When you think about how significant Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Jonathan Quick have been to the L.A. Kings’ success, remember that they were drafted by the man whose name and number hangs at Staples Center – Dave Taylor.

Quick was drafted in 2005, 3rd round, 72nd overall. What a steal. That is the same draft we got Anze Kopitar in the first round (yay) and Dany Roussin & T.J. Fast in the second round (boo). Coincidentally, number 72 that draft was Richard Clune who was picked by the Dallas Stars.

I wanted Vancouver. Surly didn’t think we matched up well against them. He wanted us to play St. Louis. Teehee.

Don’t be too concerned about the fact we were outplayed last night and Jonathan Quick stole one. In nearly every Cup run, the winning team’s goalie will steal a game….sometimes a series.

Speaking of Quick, his critics sure are quiet now days.

The game three victory was Terry Murray hockey and Murray should get credit, as we have often given him, for the defensive structure he established here. Clearly, it has stuck because, in adversity, the players were able to fall back on it. Now, let’s get back to balance.

Jeff Carter is playing injured. He looks to favor his left side. I just hope he gets his legs back because he is a critical part of our offensive success.


I don’t recall which powerplay it was last night but we seemed to finally get away from the high-low default. Please, let’s infuse some creativity back into the man advantage. Special teams and goaltending – the difference between winning and not.

Staying on the powerplay, it’s not just about goals. That is the ultimate goal but the man advantage must also build momentum. Quality scoring chances do that. Powerplays that struggle to gain the blue line and sustain pressure do the opposite.

How many of you would be disappointed if we don’t sweep? How many of you could give a damn so long as we win the series in less than 7? How many of you lost 3 pounds and added 12 gray hairs in game 3?

Props to Danny Zollars and the L.A. Kings in-game entertainment. The introduction with the live flames was a pleasant surprise. The video was well done. The diving videos were well-timed.

For those who will attend game 4, rest up and save your energy. Sunday night was loud. Let’s get louder.