I meant to do this last week but it got lost in the shuffle.

It is not too late to make our voices heard.

If you have every heard Davis Gaines sing the National Anthem at Staples Center, then you know, there is no one better that we have at our disposal. Lorelei Cinco comes in a close second. The singing of the anthem, though an antiquated ritual, is important. It sets the tone. It inspires more passion when done properly than any cool Kings Vision montage ever has, though I am excited to see what he has to offer tomorrow.

I have created a petition targeted at the Los Angeles Kings. The goal: Davis Gaines must sing the anthem before all playoff games at Staples Center. Sign it. Do it now. Share it. Tweet it. Facebook it. Reddit, google+, tumbler, whatever the hell else you have at your disposal, use it.

Davis Gaines Petition