In 31 32 years of being a Kings fan, Surly is the only person I have met or known who is more intense than me while viewing a game. It’s fun to watch. He’s out of his mind. That may be why he was surprised when I told him before game 1 and confirmed it through that and game 2 how calm I was about this series. “It’s Vancouver’s series to lose”, I told Jacob with a grin and I meant it. Why the hell would we be nervous? Nobody expects us to win.

Funny thing about pressure. It generally causes one of two reactions – focus or fold. While the Canucks have played well at times during this series, they have not played their best on a consistent basis and their lack of discipline started them off on the wrong skate.

Those words to Surly seem far less relevant today. They became less relevant right after Dustin Brown scored the game winning goal in game 3. Suddenly, my eyes widened, my heart rate increased and, as the game went on, my fervor pitched to Surly’s “still calm, you fucker?”

A 3-0 series lead will do that. Why? Because not only are we ahead, you can count the number of teams that have come back from a 3-0 deficit in the NHL playoffs to win on one hand. If memory serves me correctly, you could lose two fingers from that hand and still cover that number.

Uh oh.

Is this suddenly the L.A. Kings series to lose?


The Kings are expected to close this bitch out. Game 4 should be the last game. 60 minutes. Done. The fat lady sings. We stick an apple in Ryan Kesler’s mouth and roast that pig. That comes with pressure. Pressure to perform. Pressure to win. If for one moment you think that it is not probable the Vancouver Canucks can come back, tie this series and take it game 7, ask yourself how probable it was for the Kings to take a 3-0 series lead.

From Drew Doughty:

The next game is going to be the toughest of them all. Vancouver took it to us last night. They played their best game of the series, and now it’s our turn to play our best game. We can’t treat it as if we’re up three-nothing. We just have to win one more. We have to play our hardest game yet, and just take it as if we’re down a few.

When did this kid mature? Love Drew’s defensive acumen in this series. I hope he gets a goal and assist in game 4 and we walk off the ice with victory earned.