A Lesson I Hope The Canucks Never Learn: Self-Important Arrogance Doesn’t Score Goals Or Stop Them

The Vancouver Canucks players can’t help it. It’s who they are. They, like the L.A. Kings, have never lifted the Cup but they carry themselves with an arrogance typically reserved for indignant pricks who have been handed undeserved success. It doesn’t matter. On a macro or micro level, nothing that Canucks’ players, including the cretin Alexandre Burrows, does before or after the whistle bears a resemblance to a goal, assist, check or a good defensive play. It’s background noise in a song which, to this point, belts a tune of an L.A. Kings team that has handled everything the Canucks have dished and shoved the shit right back in their repugnant faces.

Mike Richards’ unimpressed look at Burrows’ cocaine laced taunt was perfect.

Drew Doughty’s smile at Jannik Hansen that preceded Hansen’s 10 minute misconduct penalty in the third period was delicious.

Honestly, who gives a shit about that? Do I want the L.A. Kings to play tough, play on the edge and not back down one second during the game? Yes. For 60 fucking minutes. Do I want a single player on our Kings to take the bait and a penalty when a Vancouver Canuck breaks out an antic from their “how to act like a douche-bag and put my team shorthanded” playbook. Hell no. Fuck the Canucks and their miserable fan base to hell. We want to win playoff games.

So I read the Canucks may put Cory Schneider in goal for game 3. I say let’s hope so. Roberto Luongo has looked good. He has made big saves for them. He hasn’t engaged in any of his typical whiny, diving garbage to which we have been accustomed. Please put Corey Schneider in. Take out the only reason you didn’t lose each game 6-2.

P.S. We will record the S&S podcast show tonight instead of this morning.


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  1. I am glad you brought this up. I think it really has to start with the Sisters. Those guys are soft and only want to play skill and showboat. They want privileges out on the ice. They want free room and lanes and sparkle, and razzle and dazzle, so that they can get the attention and honors and awards. I mean those sisters really are narcissistic and want glory, fame, and hunger for the attention and glamour.
    So, they go to their teammates to support and to back them up on their quest for glory. So, the others get down and dirty, lose composure, bully, and whatever else, so that the sisters get the feeds and shots and headlines in the fish wraps and highlight films back east. The sisters could care less about the West Coast. Their target is the East and Europe is where they want to project. They want all the perks and freebies they can get in those hockey circles.
    The big (former) Canadian Super Company, Research In Motion, RIM, (Pride of Canada) had this same syndrome, of Co-CEOS, Mike and Jim, who were axed in January. Two bosses eventually in time screwed up RIM and RIM has been tanking embarrassingly.

    I say, the same goes for the two sisters, where they are running the team and get all the support to do so, yet, like, RIM, it has been failing to work so far to get the big prize in smartphone world. It is not impossible that this chemistry can still work, but, all I know is that there are whole lot of critics up in Canada that are saying that Sisters are not going to get the job done.

  2. I see elsewhere in the news that Daniel Sedin is not even on the flight to L.A. So these guys are clutching at straws.


  3. So this isn’t relevent at all but one of my friends (poor guy is an Avalanche fan) posted this on my wall and well, fuck the ‘nucks, so yeah:

  4. … I’m not really concerned with the Canucks’ state of mind, their attitude, or their antics – and it appears to me that the Kings aren’t, either. I’m concerned with the tactics and strategy they want to employ to beat the Kings.

    If the Canucks want to start Schneider in game 3, that’s their prerogative and I don’t necessarily disagree with it. I don’t believe they would be doing this as a way of saying Luongo has been the problem, because he hasn’t been, at all. I think that it’s just a way to try and shake up the rest of the team a little, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like they’re losing much (if anything) with Schneider in goal, anyway – he’s looked terrific this season and I’m sure he’s ready for the challenge.

    The Kings appear to be on the right track, or at least they’re saying all the right things publicly that would lead me to believe they are. They haven’t won anything yet. They’ve merely given themselves a better chance to win. They still have to go out and do it.

    If the Canucks aren’t able to get an early lead in game 3, or if they fall behind early, their antics will start to give way to desperation. They need the win tomorrow more than the Kings do, and they’ve proven in the past that they can set aside everything else and ramp up their intensity to a fever pitch. I don’t question their ability or their fortitude; they’ve been to the dance before and know what they need to do to succeed.

    • One thing I’ve not heard tossed about is a better showing by Vancouver not just for changing the top two matchups but also for less puck possession time due to Clifford sitting. Clifford alone must contrubite at least two solid minutes of puck control per game

  5. While we are on the Sedin’s, this article goes back to the Chicago concussion injury game to Daniel, where the discussion is that Daniel committed his own cheap shot 6 minutes before the elbow hit to him.

    So, there are always two sides to a story, and here is the other side that Daniel provoked the situation leading up to his concussion injury.


  6. About that video. I felt the NBC telecast was very difficult to follow. Often the cameras were framed too tight or they shifted to cameras not covering the revelant action. The idea that noone can find a cut of the Burrows Snow incident is typical. As for the Canucks first goal, they didn’t even show it. I had no idea until Brown gave LA a 2-1 lead.

    Heck NBC didn’t even have it recorded to replay as a hightlight until well after the game. The camera work has a long way to go.

  7. This is such a biased and misinformed LA Kings fan base blog. None of you speak the truth, none of you speak facts, just your brainwashed opinions that stick with brash terms like Sedin Sisters. Well if they were on your team then you wouldn’t be calling them that, because you would like them as much as Canucks fans do. I’m not even that big of a Canucks Fan, but I do live here an I find this kind of disrespectful bullshit to be garbage. It goes to show how many ignorant American hockey fans there are in the U.S. and how they don’t deserve shit. NOt even a Stanley cup. And the first post I saw, underserving success, haha ha yeah winning the presidents trophy because of being the best playmaking team in the world and almost winning the cup last year because of hard work. I wouldn’t call that undeserved, I’d call what L.A. Kings stand for to be undeserved because they take a 62 game vacation in the regular season and then start to play well in the playoffs when they didn’t even deserve to make it.

    • Oh, wow. You’ve really opened my eyes. This blog is biased… we never set out to make a Kings blog, it just happened that way. And, making fun of other players? So low, how could we ever stoop to such a level? Thank you, thank you Matt for showing us the error of our ways. I for one, am grateful.

      Wait… no I’m not. That must’ve been someone else.


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