L.A. Kings Take 2-0 Series Lead Over Canucks. Love It Tonight. Reset Tomorrow.

It wasn’t a perfect game. We were outplayed for parts of it. We didn’t dominate. What we did was never pause, never invite them back in and, just as important, never play like a team scared to win. Compare the L.A. Kings team in these playoffs to the last two and what I see is a team that looks and plays like it belongs here and is serious about winning.

Am I excited? A little. 2-0 was earned, not gifted. Vancouver played its ass off tonight and lost 4-2. But I won’t be tomorrow. I won’t be because there is a lot of work to be done. It’s not about playing well in the first round. It’s about winning the Stanley Cup. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we fucking earned the right to be here. There is no future. Only now. Only playoffs. Only winning.

Surly, Timmy Love & I will talk about the series and coming home up 2-0 in more detail tomorrow. Our podcast show will be recorded at 10am (with Surly hung over) and up on the site by noon. Until then, Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Drew Doughty

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Dustin Brown.

Speaking of Brownie…

God, that was fun. GO KINGS!

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  1. Ohhhhh man! What a game! The Canfucks were dog-piling on every post-whistle scrum. And the Kings just stayed calm and took care of business! So proud of them!! GO KINGS GO!

  2. Ya, I’m excited as the next Kings Fan, but I agree, winning games is awesome, but I want the Cup, and for that we need to be seriously focused every game. Now we must do at home which we haven’t in the past, make The Staples the most unwanted place to play in the entire NHL …….. because when you come here, youir getting whooped !

  3. You should post Lewis’s wrap around too. Because it was great.

  4. Yeah let’s trade Brown. Great idea dumbass.
    Guys that hit everything in sight and put up 25-30 goals a year for 3 mil are everywhere.
    Love Browns offensive game since the deadline, it’s really coming together for him.

    Does anybody else think there’s a slight rivalry between brown and Richards? Not a spoken one but “I’ll show you who’s the leader of this team”. Richards has a great game 1, gets all the press and praise talking about how he “lead” the team then brown comes back with a beast game in 2. I think having Richards around is a good motivator for DB.

  5. Given the riots in last years finals… Do you think the Canuck fans will succeed in burning the city to the ground if the 8th seed sends them to the golf course (or whatever canadians do in the off-season)?

  6. Holy shit are you kidding me? 2 short handers, a power play and even strength goal?!? For all the shit this team has been through in the regular season, hey peaking at the right time is better than pulling a Minnesota. 2 wins away from round 2. Ain’t gonna be easy but doable!

  7. … Understand there’s still more hockey to play, but this has been a massive achievement. To beat the team with the best record in the NHL twice in a row, on their ice – that’s outstanding.

    The Kings aren’t going to go 16-0 in the playoffs. They might lose one of the next two at home. But they’ve put themselves in a great position to win this series. And, that’s what the focus should be on. This series. Not the 14 games they have left to win, but the two they need to take care of this series, this opponent. Then, they can move on to the next opponent.

    The attitude of the players, so far as I can see it, is right where it should be. They realize they were outplayed this game, but got out of there with a W. They understand and respect what the Canucks are capable of doing. The Kings know they could have played better than they did tonight, and will be ready to pick up their games in L.A.

    The Kings are getting a lot of help from different sources. Lewis, Penner, Mitchell, Stoll. That’s what makes me even more optimistic. Carter still doesn’t have a goal. Williams doesn’t have one. Kopitar doesn’t have one. The team didn’t need to rely on Quick in game 1, and Quick was amazing in game 2, when they DID need it. Their Captain had a big game in the playoffs, as Captains need to do; Brown has 6 goals and 12 points in his 14 career playoff games. They are right where they should be.

  8. Great road game once again. An observation, I would bump up Penner to the second line. That line was minus-2 tonight. The can read it better now after game one. Just an idea…. Thoughts?

    • Let me clarify: The second line was minus-2. Thus the Canucks have made adjustments. They can read it better.

      • Plus Pancakes is playing way better (another assist tonight) and has good chemistry with Richards and Carter (as we saw in game 1)

        • Ok I’m done replying to myself. (I blame the whisky)

          • Fucker. I was reading. Get back to replying

          • OK here’s this for an enema (that happens to be true) : “It was strictly a game of special teams out there,” Sutter said. “Five-on-five, we weren’t very impressive.”

