Mike Dunsmore of Fox Sports Radio interviewed Vancouver Canucks center and dapper diver, Ryan Kesler. Kesler told Dunsmore that he much prefers American hockey fans to their Canadian counterparts. Kesler was quoted as saying:

I’m an American and I like playing in the States. The fans in Canada are great but this is where the real hockey fans are in my opinion. I love the States and this will always be a home for me.

Wow, right? Expecting a bunch of boos when his name is announced during game 5? Expect laughter instead. It wasn’t Ryan Kesler. It was Kevin Bieksa pretending to be Ryan Kesler. Mike Dunsmore thought he was interviewing the latter and Bieksa, with a sense of humor that borders on awesome, full on fucked with Dunsmore.

From Bieksa about the interview:

That guy’s an idiot. It’s his own fault if he can’t tell the difference between an all star center and a plug defenseman. He shouldn’t even be allowed in the room. He doesn’t know who Ryan Kesler is.  Ryan Kesler won a silver medal for them. I did a full 10 maybe 15 minute interview with him, I was telling how I grew up in Livonia.”

Here is the interview.

Mike Dunsmore whose Twitter handle is @CanadianMike101 awaits your accolades.