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  1. To me…this is hardcore porn.
    Now I’m sittin at work w/ a rager. Thanks a lot.

  2. The best part was that the whole arena was like this…section 205 was going off. I’ve never seen Canuck fans leave so quickly after the final horn…I looked around to talk some shit and they were all gone…just like their hopes of winning. Way to come out and support our boys last night Kings fans. The arena was was going off like the Raiders black hole!!! Lets sweep those Canuck fucks back to Canada…GKG!!!

  3. I think the surly prayer at the beginning of the 3rd is what helped us that night……Canucks fans next to me were like “wtf” I told them “you should hear him when he’s actually angry”

  4. I want some video of “we want the cup”… like this:

  5. Pretty amusing. Nice to see everyone into it. The USA chant was a bit much though, dunno why that always has to come up. The Kings have more Canadians on their team than the Canucks do… Still, very satisfying.

    • Comes with the territory I suppose. I’ve never started one, but I’m happy to join in because it’s amusing.

      And the team identity isn’t about individual players, so the nationality of the team doesn’t really matter much when it’s a southern Californian team playing a Canadian team.

      When we win the Cup, I’m gonna be all over cheering for Los Angeles winning, and the fact that none f the Kings players are from Los Angeles won’t mean a thing.

    • I hate when that happens. It’s not US vs. Canada for fuck sakes. Have some fucking respect for our own players who are mostly Canadian and I’m sure pretty patriotic.
      Some dipshit In front of me the last time we played van in playoffs was booing and yelling fuck Canada during their national anthem. God damn idiot. WTF some people think our players are all American because the team is from LA??, the stupidity is breathtaking. And the Casucks have a bunch of American players. It’s embarrassing.

      • It’s about the name on the front not the on the back. That’s all it is. Chill.

        • … The name on the front is “Kings”. The Kings’ logo isn’t an American Flag. This isn’t the Olympics.

        • For real, people, come on. It is the LOS ANGELES Kings against the VANCOUVER Canucks. One is an American city, and the other is, ummm, from Canadia. Yelling during the national anthem is a bit much, but then again most of the Canadian Patriots sing their anthem and much of that sounded like screaming to me… Of course some players are Canadians, some aren’t, but the point is it’s an American city’s team against a Canadian city’s team, pitting the American city’s fans against the Canadian city’s fans. A little nationalism masquerading as team loyalty is part of the deal.

      • I hate when that happens. It’s not US vs. Canada for fuck sakes. Have some fucking respect for our own players who are mostly Canadian and I’m sure pretty patriotic … It’s embarrassing.

        … 100% agree. It absolutely is embarrassing, and I was hoping that chant would die quickly.

  6. WOW brings a tear of joy to my eyes! love seeing all the fans out… Good GOD.. what the hell will happen if the cup finally comes home to LA!?!?

  7. Agreed. Fans gone wild, and King girls going wild with the Kings winning game 4 too…


  8. Are you holding the camera really high, or is Scribe a hobbit?

  9. damn good to see, but i wont join the chant until we’ve eliminated VAN. then it’s back to square one and the next opponent. one step at a time

  10. I will be offering group rates for an American Sign Language course for any of those whose voices fail them the day after Kings home playoff games. Just hit me up at
    middlefinger dot com.

  11. Holy shit this is amazing!!
    Didn’t go Sunday but this makes me even more excited about going Wednesday!!
    section 315 represent! time to get rowdy

  12. HEY! whats up everyone long time reader but I dont really post alot….. I was wondering if anyone going to the game tomorow night…..none of my friends are Kings fans and I want to go to the game…….so I was wondering if any of you guys are going to be sitting together or if anyone has an extra ticket…..Im pretty much going no matter what but I would like to sit next to some fellow loud passionate drunk Kings fans………let me know I would appreciate it

  13. I do have to say, when the Kings hit the Ice Sunday ……………. I have never seen the fans so loud and so rabid ! (Had to pick up the boys)

    Made me think we were one of those stinking east coast teams where there fans breathe and die Hockey !

  14. Damn, that was awesome to hear. I heard some great chanting and cheering when they were interviewing Penner. Just freaking amazing!!


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