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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  2. Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  3. Woo!!

  4. Stolly pulled a Deadmarsh!

  5. I just freaked, kicked the table, and yes, my foot is broken… Who gives a shit… KINGS FUCKIN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll go to the ER tomorrow!

  6. YES, YES, YUS!!!! AMAZING GAME! GO KINGS GO! SO EXCITED…I can’t study for my law school final tomorrow.

  7. I lost the blog.. so ashamed I wanted to shout incouragement as we got going in the Third..Our wonderful make me throw up and scream with hapiness all at the same time KINGS!!
    Why oh why does it take us so so long to get warmed up?
    I was muting the TV .. refusing to watch when nucks had puck.. just a mess.. then all of a
    sudden there were the players we know!!!! Taking over.. squashing those rotten nucks..
    how glorious,,how amazing.. righteous,,sweet…
    I will now watch the game again with calmness and see what we did and how we came into our own.. VERY VERY HAPPY FOR THE BOYS AND US LA FANS!
    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  8. Ive got something funny to share! http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Vancouver+Canucks+Stanley+over+falling+Kings+overtime/6500793/story.html

    They have comments disabled! Totally figures that they would. They talk so much shit, even down 3-1, and now they wont let any of us go and talk shit back to them. Fuck the Canucks!!

  9. FUCK YEA BOYS!!!!!

  10. and P .S. Stolamo who has had such crap season.. how GREAT for Him!!!!
    GO KINGS GO !!!!

  11. God that game was stressful. First two periods were pretty awful, there was nothing in sync, the defense struggled to clear the puck, etc. etc. Third period man… they just got better and better and it continued all the way through OT. Quick’s breakaway save was HUGE, but Doughty’s play was also massive and really rallied the whole team. Motherfuckin round 2!!! Comin for you Blues!!!!!!

  12. RIOT!!

  13. Wow, what a way to end it. Almost the opposite of how Vancouver advanced past the first round last season.

  14. Looks like Trevor Lewis got away with a leg-to-leg takedown on the GWG there. Game of inches. Sort of poetic that the Canucks would lose the series on an illegal play. Crazy. I was worried if Vancouver won this one, you just never know. Still Kings advantage but the Canucks were starting to play better in the series.

    • IDK, I just watched the video over a dozen times and it’s really really hard to make out. It mostly looks like he just got position on him. There definitely isn’t any slew foot type action. The only thing is maybe leg on leg pressure, but you can’t tell to what extent that is happening and how much of it is just Lewis reaching through the Canuck for the puck causing loss of balance. There could be a little monkey business there, but it looks clean to me. Doesn’t matter now!

      • There was definitely some stick holding going on there, that might have took both of them down.

        • After you said that I watched it again. Shoulder was principle contact point from Lewis, which nailed that Canuck as he was changing direction, bringing him down. The *Canuck* held Lewis’s stick. This play was 100% clean.

    • Bullshit. Totally clean.


  16. I called it in 5!!!!!!! I gotta again take the crow outta the freezer, open some chianti and salute Darryl Sutter. I think just about all of us on this site need do same. Damn they looked good. The swarming and buzzing forecheck, beating a hot goalie in Schneider…….Back to reality, They had better practice CLEARING THE FUCKING ZONE!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel GOOD about taking out Saint Lou, that french MFer.

  17. Settle down, kids.

    We still have 12 more victories to earn this year.

    Stay focused.

  18. Enjoy it tonight, crew! Still lots of work to do for the ultimate prize. GO KINGS GO!!
    #3 Trevor Lewis #2 Jarret Stoll #1 Jonathan Quick!

  19. Trevor Lewis has become a fucking hitting machine! Let DD work out with him and learn how to do that instead of the Rob Scuderi school of cross-checking!
    Hell Ya, Go Kings!!!

    • Lewis was a wrecking ball tonight. Speed kills. I’ve never seen him play that physical. That was playoff hockey. That was what I expect from Mike Richards.

  20. Put Carter in front of the net and get him some chances!!!

  21. All I wanted out of the playoffs was to see those scumbags lose, and the Kings were able to deliver. Okay, that, and seeing San Jose get booted.

    Very zen about the next round, and very happy.

    One game at a time, but this is HUGE.

    • And see those sorry as Pens lose. My only regret is that the Kings and Flyers didn’t sweep! Sure as hell doesn’t matter now!!!!!!

  22. St. Louis is going to be a challenge and they have really good goaltending but, we can take them if the boys stick with the game plan from the first 3 games against Vancouver.
    Richards, Williams and Carter need to get their asses in gear and help out with scoring.
    The Blues can light it up!
    Go Kings!!

  23. We’ve finally turned a corner ladies & gentlemen ……… we’ve turned a sharp corner and we aint looking back, not this year or any of the next 10 !

    I am so frigging happy …………… just got my Christmas Present Early :)

  24. I’m pretty sure that’s me screaming woo in the Stoll goal video. There were not very many of us there. I’ve never been so happy surrounded by so many people silently hanging their heads in sorrow.

    Go Kings Go! 12 more to go!

    • Oh God I hope you marched out of there like a conquering Viking.

      • You mean like a King! :) So happy.

        • We took the next step! Long time coming for the players, organization and us fans so glad we could do it against those nuckleheads! So glad that Stoll got the winner good confidence boost for a man who had a forgettable regular season. Was at the STL game at staples where we won. 1-0 in the SO, that game was so intense and exciting! I can’t wait for this series to start. History be damned this is our turn to beat them! GKG!

