Hammond gave us this from Drew Doughty:

DOUGHTY: “We’ve just got to play as if the series if just starting and we’ve got home-ice advantage. It’s Game 1. We’re not up two-nothing. If anything, we’ve got to act like we’re down a couple (games). We can’t go in there relaxing, or taking them too easy, because they’re going to come even harder. This is going to be the hardest game for us. We still haven’t played our best hockey. Going into Sunday, we’ve got to play our best. … The fans are going to be great. They always have been, in the playoffs the last two years. They’re so loud and energetic. It’s so easy to show up for the game and get out there for the first shift, because the crowd is just going nuts. It’s a ton of fun. Just playing on home ice, sleeping in your own bed, those sort of things are huge for us. We have to win these two games. They’re important, especially being at home.’’

Well if the golden boy who has received his share of grief from media, bloggers and fans, present company included, didn’t summarize it perfectly.

It is game 1. You forget the 2-0 lead. You don’t relax or expect the Canucks to do so. It will be the hardest game, because it is the pivotal game, and you do most certainly have fun out there so you don’t play tense or grip the stick too tight.

Honestly, I don’t expect much from L.A. Kings player interviews or answers, perhaps Willie Mitchell excluded, or 99% of NHL player interviews but Drew Doughty fucking nailed it.

And what he said applies equally to every one of you who will join Surly & I at the game tomorrow night. It’s game one, kids. You put your hands together with force and often. You join in every chant, taunt and start a few of your own. Fuck your entertainment value and dollar. We are there as the collective 7th man (including all of you wo-man). Get in the game.