now. The Kings will be asking more from him than he’ll be able to deliver (something not new to this organization, I might add) and they will run into problems because of it.

          • Well I think that once Loktionov settles into his game he will be a more dynamic player than Stoll. Stoll’s season was definitely a downturn in all areas, but I think if we go out and get a big, good 3rd line winger like we should, or resign Penner because he continues to play like he did last game, then that will go a long way towards helping mature Loki. I don’t see him as that big of a project as you do. I think he is just on the cusp of finding a groove in the NHL.

            As for the stretch run thing, I think that was mostly because we didn’t want to use him as a 4th line center and when the Stoll at wing failed experiment ended, it was best for Loki to put him in Manchester. A slight difference than characterizing it as him just not being good enough for the roster. Stoll wasn’t going to sit, so better to sit Richie and Westy than to sit Loki.

        • I’m not so troubled with Nolan-Fraser-Westgarth.

  2. You know Bobby, the fact is that Canadians are excessively sensitive to the truth which upsets them nonetheless.

    This time of year they are doing nothing except either watching hockey or talking hockey while having a donut at Tim Horton’s

    • Have you ever even been to Canada you arrogant redneck, oops or am I being to sensitive. Do want me to pull out some good ole American sterotypes? Cause I have LOTS of them. Bashing Canadians as a whole cause the Kings are playing a team from Canada shows your arrogance and your lack of intelligence. Oh and btw over half the Kings roster is CANADIANS so have some god damn respect.

      • One of my closest friends is Canadian and I have had many. We give each other shit regularly. I am sure Jo meant it in good fun unless those links, which I have not clicked yet, were Canadian puppies being run over by American trucks.

      • Be cool. It came out of Canada today that the King tweet bugged them. It was in all the major media sites, blogs, talk shows, making a big deal out of nothing.
        That was the point which is they are hypersensitive to nothing. Canada is no problem with.

        • Actually it bugged people from Vancouver, the rest of Canada absolutely loved it, hence my post on not lumping ALL of Canada in your post. Comparing the rest of Canada to people from Vancouver is similar to comparing people from LA to New Yorkers.

      • So you’re canadian. We all have our faults. We love you semi-communists.

  3. we might be better with bitz in the lineup. Who was that one dman they had 2 years ago. He gave us at least half of all those powerplays we had that series it was great. Alberts I think it was.

    And as far as i can remember kesler’s the worst of the divers, whiners, and embellishers.

    Great drinking game by the way. haha that’ll be a fun one.

    And congrats on the 10,000 I found your guys blog here a couple months ago and have been here everyday since.

  4. OK, Vancouver players piss me off. They dive SO MUCH. I am just so happy they weren’t getting calls for it last night. BAH!

  5. Appreciate the back-handed compliment!

  6. Too funny are bloging on observations I have been likewise observing …think it helps lighten me up during the game..too much pacing in front of my TV.
    So no official update on Cliffy?
    Went here first..will look in Twitter now.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. All hail Andrei Loktionov!!!!!!

    (Come to me, my child. Come to me.)

  8. Hahaha! God, I love this site! I hope we go 2-0 in Vancouver tomorrow
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  9. We have two guys out now, Richardson and Clifford, so that this is not the time for any more snake bit injuries that lessens the roster we can put out on the ice. Thankfully, Carter was able to come back in the nick of time.

  10. I recant my eallrlier assertion of kings in five. sweep is coming. i watchted again. the cunks are scared. they played a wack game with no reason. they are beat already. agree withcthe earlier post they try to dominate the first.few minutes, but when they give up the first goal to our boys, they will fold. they lack heart. they lack knowledge of they lose tonight. no bad bounces for us. one bad bounce against them, and the tin men will be revealed. kings in 4! take that mojo px!! believe!!!! GKGeeaahh!

  11. Really? Richards was that good. Im left with an emotional reaction of “fuck, dude was awesome.” But I digress and will review dvr without emotion/bias.

  12. Oh, crap- I forgot Doughty showing the jerk off when Kesler skates away from the official. That SBNation article reminded me- Classic!


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