          • ok. now I’m done. gotta pass out…

          • The Canucks change the line matches to stop the Richards line and it worked (plus Carter does not look close to 100% and to me seemed worse for wear after Tuesday). Now the Kings have home ice so hopefully we are done with that.

            My gypse told me both Penner and Fraser would be the difference in this series and so far the ball is proving correct. Thing about Penner is, in my view, he doesn’t seem to have the stamina necessary to skate on an upper line. Sutter found a good fit for Penner.

            With the exception of Penner’s first two shifts of the series there can be no doubt that Penner has played very well at both ends of the ice.

        • Is King not up to playoff mentalitiy with the rest of the team? I thought Martinez was a little shakey in game one. (I did not see any of game 2 for the record.)

          • … ok not passing out yet. All of our “role players”, Lewis included has been doing their job. Remember months back when we would critique the “system’. The reality is is that that system, the players, have found some sense of purpose. Through Victory, but also through Joy. Our team is playing with Joy. The Joy that comes through winning, yes, but also the Joy of playing. Wins are not lost on us, but won by us. Fun is in the game, but winning is more fun! :)

          • Keep in mind that he is a rookie who played perhaps 20 games and had never seen a playoff game. If there is adjustments to jump to the NHL there certainly must be another level of adjustment for the speed and intensity of the playoffs.

          • Ya I know, that’s why I was asking. He seemed absent game 1 and I missed game 2.

            Man, Lewis has been INSANE since the Carter trade and I’m glad to see he’s kept it going in the playoffs.

  9. What I really liked is that the Kings are now figuring out how to win games by the myriad ways hockey games can be won. I mean, they are putting together all the pieces where they are throwing off the enemy’s game and plans, while at the same time fiercely pushing ahead attacks, steals, reversing the puck direction, and just a lot of frustration.

    I am saying to myself that this is the team I was always hoping to see come alive and do some really neat stuff out on the ice.

    I want to see wins, but, also, wins with class, style, perseverance, and some intelligence all mixed in.

    We have something to be really proud now, when we can watch this brand of hockey, LA King style.

    The Cansucks are really lucky that Carter has not been able to get any decent chance yet to be a position to snipe in a goal here and there. Maybe finally in game 3 Carter is in some sweet scoring positions and he zings it into the net in a blink of an eye.

    As an aside, it is really bush minor league stuff for those green goof balls doing their WWF antics at the penalty box crap. Right there the Cansucks are not dignifying any entitlement to a cup with high school games of those green clowns.

    I am not going to take an inch from Brown’s slick #2 speedster goal, but, he really outclassed Luongo who hardly put up any real defense on that deke and flip into the puck, while Luongo was doing a belly flop routine.

    So, there is really a lot of hard work left to be done against still a dangerous team wanting revenge and fighting to salvage their reputation and pride and season. The Kings have to be careful about this wounded animal, that is prepared to do cheap and below the belt shots.

    Just be composed, use your smarts and above all, total team work in synch to take them down.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. Not to be a buzz kill but, Scuderi is still killing us on the ice.
    Neither he or Doughty were covering Hansen when he scored the goal, wtf.
    They weren’t short-handed and you don’t let an offensive player behind you when there’s no one else behind the net from the other team, come on.
    It’s called homeplate, you guard the front of the net especially between the circles, always!!!!
    Is Scuderi -3 or -4 in the series?
    Greene and Mitchell are playing like beasts and Doughty didn’t get bitch slapped too bad tonight.
    The Kings need to trade Scuderi after the season and bring in another big body like Weber or Suter, please!!!
    At this point, I’d take Sean O’Donnell back in a heartbeat!

    • Sorry man but you ain’t looking at it right. It’s a game. A game of reaction. O’donnell for all his qualities (past) ain’t got no more reaction. Doughty’s lapse are minor compared to what he contributes. Look at the whole game man! We played to our strenghts in a hostile environment and came out with 2 wins! Let’s keep on keeping on….

    • O’Donnell? You gotta be shittin me man that guy can barely skate.

