Why Darryl Sutter Is Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is. Literally.

That’s cash, right? Money folded in his lineup card? My first reaction was “what the hell?” My second was it makes total sense.

My guesses.

Withholding Jamie Kompon’s last payday until he does something to earn it.

Spearmint Rhino, minutes from Staples Center…so I’ve been told.

A more direct approach with the refs.

Bitter beer money.

Burrows and Kesler are a couple of bitches. Bitches like money. Come and get the money, bitches.

Your guess?

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  1. waiting for one of the sisters to pick it up with the butt cheeks+

    • Thanks for the gross visual.

    • If Brown hit me as hard as he bopped Sedin he’d have knocked my nuts from here to Escondido.

      Henrik was so far down queer street he pawed at the boards like a cat scratching to get out. He had to be pulled to his feet, then left to have the local medic pull his head back out of his ass.

      But he came back, played out his string, and never once complained that Brown blind-sided him.

      I want the Kings to wipe their asses on the whole Vancouver team. But after he got hit this Sedin guy showed me he’s no “sister”. Bitch slap that cocksucker Burrows, if you like. But Henrik has earned my respect.

      All the same, I hope he and all the other Canucks skate over their dicks on Wednesday.

      • Did anyone else cringe while reading that last sentence?

      • I have to agree. Hank took the hardest hit of the playoffs, literally got dragged off the ice and then came back and played. He’s a tough SOB for sure.

        • Ever has the wind knocked out of you and returned to a game? Its tough for a minute or two for sure…but not that tough.

          • This is true. In fact, once you get your lungs back, it leaves no after effect.

          • I have had the wind knocked out of me many times. He’s had a reputation for years of being unable to take hits, that if you hit him you’ll knock him off his game. There was none of that after that hit. And, the way his head snapped back, he’s lucky all that happened was the wind getting knocked out of him.

          • I think the hossa hit us the worst so far this playoffs

  2. Bribes for Rental Men to disappear?

  3. Jaime Tampon still sucks balls!!!
    Give me Mark Hardy anyday of the week and twice on Sunday!!

  4. I dunno. Looks like he maybe is just reminding himself he has to stop off at the 7-11 on his way home to buy his mega million lotto tickets.

    If not that he is just putting money where his mouth is.

  5. Cash for paying off the refs

  6. The Spearmint Rhino holds a special place in my heart. My first strip club… wait, what? I’m sorry I wasn’t listening

  7. One can only hope it was some elaborate bounty system that will cripple the Kings organization for years to come.

  8. Bitches love money.

  9. Easy…Its money time.

    Time to earn your pay, boys!

  10. This is actually not unusual for coaches, remember the late basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian.

  11. He had to borrow a few bucks from Doughty to fill up his tank……..

  12. He was trying to play that high school game where you kiss the piece of paper and pass it to the next.

    Sutter was waiting for Doughty and Stoll, but they were both too busy cup checking each other with their hands.

  13. He’s not a happy camper.

  14. something about “getting your fucking head on straight?” is that what i heard?


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