Surly & Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast For April 14, 2012: The Sounds of Surly

Timmy Love and I would like to apologize to all of the readers and listeners for this podcast. The only reason Surly won’t apologize is because everything you hear therein is completely his fault…but, akin to everything Surly does, he meant it and it was from the heart. The boy does not have the ability to bullshit even when he sounds completely insane doing otherwise.

So, you’ve been warned. Listen at your risk and remember that you have no one to blame but yourself for clicking on the link.

Surly & Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast Show For 4-14-12

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  1. Just some comments I had while listening:
    The defense has been so good when the Canucks have speed because they are getting sticks on sticks and denying the drive to the net.
    Bernier is a stud at handling the puck, I feel like maybe Quick was taking some lessons.
    Nolan is still trying to prove something. I think he is just following everything Sutter tells him (AKA not fighting).

    I’m reposting this picture because it is so fucking funny and it is so fucking true: (they are losing on purpose so they have more time to prepare for the Summer Olympics.)

    We are going to get a fight next game. You have to know that the Canucks come out swinging trying to start something. They haven’t had enough fire and a fight could give them something.

    Weber didn’t get suspended because the play was not that dangerous. He had a visor and you can’t give that much force with a throw like that. I’m split, but I understand the NHL decision.

    Sutter is just a Hockey guy. he knows what it takes to get to the finals. He’s done the time and he knows what works. He knows not to celebrate the second win in the entire playoffs because it doesn’t mean shit if you lose the next four. He’s just a no-bullshit guy.

    Williams has been superb. He has been throwing his body all over the place. I think thats what Kopitar has taken out of his game. Kopi used to just shove it down the defense’s throat (usually ending with a goal and him on his stomach in the corner) and it seems like Williams has taken on that play.

    I wonder who holds the title as Burrows’ number 1 fan? He probably puts his thumb in his butt whenever Burrows dives onto the ice.

    Kinda got away from talking about the Kings at the end there but hey whatever, it’s your podcast do whatever the fuck you want.


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