          Richards, Carter you boys needs to step it up and play like Giroux!

    • We are so fucking proud of you. If you have any photos or videos, please share it.

    • THANKS for Representing!
      It sure is not easy to be surrounded by even a few of those idiot egotistical nuckleheads…
      I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • I’ve got some photos. I’ll get them up sometime today when I get to work. I was so nervous and excited and freaking out and my heart rate was up a thousand times normal the whole game that I was afraid I’d throw my iPhone into the air so I have less than I’d have hoped, but it’s something. So proud to have been one of the few of us there to celebrate. Happy to represent!

        • Here’s what I got on my iPhone. I was totally unable to have my phone in my hand for shots during actual gameplay, it was too intense. I’m super happy with all the Vancouver paper clippings on the wall at work, it really makes the days that much more fantastic.


          • Just had a Second to go back and saw your link… GREAT PICTURE of the Handshake!!!
            I shared it with my friends some of whom are King fans other who have to go with the flow if
            they are my friends.. hope that was ok?

        • I think many many of us Fans can relate to your excitement and nerves and trying to function at a games esp the one you were at.. Women have an even harder time with a purse plus whatever giveaways.. the coat.. the drink.. I have personally lost a phone at Staples.. if you call leaving it in the cup holder so you can get the after game group picture only to get to car realize no phone.. go back to Staples and be told you cannot go back in. thatn.. they have already looked and no phone ..blah blah.. most expensive Hennesy I have ever had :).. oh well got me to my Smart Phone..
          Went to Practice today.. Boys were having great time.. can tell they have some extra zing in their skates..
          Saw Clifford come out after practice and go through skate/recieve puck and put into net drill with Kompon… poor guy.. heart breaks that he is not able to be in playoffs with the rest of team..
          GO KINGS GO!!!

  25. Yesssssss!!!!!!! I screamed and ran around my house like a madman at the OT winner.

    GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!

  26. Sweet revenge. We knocked them out in 5, which sends a huge message that the Kings are real and ready to fight to win.

    The Cansucks have been a thorn for a long time in the King’s side. Now, we stuck it to them, making their whole season a complete washout.

    Just think, this loss now changes the team dynamics, as there will be changes in Riot City for next season. Some heads will roll. Kesler had a dismal series, dead weight and a total non-factor, where he literally was of no value at all to his team, if not just screwing up his team’s chemistry with a big goose egg of production and waste on the ice.

    The key to the game was keeping it close, so that they could pull out the UPSET!

    True character emerged to get a tying goal in the 3rd. That is what great teams will do in coming from behind, which made this win even more fantastic.

    The Cansucks were way too careless in not protecting their zone in allowing the Kings to play so aggressively for extended periods as the game wore on. The Cansucks were so focused on cherry picking and sending forwards up the ice, the Kings were just nailing them constantly in their zone with steals, mid ice turn overs, dump ins, puck control battles, and several quality shot opportunities. In spite all of that, the Cansucks were too arrogant and indifferent that they could attack up ice without securing the puck in their D-zone. Really foolish, and basically a gift to the Kings. I was scratching my head wondering what was going on, did they all have a bunch of beers or joints during intermissions to play so haphazardly. It make no sense but it played out perfectively for the Kings.

    Actually, Vigneault should be pilloried in the media and the fans for not recognizing that his team was way too negligent in not dealing with the onslaught of King efforts in their own zone.
    That was a big time and super costly coaching blunder in failing to have his team take care of D zone protection.

    The proof is conclusive now that the new Kings are still on the roll since the trade deadline business and bringing up King and Nolen. That momentum is definitely intact. We are about 8 weeks into the Kings having strong games and putting together streaks of wins.

    Again, another outstanding performance by Quick, giving up just one goal that no goalie in the league could ever stop. But, there are many goalies that would have coughed up that Sedin breakaway shot and let it in the net. Nope, no way, where Quick pulled off the decisive defensive play that was critical for the big win.

    What a goalie to keep his team in the game and able to steal a win—way to go Jonathan.

    Lastly, if people have a chance, look at the reaction of the bench when they saw the Stoll winning shot. Look at Sutter in the back of the bench and how he was reacting as he was watching the win. The faces of joy and jubilation for the team and Sutter was priceless and gave me so much laughter and satisfaction to see the explosion of congratulations for the win. That video shot will be worth watching over and over to see such expressions of celebrations.

    What I really hope that this win creates great confidence and effort into the team where they continue with their momentum and style of play with the Blues. We definitely have a score to settle with those guys too.


    • Super good Recap.. you wrote the words and and saw the game the way I did..
      Yes I did see the bench reaction and have already played it over about 10 times!
      Seeing the Coaches pleasure and knowing what must have gone on in Locker room..
      and watching the jubliation and hearing theDoughty hoots during the on ice mobing..knowing that the
      players were genually happy that it was Stollie with the game winner.. that is Priceless for a
      King Fan.
      GO KINGS GO!!!
      Very very happy for our guys

    • And I just posted your recap on the Women’s Blog..hope you are ok with that,,
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  27. I think I just came!

    What a fucking game boys!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  28. watched it at my local dive (hung out so much they ended up hiring me). Many kings fans were there. its an amazing feeling. 2nd round. i haven’t had this much confidence in the kings ever i think. its pretty weird how relaxed i am bout the next round. hell even surly or scribe wanted the blues in the playoffs and i do think they know their shit


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