The Vancouver Canucks players can’t help it. It’s who they are. They, like the L.A. Kings, have never lifted the Cup but they carry themselves with an arrogance typically reserved for indignant pricks who have been handed undeserved success. It doesn’t matter. On a macro or micro level, nothing that Canucks’ players, including the cretin Alexandre Burrows, does before or after the whistle bears a resemblance to a goal, assist, check or a good defensive play. It’s background noise in a song which, to this point, belts a tune of an L.A. Kings team that has handled everything the Canucks have dished and shoved the shit right back in their repugnant faces.

Mike Richards’ unimpressed look at Burrows’ cocaine laced taunt was perfect.

Drew Doughty’s smile at Jannik Hansen that preceded Hansen’s 10 minute misconduct penalty in the third period was delicious.

Honestly, who gives a shit about that? Do I want the L.A. Kings to play tough, play on the edge and not back down one second during the game? Yes. For 60 fucking minutes. Do I want a single player on our Kings to take the bait and a penalty when a Vancouver Canuck breaks out an antic from their “how to act like a douche-bag and put my team shorthanded” playbook. Hell no. Fuck the Canucks and their miserable fan base to hell. We want to win playoff games.

So I read the Canucks may put Cory Schneider in goal for game 3. I say let’s hope so. Roberto Luongo has looked good. He has made big saves for them. He hasn’t engaged in any of his typical whiny, diving garbage to which we have been accustomed. Please put Corey Schneider in. Take out the only reason you didn’t lose each game 6-2.

P.S. We will record the S&S podcast show tonight instead of this morning.