Video: Raffi Torres’ Hit On Marian Hossa

First, watch the video of the Torres hit on Hossa.

Then, tell me. Was it late (yes), charging (close) and targeting the head (yes)?

Are you shocked 4 officials on the ice missed it? Are you shocked the linesman stood 3 feet away at the time of the hit and didn’t confer with the referee?

Will Torres get 1 game? 3? 5? The rest of the playoffs?

Can you remember the last time the playoffs were this violent? 2006? Before?

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  1. How the hell did all 4 officials miss that?? And that choirboy Torres has at least 3 priors…they outta come down hard on him. Sick feeling when somebody is out cold and taken away on a stretcher….And I’ve been watching hockey since the 1970’s and this is by far the most violent and viscious week of I can remember , and we’re not at game 4 yet…this keeps up they’ll be about 10 players left by June. This is getting way out of hand.

    • Hi Deirdre. Am doing this on an iPad so will be brief. Nice to see your comments.
      Take care.

    • Who cares if the hit was late or not? The hit was obviously dirty, and even if the NHL says it is not it is still filthy to the core. This was assault on the ice, a crime that is repeatedly underpunished by the NHL and law enforcement. It is so blatently obvious that Torres intended to harm Hossa with that brutal assault, and no matter what punishment he gets it will not be enough to deter this from happening in the future. The NHL is far more worried about ratings than player safety, I’m sure the drama and brutality associated with the lack of punishment for these crimes does draw a certain crowd. Torres is repeat offender, he really thinks its his job to intimidate and injure the oppositions players. And he is very successful in this way, it is unfortunate that players like Torres prosper and are paid better to be thugs. If everyone was like this guy, it could not be sustained and something would have to change. But the NHL certainly doesn’t mind having a few opportunistic criminals on the ice to create a larger fan base. Money talks bullshit walks, right? Disgusting what goes on in the NHL, Torres is a complete disgrace and deserves no less than prison. If I did that to someone in the street I would be in prison, why are professional athletes that get paid millions of dollars and influence the actions of others held to a much lower standard?

  2. I’m going to say somewhat late, absolutely a charge (close based on strides, yes based on leaving feet), and maybe not targeting head but head impact was maximized by leaving feet and he easily could have minimized impact to head. Also, Torres is a bitch. 300 games.

    Perhaps consult the NHL Wheel of Justice?

    Also that puck daddy site is shit because the videos won’t load right, here’s a direct youtube link:

  3. I hate this because you know what will happen next… Yahoo writes an article and all non-hockey fans will come out of the closet saying what a violent game hockey is blah blah blah and it will bring up the discussion (inevitably) about fighting and how it has no place in this game…

    • I agree and and that pisses me off too, that non fans spout off about that . Fighting is a part of the sport and never ends up with someone being carried off ona gurney. It’s a contact sport, you don’t like the other team, somebody hits you or one of your teammates and you drop the gloves,settle it. The game goes on and there aren’t a shitload of concussions from violent high speed hits.

      Taking the red line away and putting on hard body armor makes is speedway for gladiators.

    • its funny, i was actually watching Fox 11 News, who are complete fucking idiots and dont know a damn thing about hockey (shocking), and they were saying all kinds of bullshit like “when are people gonna realize how violent hockey is?!” and what not

  4. Yet another reason why I FUCKING HATE Torres, he is a dirty piece of shit. Everytime I hear his name I want to turn off my tv. He’d better get at least 5 games. I’m not a huge Hossa fan but I hope he will be alright.

  5. Just more of the same on what is going around in round one games. The league did not crack down enough at the beginning and has a huge ongoing problem that may get worse before it gets better. The on ice officials are clueless and blowing so many calls one would think these guys just arrived from the Russian pro league where the officials there fight with the players too as part of the entertainment for the Russian fans.

    That has to be a few games since it was a stretcher job injury, and the violator is a well known thug and hitman.

    I am still fuming over Cliffy being wiped out, when vulnerable and turned away with a blind side cheap hit that was only 2 games.