    • Scuderi is rolling with a bad knee

    • What???? Havn’t you been watching Scuderi keep Sedin (and even Booth) bottled along the board. These guys could even move pucks to the middle they were covered so well.

      Siden was so frustrated last night that he was smacking the ice with his stick and cursing as he skated off his shifts.

      Except for the cross check Scuderi has been superb.

  11. Burrows going after Quick like crazy in this scrum… not that it was completely unprovoked, but I want that motherfucker destroyed. Fuck Burrows.

  12. Bobby, this little post ironically you may ‘not’ like…. because I should be euphoric over the win. And of course I’m thrilled. But I have to say it here. For me, the game was none other than confirmation that our GM doesn’t have a clue.

    There will be many saying how it reaffirms his genius, etc. I read numerous times people saying the Carter trade was ‘a stroke of genius’. Really? I mean, for sure it enabled a substantial rebalancing of the forward lines. But I’d like to take this opportunity to remind whoever is interested, that while I have no proof, it’s highly likely that the guy who lit the fire for this team may well have been on the verge of being traded at the deadline. Supposedly until the rumor was all over the internet, at which point he quashed it.
    Oh, that would’ve been good now wouldn’t it have? What a wonderful idea. Trade the captain who was so far been an absolute star and leader on the road playing the President’s Trophy winner.

    That does nothing but make me question his judgment even more than I already had. And I’ll add the observation that while Carter’s skate pass was a thing of beauty, for me he largely disappeared last night, and as was pointed out above, the second line was supposedly a -2?

    • Drew, AV swapped his line matches between games one and two…worked against Richardson, freed up Brown. Also, it appears Carter’s ankle is not great and he was not as strong on his skates in game two.

  13. Oh, and I will add one more thing here. For some reason that I don’t understand, seeing your three stars reminded me that Doughty was actually very very good last night and somehow has raised his level of play. I was super glad he’s an LA King and it’s revealing that the higher the stakes, the more he raised his game. A lot of the criticism during the year was warranted, but last night he proved his worth in a very difficult and high paced game.

  14. I had to call my doctor because I had an erection that lasted for more than four hours.

  15. Brown’s post game interview– Great attitude after the game. No smiles, keep it business. Stay hungry. This is “Stab you with my dick” Brown.

  16. Barry melrose is a tool.

  17. The real test comes when the team loses a game. What if the team loses two at home? Even if they did I’ve got a feeling they will claw themselves back to take the series. I think this squad has finally rounded the corner. At least I hope they have.

  18. The local Riot City fish wrap (Van. Sun) had these lovely comments about the game:

    Cansucks were duds like the North Korean missile launch, crashing and burning.

    This is the first time in their 42 year history that they dropped the first two playoff games at home.

    They have now lost 6 of their last 7 playoff games.

    They promise now to repeat what the Bruins did to them last year and take two games back.

    They say the problem in part has been the “revolving door” line-up.

    In team history, they have never won a playoff series after losing the first two.

    The view: If they get Dan back and a couple of bounces they can get back into the series.

    Yes we can win 4 out of 5 even though we never did that before.

    One view of a commenter: “Better put the victory parade on ice for another year. Maybe Canuck fans will finally realize that the Sedin sisters are never going to win a cup for you along with Luongo. Oh better get the army in after you lose to LA because the Police won’t be able to handle this one”.

    Another commenter: “I agree with another post that something is wrong interally with this team that we do not know about. No excuse, very disappointing though. Very few players seem to be playing with any heart and the lines continue to be a scattered mess. Where are the owners, MG, and AV, in all this.?? Only my opinion, but watching over the course of the last couple months, these guys either don’t care if they win and are certainly NOT playoff ready. Is this all being looked at from a business point of view where the team is making money, the players are, coaches are, the fans……while we may be getting the short end of the hockey stick”.

    It appears that the Indians are slowly becoming restless on the reservation in Riot City.

    • Nice to be on the other end of the stick for a change. Enjoy while its here. Hardest thing to reconcile is that DS would make such a huge difference. Yet, these games have been closer then the scores indicate.

      We lost Kopitar and Williams (and Stoll for a game) last year and still gave the Sharks a decent run.


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