I’m antsy, anxious, anticipatory, on edge and ancillary.

Waiting 2 days for a game is tough. Waiting three is torturous. 4? Cruel and unusual.

But my impatient qualms are my own, as I’m sure there are yours. They are not the Kings’.

This long break comes at the perfect time. The Kings have split two games they have played below their level of expectation. Vancouver played to their liking after a shot in the arm from the return of Daniel Sedin. While there are those who believe momentum accounts for nothing, be it in game or from one to the next, this extended delay before game 5 benefits the Kings. A time to reflect, a time to refocus, a time to align themselves for the kill.

Vancouver would have wanted to go again right away, lash out at what doubts crept into the minds of the Kings after losing 3-1 in front of the home crowd and failing to close out the series in a sweep. History momentarily rebuffed. When you begin to get on a roll you want to get right back out there and keep on spinning but instead the Canucks have had nothing but time to realize what a dire situation in which they find themselves. For once, the NHL schedule that plays second fiddle to everything and anything else people pay tickets to see works in our favor. The Kings have had time to get back to practice, back to basics and back to what got them a 3-0 lead in the first place.

I expect a calm, cool and collected Kings team to take the ice in Vancouver tomorrow at 5pm. I expect an anxious and subconsciously terrified Canucks team to come out swinging. I expect them to make mistakes and for us to punish. I expect us to goad and them to retaliate. I expect a repeat of game 1.

Take in this gorgeous Los Angeles day Kings fans and know that tomorrow it will be gloomy in Vancouver, despite the weather.