  6. Raffi Torres is one guy that the league needs to come down on and hard. Suppend him for 10 games at least. This guy has no respect for the game and opposing players. Plus he is am ex Canuck is he not.

  7. When did the ROLLEBALL Season Start …….. geez !

  8. I have seen many hits going uncalled in a lot of games lately, not just in the playoffs. And players can state that this is what “playoff hockey” is all about, but no it’s not. It seems as though the refs are deliberately ignoring the violence on the ice that some of these players are doing deliberately to others. And I know that hockey is a violent sport, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

    • It is not deliberate. It’s a combination of things, one of which is the “new standard.” That hit by Torres was at one time legal. These refs have played hockey and been in their positions learning hits like that are legal. Now the league has told them with new rules and regs that those same legal hits are now illegal. They have had to unlearn some of what they knew and adjust. I am not excusing 4 stripes missing this penalty. They failed to do their job and I believe that is the reason and nothing sinister.

      • Yeah, I can’t really hate on Torres that much for the hit. It was certainly a hockey play and I don’t think he was trying to hurt Hossa or anything, just lay a heavy hit on him. That’s pretty much his job, be physical.

        Problem is that he has bad habits when he hits and needs to be punished for those because they keep happening. Any other player (without history) making this hit on someone that isn’t as talented as Hossa and I don’t think there’s even close to as much of an uproar over the hit.

        The Shea Weber type shit is the stuff that needs to be punished more heavily. Intentional, dangerous violations of the rules that don’t serve a hockey purpose at all. Defensemen are now apparently allowed to throw stiff punches to the back of forwards’ heads when battling them from behind now (Greene does it too). The Torres hit was a standard separate the man from the puck and make him feel it. He was late and high and should be suspended for that, sure. But it’s not like he swung his elbow out to meet his face or anything.

  9. Wait a minute, are we watching playoff hockey or UFC matches?

    What is next, gladiators in the Colosseum?

  10. While I have a soft spot for Torres, this play is absolutely sickening.. Has Torres ever been hit hard? Time to YouTube that!

    P.S one more day till the puck drops! I’m nervous/excited

  11. Don’t worry. Torres is going to get nailed by Shanahan. But for all the wrong reasons. 2 games because his name isn’t Shea Weber. 2 games cause he isn’t James Neal. 5 games because Hossa was injured and taken off on a stretcher. 1 game for the hit. Sorry, Raffi, out for 10.

    • 10?! He will get no longer than 3 (Asham cross-checked Schenn in the face and got 4). As a matter of fact, I bet they suspend him for 2 games. James Neal’s hit on Cotourier was just as bad, and he got nothing for it. Torres is going to get his in the end. Someone will take a cheap shot on him, run him from behind, you watch.

      • 3 games seems to be the price for injuring a top 6 forward. Hagelin got 3 for taking out Alfredsson with a flying elbow. The 10 game thing was more a comment about Shanahan’s (in)consistency. The Flyers-Pens games are insane. I’m surprised no one has been seriously injured in that series. Lets just hope the Nucks stick with shameless diving and flopping and don’t start throwing elbows around.

  12. Five games. Torres is a POS.

    • Five games isn’t enough with his history.
      He’s effectively taking a star player out of the series and he’s done it before.
      There’s no room in the NHL for this bullshit anymore.
      Start banning people and that would get their attention in the wallet!!!
      I love good clean, hard-nosed hockey but, this shit isn’t even allowed in football and their helmet’s are alot stronger than the one’s our guys are using.
      Once again, Gary Bettman needs to be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Check out the feed from Phoenix – of course that pussy Tyson Nash calls it a clean hit.

    (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Phoenix video)

  14. Good news — somewhat.

    It does seem like a rough playoff year.

    (Maybe I’ve just forgotten what it was like in the helmetless days of the Broadstreet Bullies and the Big Bad Bruins. Even the Kings had some ferocity back then — in the form of Danny Maloney, still the most terrifying white man I ever laid eyes on. We also had Neil Komadowsky, who cruelly broke Wayne Cashman’s hand by repeatedly banging his face against the poor guy’s fist.)

  15. Bobby…..just came by to say hi from gay Par-ee. My first visit from here and my first visit on my new iPad! Am glad to have you guys with me.
    Bye for now.

  16. the hit is a typical Torres hit. he is notorious for hits like this – coming from out of blindspot on players. Hossa isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last that Torres does this to. the timing and the angle ARE within what has been allowed for years. the timing and the angle are very similar to DB’s hit on Sedin the other night. the difference in this is that Torres leaves his feet and as a result his shoulder and finally forearm make contact with Hossa’s chin. one can also go further and call out the strides leading up to the hit and a call for charging.

    with Torres’ track record Shanny MUST come down hard on this. he HAS to bring this under control. he has completely lost control with the Weber call. personally i think Weber should have got 3-5 games. there was clear intent to injure with the second hit to the head. Shanny and the on ice officials have let this continue to escalate. the PIT-PHI series has turned into a three ring circus.

    i was watching the game last night. personally if i was coach Q i throw Bollig over the boards on Torres’ next shift. playoffs and 0-0 be damned. dude just ran one of your guys, one year to the date after taking out Seabrook in similar Torres fashion. if the league and its bullshit won’t take care of this shit, then put it back in the players hands to police. the way it should be first and foremost. yet another example of the instigator rule getting in the way and allowing a chickenshit player to get away with a dirty play.

  17. The officiating in the NHL fucking sucks.
    Look at high stick calls this year against the Kings that cost them points and off course.
    Clowegate: if four officials on the ice don’t see the Ryan Clowe stick off the bench right where the puck is, nothing surprises me.
    I’m sure none of these officials has ever seen Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, a ghost or a UFO either.
    Where’s fucking Leonard Nimoy and “In Search Of”, when you need them?
    Gary Bettman needs to be fired along with a few officials and “Helmet Hair”, himself Cary Fraser he never like the West Coast anyway fucking douche nozzle!!!

  18. NHL officiating sucks!
    I say we hire Stevie Wonder as the next Supervisor of NHL Officials.

    Suspend Torres for the rest of the playoffs and 10 more next year.
    That might get his fucking attention, he’s a goon and I hate using that word!!!
    I understand the reason for fighting, the whole Blackhawks team should get five minutes in a dark room with this fucking asshole!!!
    P.S. I hate the Blackhawks!!
    Go Kings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Second. I don’t care for either team and I’m indifferent to Hossa but I hate Torres because of crap like this. He should be suspended for the playoffs as a multiple repeat offender.

      Torres left the ice targeting the head of a guy 2 inches taller and much more talented than him.

      I can’t believe the official looks over just in time to see the hit and flinch/grimace then skates away as if he has no responsibility for what’s going on around him. What a moron. I love physical hockey but this is cheap-bastard douchery that I thought only Burrows was capable of.

  19. NHL just announced that Torres is suspended indefinitely and has to attend meeting.


    Coyotes forward Raffi Torres faces in-person hearing after hit on Marian Hossa

    “NEW YORK, N.Y. – Phoenix Coyotes winger Raffi Torres has been suspended indefinitely, pending an in-person discipline hearing, after a hit that sent Chicago Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa to hospital.

    The hearing will be held Friday at the NHL’s New York offices and is required for Brendan Shanahan to hand out a suspension longer than five games.

    Torres delivered a late hit to Hossa in the first period of Tuesday’s game and wasn’t penalized on the play.

    Replays showed him leaving his feet as he launched into Hossa.

    The Blackhawks star was taken from the ice on a stretcher and suffered an upper-body injury. No timetable has been set for his return.

    Torres will sit out Game 4 of the series Thursday before attending his hearing with the league.

    Phoenix leads the series 2-1 following a 3-2 overtime win in Game 3.”

    Great news here that maybe there is a chance for a huge suspension and fine.

  20. Late, borderline. Charging, no. Targeting the head, yes, but only because he left his feet.
    Brown’s hit wasn’t much different….

  21. 25 games punishment. That will send a heavy impact message to thuggery in the NHL

    What about the blown official calls at game time? No punishment for them?


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